1.0 Overview

1.1 The Role Play (RP) environment of GFC is a challenging one. Participants should aim to make RP sessions realistic but also entertaining. To feel like a StarFleet officer on board a Federation vessel should be both educational and enjoyable. To that end, devote all your faculties and attention to make it most rewarding. The following regulations will help you achieve the ultimate goal of RP: total group satisfaction.

1.2 RP is a separate condition from that of GFC Sim(s) General Operating Condition (GOC) and therefore follows this set of rules. Ref. GFC Regulation A: Member Code of Conduct. Under no circumstances do these rules and regulations supersede the Linden Lab Terms of Service (TOS)

2.0 Conduct

2.1 All orders given by a superior officer must be followed; even if the officer does not outrank you under GOC. In such cases, although the officer's out-of-character rank is equal/lower, within the RP they are still your superior officer and that must be respected.

2.2 RP participants should use Trek television and movie series as models for the proper protocol and procedure during RPs. In a station environment for example, one might refer to the DS9 series. Most starship environments follow the conduct of bridge crews from The Original Series (TOS) through to Enterprise (ENT). Exceptions to this are found in section 6.0 of these regulations.

2.3 Griefing or drama of any kind will result in the immediate removal of the offending party. The Commanding Officer (CO) of the voyage will submit any incidences of griefing to the appropriate security officers who are on duty.  

2.4 During RP, instant messages (IMs) are to be used to ask out of character questions, as well as to communicate secrets that only that person would know in-character. The CO may IM characters with plot suggestions for a participant to execute, as well as tipping a character off on "off-camera" happenings - very useful for keeping the plot moving in the desired direction.  

3.0 Uniforms

3.1 Uniforms are to be of the DS9, VOY or TNG era unless it is stated that the RP is set during the TOS or the TOS feature films. This assists in differentiating the different crew departments. The CO of the RP event will provide information on where uniforms can be obtained. In some cases, the purchase of additional/specialty uniforms may be necessary and/or desirable.  

3.2 Recruits may wear the red, blue, or gold uniforms found in the GFC Roleplay Equipment Box or issued by the RP leader. Please note that this is the ONLY time a Recruit may wear a non-Recruit uniform at an official GFC event.

4.0 Communicators

4.1 Team Communicators must be worn at all times during the RP, if required.  They may be supplied by the RP leader.

4.2 Operation and use of Communicators will be outlined by the RP Commanding officer.

5.0 Stations

These are the places on the bridge where the crew members perform their functions and duties.

5.1 Command Chair: Simply put, this is where the Captain or an appointed Commanding Officer (CO) sits. Only the CO may use this chair.



5.2 First Officer/Executive Officer (XO) Chair: The chair to the right of the command chair. Only the XO or a dignified guest may use this chair.



5.3 Counselor's Chair: The chair to the left of the Command chair.  Only the ship's Counselor or dignified guest may use this chair.

DEPARTMENT: Science/Medical


5.4 Helm: The Helm is located at the front of the bridge near the view-screen on the starboard side. The helmsman controls the movement of the ship and monitors the  navigation and navigation sensors panel. The helm officer need only respond to commands concerning ship movement, navigation, and ETAs at destination.



5.5 Ops: The ship operations (ops) station is located at the front of the bridge near the view-screen on the port side. Ops controls ship devices such as sensors and other internal ship systems such as life support, inertial dampeners, and power flow. The ops panel also has a secondary damage control and diagnostic display.  The operations officer responds to queries concerning these items but does not respond to damage control or ship systems when the Chief Engineer is manning the engineering station.

DEPARTMENT: Engineering/Operations


5.6 Medical: Specific to the class of the ship, the medical station is located at the side or rear of the bridge. It is commonly unmanned because the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) is often in Sickbay.

DEPARTMENT: Science/Medical


5.7 Tactical: The tactical station is located directly above and behind the command chair. There are panels for controlling weapons, communications, and for monitoring ship security. It is most often manned by the tactical officer and if necessary, doubles as the Chief of Security. The security officer only needs to respond to queries of this type.  Note: Self-destruct sequences are initiated from this station.

DEPARTMENT: Tactical/Security


5.8 Engineering: The engineering station is located to the aft of the bridge and has complex displays of all ship systems.  This station is manned by the Chief Engineer and supersedes the Ops station when a damage report or diagnostic is requested.  This station is commonly unmanned because the Chief Engineer is usually on the Engineering deck.

DEPARTMENT: Engineering/Operations


6.0 Role-Playing Non-Canon Races

6.1 All non-cannon races must be of standard strengths and heights as canon races. In addition, any special powers a non-canon race may have (Telepathy, abnormal strengths or resilience) must be approved by the CO of the RP.

6.2 The Commanding Officer reserves the right to decline non-cannon races on a per-case basis, although it is at the official recommendation of the Strat OPS Subdivision to not ban all non-canon races from participating in the role-play.

7.0 Participant's Rights

7.1 Participants have the right to refuse an order due to Out of Character beliefs and values.

7.2 Participants have the right to refuse a requirement to purchase a uniform for a specific purpose. This does not prohibit the right of the CO to require the use of a certain period uniform, if free versions exist.

7.3 Participants have the right to play a character other than one they hold outside of role-plays under GOC in their day-to-day GFC routine.

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