Los Narcos


A former Mexican Army sergeant who never bent to Narco influence. After seeing government corruption he decided to leave the military to go back home to his ranch in Michoacan to grow avocados. He lived a simple life with his wife Lupe and his 5 kids, where they worked hard everyday to make guacamole which Lupe would then sell at the marketplace.

One day, members of the Templar cartel showed up at his home and demanded he give up 33.33% of his profits and part of his ranch to the Templar's. After years of seeing his soldiers die at the hands of the Cartels for over a decade, he refused.  The next day while his sons worked in the fields, Templar's came and killed his oldest son and kidnapped his daughter. He shed a few tears, then he got his shotgun. They had taken the life of his son and the purity of his daughter. It was then his turn to take back from them.

Alone and without feeling, he began his reign against those who have wronged him. Traveling to a nearby town, he let his rain fall upon a bank associated with the Templar's. His intelligence, coming from an old army friend that had experience with the banking institution. His weapons were hot but not his heart. Fire decimated those inside the bank - chaos, it was then silent. As he advanced through the bank his heart ached, ached for his daughter. He found her, curled up in a corner, wasted and disposed... She was with the angels now.

He wandered back to his farm, carrying his love in his grasp. Over the horizon a great flame in the distance, a tremor resounded in his chest as defeat struck him, for posted on a tree in the plains leading forth to his farm was the sign of the infamous Degenerate Hitman - “Broly” Banderas. He saw something he shouldn’t have, and soon he awoke in a white room - greeted by a caucasian male that smelled of bleach. He was given a choice. The pill, representing what he ran away from, or a chance to make a difference.

Upon arriving, he traveled to a local tavern to meet with his contact, where several thugs recognized him as a former mexican army and provoked him into a fight. After dispatching the men, he was forced to flee as Spanish soldiers entered the tavern and began to chase him. While he was able to escape, the Spanish turned on him and seized his ship's holdings, including the package meant for his daughter. He infiltrated the Spanish fort to recover the package before going to the intended meeting with his contact

The mexican carefully maintained his charade as he conversed with prospective Templars - Jolly Rogers, and Anthony Savage. Jolly equipped him with a new pair of Hidden Blades and requested that the mexican show them some Templar Cartel techniques in action. Picking up on hints from them, the mexican was able to replicate the moves with relative accuracy.

After that, a lot happened until the mexican went to london.

In London, after retiring from the cartel, the mexican retained his Hidden Blades and guns. He also utilized a sword-cane, unleashing it only in times of need, such as fending off criminals. Additionally, the mexican learned how to wield a bow and arrow, to which he then tutored his son Juan De la Cartel in its use.