eTwinning project plan

Name of the project:






Giulio Prevedello: Technical Institute - ITSCG “ 8 MARZO” - Mirano (VE)  - Italy

Biserka Kamenova: Vocatonal school for garment and catering “Mihalaki Georgiev”- Vidin, Bulgaria

Nadina Carmen Nicolici - “Lorin Salagean” Technical College - Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania

Victoria Pavlenko- Riga Technical College, Latvia

Alena Jandlova - Commercial High School Tabor, Czech Republic

Veronique Sanguinetti - Mousseron-Jurenil high school, Denain, FRANCE

Maricela Tuchiac  - Colegiul Agricol, Falticeni, Romania

Mihaela Anton - Colegiul Economic “Dimitrie Cantemir” Suceava, Romania

Daniela Grecu -  Art High School “Marin Sorescu” Craiova, Romania

Liliana Rossetti - Istituto “ Enrico Fermi “ Castellanza - Italy


Pupils’ age : 14- 18 years old

Language: English

Duration: 2 months

School type:  high school, professional secondary school, technical / vocational high school

Short description:

Pupils from partner schools create a photo album presenting their city.

Pupils take and upload photos of places, people, interesting monuments, etc., in order to give a profile of their region and life there.

Pupils from the other school(s) then vote on the most interesting photos their partners have taken.

Students write short texts in English to describe the pictures. They present their city / region to their project partners.

Students create a logo of the project.

A short project about our countries, towns, schools and families. Students exchange impressions -in student room. Students will write letters to their partners according to the schedule and the letters will be combined by the quizzes which will be created by students.


Pupils improve their ICT skills by learning more about the places where their partners live

They learn about regional originality of different countries. Develop skills in the use of multimedia tools in order to present photos or create photo slide presentations; improve communication and research skills. Develop our pupils’ abilities to communicate in a foreign language, share information and connect virtually.

Make students aware of their local identity and its importance.

Students develop their artistic skills, their creativity and originality working in a virtual team.

To make students realise that we all live in one large family the EU. We are different, we have different customs, festivals, and foods but on the other hand we are the same. We all are modern people who want to live in a free society and to know about the others.

ICT tools:

TwinSpace, Picasa or Flickr, Blogger, WordPress (can be used instead of the suggested TwinSpace, otherwise we should spend time  learning how to use TwinSpace and Twin Space is used by real project partners not like we are).Google doc presentation or Slideshare presentation.

Twinspace and Picasa is enough, as far as I’m concerned.

Google presentation would be nice too for us to try and share


I totally agree with the Twinspace.

I thought we were doing as if we were organising a project for our pupils, that’s why I proposed Twinspace.but as you like !

I propose to use and the site Magazine factory to achieve an online newspaper.

Presentation may be published on

Pedagogical basis:

Pupils can examine their own locality and compare it with those of other places, so international collaboration can be encouraged.

Move towards an education for diversity and multiplicity.

Provide to pupils,  the tools and flexibility needed to move from a cultural identity to another without too much fear.

Students become aware of the importance of collaborating. They discover their project partners by discovering themselves.

Pedagogical approach in this project  is based on  "project learning", "inquiry-based learning", "active learning", "peer-to-peer learning", “discovery learnining", "collaborative learning", "knowledge building", "connectivism", "learning-by-doing”.  agreed

Task based learning,cooperative learning                          ,pluriliguistic and pluricultural approach,self esteem and motivation improving

Working methods:



Step 0

Create an interactive poster of the project so that other people (students, teachers, etc) know about it.

we could use Glogster to create the poster

Step 1


Each class discusses and chooses a series of monuments, landmarks and/or other interesting places in their area. Pupils search for images of the places they have chosen or take their own digital photos, if possible. The photos are then uploaded into a gallery in the TwinSpace or in Picasa (agree on 5 similar places to compare)


Step 2

Students create the logo of the project together. They create many logos and choose the best one (open voting lasting 1 day). (they will use the symbols of their city and community eTwinning ).

To create logo's students can use CorelDraw.

Step 3


Once the pictures have been uploaded, the pupils can write short paragraphs about the places (monuments, landmarks) which include interesting background information, and also ask questions to the others about their places ? (they can create quiz)


Partners discuss the gallery using the TwinSpace chat  or website -magazine factory and vote for the most interesting photo

Step 4

Students agree on the contents of the photo / history album and create it.

eTwinning project timetable  

Time / period

Task description – tools to be used


Responsible person(s)


Weeks 1 - 2

Creating the virtual space (Twinspace) accounts for our students. Ask students to write short introductions about themselves so that their partners may know them. We can ask students to create their introductions using Voki.

Create the interactive poster of the project

Discuss and choose the places to be photographed - in every country

(maybe agree on 5 same places like main square, main sight etc and then compare)

Take pictures or search pictures on the web (Don’t search pictures on the internet! Think about the copyrights!!) We can use photos from internet (on educational not commercial purpose)only we should give the link to the source web-site of the photo.

Create a photo  presentation on Slideshare and share it on our common blog  - before uploading on Slideshare, we could do it together on Google and share


Internet Google Images



Each teacher in each highschool

Victoria Pavlenko

Nadina Nicolici

Each teacher in each highschool

We need to make our common blog (let it be on Blogger) and embed all our photos etc. I have made a common blog on Blogger, to invite you all I need to know your Google e-mails, the other e-mails don’t work here.

I create a wiki page.


Week 3

Create Picasa and or Twinspace accounts.

Create the frames

Create the logo of the project and vote the best one

Inserting the views of students in Magazine factory



Each teacher


Week 4

Uploading pictures on Picasa and or Twinspace - MAKING COMMON PRESENTATION ON GOOGLE AND SHARE AND SEE

Accompany the pictures by texts in English to describe them. We can use Fotobabble (talking photos)

Picasa / Twinspace

Each teacher


Weeks  1 - 2

Ask the others questions about their pictures

Write paragraphs about the places, answer the questions.

Create a quiz





Each teacher


Week 3

Chat about the photo gallery

Agree upon the contents of the photo / history album

Create the history album


MS Word

MS Publisher


Each teacher

December Week 4


There is google form for voting,

see eg

Google form

Each teacher

Alena Jandlova