If a grade column is not created automatically, you can create grade columns for any student work you want to grade. For example, you can create a column to record participation grades.

To add a gradable column to the Grade Center:

  1. Click the Grade Center section of the Control Panel.
  2. Select the Full Grade Center link on the expanded menu.

  1. Click the Create Column button.

  1. Provide a Column Name. This will be displayed in the instructor Grade Center view, as well as the student "My Grades" view. Optional: If this name is too long to display clearly in the Grade Center, you can type a short, descriptive name in the Grade Center Name box. Information provided in the Description text box appears to students when they click the item name on their “My Grades” pages.

  1. By default, grades will be entered and displayed as a score. This can be changed to display a text entry, percentage, letter grade, or complete/incomplete. Secondary display options are visible within the instructor view only. If weighting by category will be used in Grade Center calculations, assign the category now. Categories can be modified or added later, as needed.

  1. In the Points Possible box, type the total points. Entries must be numeric. Optional: add a rubric to help you grade more objectively and consistently.

  1. To provide a due date, which will be displayed in the My Grades area for students, select the check box and enter a due date.

  1. By default, the column being created will be included in grade center calculations and visible within the My Grades section for students. Course average is not displayed by default. All of these settings can be modified at the time of creation or at a later time.

  1. Click Submit to create the column and return to the Grade Center. The new grade column will now be displayed.