Copy Machine Tutorial: Making Scans

  Scans can be made of documents in UH Room 1720.

Scanned documents can then be emailed.

The following outlines the necessary steps to make a scan of your document and email it using the copy machine:

  1. Press the ON/OFF button
  2. The initial screen prompts for a Dept. ID and a Password. You ONLY need to enter the code you have been given in the Dept. ID box. Enter the code using the keypad.
  3. Proceed by pressing the ID button, circled below, to log on

  1. The main screen will be displayed after a successful log on. On the top Menu, press the Send tab to access the scan and email features. The screen below will appear.

  1. In order to enter your professor’s email address, click on the Address Book button. The screen below will appear

  1. In the case that your professor is not in the address book, or to input any other email address such as your own,  hit the E-mail button circled above. The screen to the left will appear.

6. Click on the E-mail Address button to enter any e-mail address through the screen that will appear. Once done, hit OK on both screens                                                                                                                                                                                

7. The e-mail address you have typed should now appear on the destination screen. It will show together with any other addresses that you have selected, e.g. your professor’s (in this case the address is shown alone)


  1. After you have successfully added either your professor’s e-mail address through the Address Book, have typed any other email address through the E-mail button, or both, you may select the format of the scan that will be sent.                                         

The File Format button is located to the rightmost of the screen. Press the File Format button to access the options (default file format is PDF)

  1. You have two options. PDF format or TIFF format. PDF is the standard document format accessible to everyone. TIFF is a picture file format. Select the format you want from the options menu

  1. Located under the File Format button (see picture step 8), press the Send Settings button. The screen below will appear:


  1. Once all the steps above have been completed, you are ready to scan your document.  Load your document at the top of the copy machine. You may stack multiple sheets this way. Make sure that your originals are NOT stapled nor clipped, and that your sheets are NOT bent, curled or holed. Use this if you want your scan to be 2-Sided scans

  1. You may also load your originals, if you have a single sheet, by lifting the copier lid and positioning the top of your document face down. Make sure to line up the corner of your original by the red arrow.

  1. Press the Start (green) button to begin your scan. Your scan should be sent to the e-mail addresses that were selected and/or added manually.