WARFARE BE2071*Rubber Ed*

( Development Diary - Changelog )

WFBE parameter descriptions: https://dev-heaven.net/projects/warfare-be/wiki/Parameters



* Saharani - Podagorks - Celle2 -  Sbrodj -  Isla Duala - and more...

* ADDON version

* EVO special feature on build 16

* mortars for resistance town



BUILD 015 - XV


- Reward for town capture decreased

- Income over time ratio raised

- Commander do not receive points for structure construction

- Supply point delivery radius increased to 70m (same as capture gray circle easy to see)

- Supply delivery reward lowered

- Supply added to town with supply truck reduced

- Supply auto increase of towns reduced

- No more civilian vehicles on city depot

- Added military transport vehicles on city depot

- And some basic soldier unit: Soldiers Medic Engineers Machine Gunners

- Resistance BMP2 Added to Heavy armor group, and fuel truck to motorized group

- Tactical view is now limited

- Map markers are now created with the label of creator

- MHQ wreck is now marked on the map

- Airport RSM added some objects over the hill

- Taxi reverse action on airplanes is now a bit faster

- Hint text improved with some custom sounds and images ( more on XVI)

- Peace time zone is now wider: 600m


- RULE parameters moved on top of parameters list

- Peace time length is now selectable by parameter default 1000sec

- Player group size default 6

- Base auto manned defenses max 15

- Base auto defenses range 350

- Base building limit 3

- Base HQ deploy cost 500

- Starting Supply 2750


- ASR AI integrated config updated  to last version with some new features enabled

        AI now surrender in case of big outnumber

        AI MG prefer to use prone position to shot

        AI will random react with basic scripted actions

- MANDO  TOW now does it’s right damage (FIX)

- MANDO HUD on T90 only when Refleks is selected (FIX)

- MANDO Tunguska now is spotted by SEAD missiles

- VALHALLA extra actions integrated and tweaked

low gear - helps climb tanks and trucks

first aid - buy a kit 500$ and u can self heal or heal your team mate (single use then u need new kit)

field repair - every vehicle have 1 time use, repair kit

ignition - ability to turn off the engine when stationary and avoid turret movement to turn it on


- GRAD artillery trucks moved to HF

- STRIKERS Moved to LF (except MC & MEV)

- BTR90 Price increased

- Czech unit added to blufor LF

- Aircraft & Helicopters are now cheaper

- TorM1 & Rapier are now cheaper

- All vehicles now spawn 90° from factory position (aligned with the factory model vehicle)

- All service vehicles are now listed on top of unit list (BUY Menu) for ex. *SERVICE Truck

- All service vehicles and ambulance doesn’t blow up now if empty (other vehicles still use the param Abandoned vehicles timer)

- Salvage truck is now cheaper and it’s radious of  salvaging is wider and salvage reward higher

- Vehicles damage resistance increased

Tank +13% Plane +15% wheeled + 20% Helicopters + 25%

Vodnik +23% Strikers +33% Mi24 + 35%

MHQ undeployed +25%


- Neighbors fixed on different layout 4 towns 25 towns 33 towns

- Flag of resistance Strong points is now Militia flag

- Portable Tripod TOW / Metis price aligned to COIN price

- Victory for Timeout now working for both side, with accurate score calculation

- Medic tent wreck doesn’t least now on the battlefield

- HUD Crew now display AI unit (this remove an rpt report also)


- Engineers now are  the only ones that can use construction interface from repair (engineer) trucks

- Engineers accurate repair is now more effective than old. “Adv. Repair”

- Lockpickers starts now with better skill, and reload action time it’s lower

- Medic deploy respawn tent now is more precise (closer to the medic)

- Medic doesn’t lost the action to deploy if they die before the tent is deployed (during animation)

- Medic Mash is now automarked on creation


- Default loadout now include NVGoogles and Smoke grenade

- Czech unit are now available from barracks

- BAF soldier skill increased

- Prices aligned and fixed for medic and engineers


- MHQ repair price lowered to 6000

- Service point structure cost reduced to 500SV

- Anti Air Radar cost reduced to 3000SV

- Base buildings resistance increased

- Shelter roof for airstrike factory protection

- Full hangar for factory protection

- Cheaper base fortification such as Walls and Camonet

- Minefield is now more expensive

- AA/AT pod are now more expensive


- GUI COLORS tweaked

- Marker for died AI is now black

- Capture bar background black with text white

- New gear menu icons

- New loading screen that fits the ACR DLC hint text

- Peace time circle color now green for owned town, and yellow for enemy owned


- minimal webpage

- ordered full changelog 14 to 15

- buttons B R C

- Only engineer can use coin on rep truck

- Vehicles spawn 90° to the factories position instead of straight

-minefield price +

- change the gear buttons without magazine

- improve hints just visual or try with audio message

-remove ambulance + service trucks - repair trucks from the vehicle remove script

- check the link of the web site inside the mission info diary

-25 town neightbor ( sultan > airport instead of loymanara chardarakht link to jaza  )

- 3 building of a type instead of 2 extend base power

- marker titling

- limit tactical view

- order the parameter (at least for victory conditions)

- Web link in the mission MAP for webmanual and tutorials and misc information

- Increased resistance of some vehicles including MHQ undeployed

- Mash automarked when medic build one local to client, now should be local to all client of same side

- Thor - Rapier cost reduced

- finish the fix for rpt of crewlist null bug of build 13/14 now solved :) - done

- finish the integration of valhalla scripts -done

- Accurate repair improved a bit less time and 25% repair instead of 15% (Field Repair 15% 1 time use)

- AAR & Service Point cost reduced

- AF unit cost a bit reduced

- AV8 Redfor removed CCCP from factory name

- Tunguska is now an Active radar source for SEAD weapons

- lockpick chances increased

TOW now does right damage against Tanks

* All other funcions of valhalla addon are removed in order to don’t interfeer with Mando Systems

Mhq repair cost decreased to 6000SV from 7000

salvage truck now display an Hint when something is salvaged

valhalla addon: ignition on off, hilllclimb gear, disposable medikit, field repair

(all this tweaked to fit RE)

Airport Rasman (town) a bit improved with some editor objects and layout tweak

- Peace time lenght adjustable in parameters

- Peace time increased to 1000 seconds 16.6 minutes Tournament

- Ai skills now increase with their kills

- Added NVgoogles with starting default weapons

(to make easier the game when starting at night)

- Added Smoke grenades to default loadout

- Mhq destroyed now have it’s markerd on the battlefield

- Mhq redeploy default cost 500

- Starting supply default 2500

- Decreased cost for fortification walls and camonet

- Chardarackth now is linked also to Jaza in the full town layout

- Salvage Truck cost lowered

- Salvage % increased a bit (5% more)

- Salvage radious is now wider 100m instead of 50m

- TOW / Metis pod in gear menu cost increased

- Decrease damage vs structures from TOW / METIS/ATGM rockets

- Moved Striker to LF (Balance) all striker on LF except Mortar and Medevac

- Parameter AI groupsize player now is 6 instead of 5

- New Icons for gear menu

- Base structures are now a bit more stronger.

- Town occupation UPSMON patrol area less wide (minor tweak)

- Supply delivery range increased now is exactly the capture radious of the town (grey circle around city depot)

- Commander doesn’t receive score (points) for building construction anymore.

- Respawn range of mobile respawn and city depot is now 600m

- Supply increment over time decreased (Supply Trucks more important)

- T-90 Mando HUD fixed (no more hud with main cannon)

- ASR AI last version config integraded updated & tweaked

- BIS surrender module enabled with ASR AI,

- MHQ building protection from town is now 600m

- City capture reward a bit lowered

- Income coef supply based over time a bit increased

- Marker of killed units now least 2min instead of 1min

- Base automanned defense now are 10 instead of 5

- Base automanned range is now 300m  instead of 250 (param max is now 1000)

- OPFOR starting weapon is now Ak74

- Czech Special force unit are now buyable in Barracks menu

- Price of some soldier unit fixed / tweaked / balanced

- Skill raised to all BAF units

- AA/AT POD cost increased a bit

- Added some extra functions from Valhalla mission like high climb gear, ignition on/off, first aid...

- BLUFOR officer is now British Officer (more slot than US Officer, and same hat color as redfor officer :) )


- Action keys for GPS zoom moved to 18 19 20 in order to don’t activate when you use construction interface 15 16 17

TIP: assign key that u don’t use for nothing as custom, or you can trigger and change zoom when u don’t want .

I assigned  J K L but when I use flap I change zoom so now I changed to unused key and doesn’t happen anymore.

- New loading screens

- LITE Option ADDED for Occupations / Resistance ( less server load and less AI fight in towns so also more PVP)

- Price tweak on some fortifications and static defences

- Price increased for Striker MC

- ASR AI integrated config updated to 1.14.1 and also tweaked a bit... ( play with ASRAI on server is a must!! )

- Strong point capture speed up

- Salvage truck radious of wreck increased and $ % a bit increased ( recycle the wrecks !! make it for greenpeace!)


- New loading screen

- supply truck delivery / supply truck reload hint always displayed also with AI driver

- supply truck reward on delivery is lower than 012 ( Current town SV * 75$ * 2 )

- GPS Zoom now can be tweaked

u can use custom keys 15 - 16 - 17 or Warfare Menu GUI buttons (+ | - | auto )

with zoom auto on u change the base factor of zoom, but zoom still change when your speed change

with zoom set to manual is always fixed and u can adjust with custom key or gui buttons (manual fixed ratio)


- improved Peace time look and funcionality

( now PT marker is more visible and also timer is displayed on map, if your side discover the PT all client will see marker and timer, also AI can discover if a town is in peace time, this is important in previous build when u send AI u don’t know if town is in PT or not, now also AI will inform your side about city status ( marker and timer )

- Entering enemy town in peace time now display a Hint

- Peace time over in friendly or enemy town will be announced with a hint

- supply truck reward on delivery increased ( Current town SV * 100$ * 2 )


- PARAM No advanced air Fixed tweaked improved:

0 FULL AIR WAR ( all aircraft and Sam system available )

1 No Advanced Air ( F35 Av8 Su34 Rapier / TorM1 will be unavailable )

2 Only transport Helicopters ( no advanced air / sam system / combat heli )

- Tor M1 & Rapier now can be purchased also in Airports Hangars ( u need airfactory and param full air war )

- F35 back with increased price

- Su39 now is called Su39 on Airport Russian unit list

- Su39 price increased

- Resistance/Occupation Param:  HARD - NORMAL

Hard: (best for 20+ players)

Normal: (More PVP - Less Server load ) * also good for games with lower amount of players

default changed to normal instead of hard ( this should lower time spended  vs AI and will increase PvP time and also make the server runs smoother, for who like the previous build 010  AI amount just change to HARD)

- less AI to Commander more to officers/team leaders ( Commander +3 - Officers & TL + 5 )

( commander have also repair action so I decided to swap squad size bonus )

- HUD - GPS -  OSD  (On/off  buttons) added to warfare menu GUI

- new button/font ( on warfare menu GUI extra buttons )

- Price increased for mine and satchel charge

- Backpack Manager can now manage also Mines and Satchel Charge

- Vehicle Crew Hud list  fixed/improved

- GPS zoom level tweaked

- GPS/Players marker  arrow direction work also when in vehicles

- increased supply truck delivery reward ( 100$ x Current Town SV ) a good reward!

- Town SV value and relative occupation/resistance group improved now:

Small Town  40 Sv

Medium Town 60 Sv

Medium Town Tank 80 Sv

Large Town 100 Sv

Huge Town 140 Sv

- Supply increase ratio lowered ( to give more reason to use Supply truck ) ( was +5 min now is +3 min)

- Town reward tweaked according town size: 250$ x SV MAX

40 sv = 10.000 $

60 sv = 15.000 $

80 sv = 20.000 $

100 sv = 25.000 $

140 sv = 35.000 $

- Changed starting day from April to June, and added param ( sunrise-sunshine) for starting time

- medic undeploy tent action delay 30sec ( from 60sec) ( in case of mistake less time to wait for remove tent )

- added the Delta Force Marksman to skill init class array - now it can spot like other marksman

- minor tweak to desert texture replacement reduced a bit the red level of some skin

- added German KSK to recuitable soldiers in BLUFOR Barraks

BUILD 010 - 009

- NEW “GPS” OSD with variable zoom related to speed and type of vehicle ( no  map texture and custom color)

- NEW OCCUPATION and RESISTANCE system  - now team are fixed and spawn always same amount

resistance is related to city size, occupation to supply value.

- Supply truck are now in list u can use to raise town SV faster ( 1 truck +10 sv )

- Map Marker color improved a bit. ( side unit blue or red ) ( player group unit yellow ) players ( arrow )

-  New placement for Airports town and Rasman moved a bit on south.


- NEW On Screen Display ( GPS moved on bottom right )

- Minor tweaks to occupations force


- AV8 Price +

- Su34 Price +

- A10 Price +

- F35 removed (too powerful due to map size and lack of stealth plane on redfor)

- Less Power to AV8B - AV8B2 Aircraft:  only - CAP/SEAD Loadouts

- EASA AV8 (red/blue) only CAP/SEAD Loadouts

- EASA Loadouts prices increased. ( should not be used for instant rearm.... )

- PARAM: Auto manned defense from max (20) to max ( 5 ) and range from (400m) to (250m)

- PARAM: town protection for construction interface lowerd from (450m)  to (400m)

- Team Kill penalty now: 1000$

- Remove occupation_defenses remover from updatetownai FSM

- ADDED some PostProcessing effects from Gossamers Edition ( check fx 6 :) )


- New Warfare Menu GUI colored button for: Mission Parameter in game list - Vehicle Flip - MMA key setup

- Tweaked money/min income ( bit less for commander)

- Black Market Weapons (bluefor on redfor equipment) and TWS weapon in case of parameter Thermal Weapons:


   + ['m107_TWS_EP1'];

   + ['M249_TWS_EP1'];                    



   + ['m107'];

   + ['G36a'];

   + ['G36A_camo'];

   + ['M4A3_CCO_EP1'];

   + ['M4A3_RCO_GL_EP1'];


   + ['SCAR_L_CQC_EGLM_Holo'];

   + ['SCAR_H_STD_EGLM_Spect'];


   + ['SMAW'];

   + ['MAAWS'];


- M203 Smoke and Flare grenades added to redfor Misc menu

- Small tweak on occupation core file ( no more ambulance on town occupation force groups )

- LAYOUT [ 33]  Town & [ 25 ] Town fixed and neighbour checked we play less those layout so are less tested, if u find problem, please report I will fix soon.

- UPSMON updated to 5.1.0

- No more auto task assignment  for towns ( to prevent people that attack town in peace time or not linked to territorial parameter, use  manual select  from the task menu on map to have a waypoint )


- Improved Map Marker and Special Vehicles marker Ambulance & Service Truck, changed resistance color now is Black instead of Brown

- Improved Respawn rule "City depot", now is possible to block the depot respawn for all town range deathlocs ( If enemy inside capture radious u can't respawn in city depot )

- Improved ASR_AI included config ( AI now engage from far distance, and are more reactive to sounds, and enemy actions )

- Improved Injury system HUD, now with random injury sidechat messages :)


-  Injury system (HUD) script tweak

- Player marker update: Green for player, yellow for player group, no more slot n. for human player marker label, player marker are now placed above other map markers.

- Desert texture optimization mission  is now 10MB vs 13MB of build 004

- EASA loadout tweaked according Mando Missile Launchers

(LGB can be used remote or with camera, LGB TV only with Camera)

- Mando Script suite tweaked to use more kind of missile launchers from EASA loadouts

- Garbage collection update: Mobile Respawn Tent, Static Defences, Fortifications, added to TrashObject timer

( This optimization save some performance and I’ve raised a bit the soldier body remove timer it’s now 450 seconds from 300 in order to have more time deadbody for rearm )

- Fortification walls and Camo Net price raised to avoid abuse of those protective walls & fortifications

- PEACE TIMER raised to 15 minutes from 12

- ASR AI included config tweaked ( Fine tuning )


- April Foul removed :)

- Injury system (only visual HUD)  improved

- Final loading screen for current edition ;)


- Peace Marker after town capture replaced with new tweaked version


- Price + for AT HAT AA  weapons & Ammo ( be careful use when u have more money/ min income )

- Price + For AT HAT AA soldiers

- Price - for LF and HF vehicles

- Removed yellow marker after town capture need to be tweaked

- Know Bug not fixed yet: EASA some loadout launchers are not recognized by mando HUD

 will be fixed in next builds


- Strong Point capture time now it’s fixed (no more based on town SV current value)

- Strong Point capture time now can be “upgraded” before and after city capture

( Higher number of soldier (man not vehicles) in area will lower the time needed for capture )

- Vehicle Crew List displayed on HUD ( under Injury image top left corner )

- Town Capture bar, and SP capture bar visually tweaked

- Peace Time 12minutes ( when u see yellow bar u can’t capture town )

* this simulate end of a battle and give to the winner a time reward! and force looser to retire from town area (500m)

If you see the yellow bar raising it's counter u have to exit as soon as possible from the peace time area...

- Block camp capture when town is in peace time status

- Display peace timer on city bar

- New Custom Service Point with side flag that doesn’t auto rearm for free and continously

- Service Point cost 1000 SV instead of 700

- EASA (tested works better in Warfare BE than MMA REARM)

With EASA u can change loadout when your plane or heli is close to the service point ( only building )


- Add EASA config for Longbow, SEAD Av8, SEAD Su34

- Add EASA config for BAF_Apache_AH1_D

- Set Different prices for EASA vehicle classes

- Add EASA loadout for Mi24p

- Fixed: Rapier & TorM1 can now rearm in service point mobile and building

- Ammotrucks removed

- Fuel truck (now is called SERVICE TRUCK) price +

- Fuel truck now works as mobile service point (instead of Repair truck)

- Removed service point options to city depot and Repair Truck ( use Service Truck instead )

- replaced RUSSIAN SABOTEUR with: TK_Special_Forces_EP1

- ADDED russian SABOTEUR to recruitable rus barracks it's called Engineer and cost 2001$

- Raised price of all ENGINEER recruitable soldiers

- base AREA limit increased: to 4

- Removed ammobox from construction interface

- PRICE RAISED For:  Ambulance - AA/AT POD & Base fortifications

- lower sell back price on costruction interface

- lower savage truck % of money back ( from 50% to 40% -  range increased from 30 to 35)


- Improved and Darker Desert Skins for BTR90 T72 T90 BMP3 Tunguska BTR90HQ Su34

-F35 price +

- HANGAR & some Map markers improved


- Striker Mortar Price fixed aligned to the other artillery units

- Striker Prices reworked and balanced on type


- Strongpoint north of feruz placed in better position

- Town reward small tweak ( camp 3000$)  ( town 20.000$)

- BMP3 price +

- Desert Skin for AV8 removed from folder will be released as addon (Av8 doesn’t use hidden selections)


- AV8B added to OPFOR ( for balance (S/VTOL)  and doghfight )  + AV8 price raised

- MK17 EGLM and ammo added to OPFOR to make Papa Tango Charly happy

- Economy: Town capture reward raised to 25.000$ and bounty raised +10%


- PARAM: Starting distance set default 9000m

- Su34 price +

- Repair Truck price +

- humwee prices fixed

- Moved strongpoint South Timurkalay

- Concrete wall less resistant

- ASR AI tweaked config class added need to be tested with ADDON on server

- Medic action deploy respawn tent accellerated ( less % to die during animation, can avoid also random bugs)

- OPFOR starting players Slots are now TAKISTANI and can use backpack and Engineer repair (for balance)

-Added SMAW for BLUFOR

- Laser Designator can be equipped on binocular/nvg slot

- Desert Replacement Texture pack  for Russian Vehicles & Lav25

- Occupation Tweak and BALANCED +  MLRS / Grad removed from occupations groups

- AAR x Advanced AIR vehicles & TorM1 / Rapier (check AAR)


- Remove MMA Score player action

- Param: Marker NATO

- Improved (all 33 towns) City Strong Point placement and static defenses

- Param added:  Number Of Town to Win (if n. = or > to total town means old victory condition “all towns”

v. 1.96

- AF set to 5500 SV

- HF set to 3500 SV

- Field Hospital construction added (2x player group size) 2500 SV

- Param: player group size: 5 (x2 with FH)

- Commander basegroup +5 (x2 with FH)

- TL OFFICER basegroup +3 (x2 with FH)

- SP limited to +1 building parameter

- No Respawn in Service Point and Command center

- Respawn radious increased to avoid spam inside factory with walls

- Respawn ambulance now it’s placed outside of the vehicle

- Respawn in all town depot after all structure lost now check enemy around city depot.

- MORE TWEAKS on Resistance & Occupations

- Money income overtime ratio slighty raised

v 1.92 - 1.95 changes:

- Param Town Camp on ( strongpoint)

Strong POINTS are needed for capture the town (no respawn no rearm)

- Param Town capture mode ( all strongpoint needed )

- Param Track Ai on map default ON

- Param Town patrol OFF

- Mando NLAW launcher activerange increased

- NEW MARKER SYSTEM for Capturable TOWN, Strongpoints (SP) and depot capture radious

- AI can capture the camp (only man, vehicle are not counted,  in capture circle)

- Ambulance price +

- POD price +

- Ammo price check for launcher ammo

- NEW CITY DEPOT OBJECT ( Old style 2floor Big one )

- NEW STRONGPOINT RANDOM BUNKER with Static Defenses and Sandbags

v 1.9

- End of game GUI Improvement ( stats )

- HUD injury and vehicle crew ( will be improved )

- US army uniform for all bluefor player slot

- ZSU ins(Shilka) added to redfor HF

- 011 TnT loading screen tribute

- Mission adjustable length timer parameter.

- Mando: Apache monocle small tweak for more visibility removed brown blur circle

- Apache price raised

- T90 price raised

- Metis - Tow - Spg9 pod price raised

- BRDM ATG price raised

- Some Assembly bag for powerful pod price raised

- added Param: End of game condition Time Out

- Param: 30 min empty vehicle timer instead of 20 min

v 1.8

- Param: VD 4000

- Param: Dead timer 30 sec

- Param: Reinforcement param fixed off

- Param: Town occupation set to medium instead of high

- Param: Keep AI unit if disconnected ( TEST )

( works but you lost the marker with numbers because they are created when unit is builded )

- Town config tweak Less Vehicle more infantry in large towns

- Jilavur and Mulladost now are linked neighbour

- MEDIC 720 sec delay for deploy medic tent ( instead of 900 )

- SABOTEUR 15 sec delay for lockpic action ( instead of 25 )

- Paradrop Repair truck 60.000$ instead of Ambulance

( so team that loose all factory and mhq can have a chance to fight again instead of just waiting the end of game)

- Mando: score points tweaked improved ( to lower chance of strange score table )

- Mando: TV Missiles  launch position lowered to avoid self destruction on missile shot.

I reccomend at least speed 350 and orizzontal flight, missile tend to raise its altitude to engage target so if you’re with nose down and with low speed/altitude when you shot from TV camera you have a big chance of self hit,  positive pitch and speed over 400 is  more safe. I’ve mod the launch position of TV missiles but it’s not enought to avoid slow speed, negative pitch missile launch self impact... so be careful plane are expensive!

v 1.7

- Mission rules and full description on briefing note

- Berserk GameMode > Town + Neighbour setup!

v 1.6

- final gui stat fixed

- resistance vehicle locked ( so saboteur is not more useless )

- terrain grid fixed 30 (less grass)

v 1.5

- if all base structures are destroyed allow respawn on city owned main depot  (no check for enemy presence is the last resource of fight )

- lower time to Officer action undeploy respawn tent

- Choppers price +

- Abrams / T90 price +

- Grad / MLRS price +

- construction interface action color RED

- renamed enginer Action advanced repair “Adv Repair”

- rename Parameter  town victory condition with Town TNT ( half town  + 2 )

- fixed TEAM SLOT:

1 Commander ( only 1 for side slot 1-1-A) * Commander +10 group Size + Advanced Repair

2 Medic * Mibile Respawn Tent

3 Team Leader ( Rus Officers ) * Team Leader +5 group Size

4 Engineer ( Rus Team Leader MVD) * Engineer + Advanced Repair

5 Engineer (RUS Team Leader MVD) * Engineer + Advanced Repair

6 Saboteur / Demolitor * Saboteur + lock pick

7 Sniper * Sniper/Marksman + Spot (not included in Tournament edition )

8 Marks Man * Sniper/Marksman + Spot (not included in Tournament edition )

v 1.4

Tactical Menu changes

- paratroopers removed

- paradropped AMBULance instead of Transport vehicle

- paradropped Ammoboxes more precise and time to arrival lower

 End Of Game

- new end of game gui TNT style (beta)

- victory condition 10 town needed to win ( 16 / 2 + 2 )

Other fixes

- zu 23 price fixed

- occupation and resistance town tweaked

- city capture timer increased

- town protection range for MHQ construction interface lowered from 500 to 450 m

- fix error on TorM1 script

v 1.3

- artillery unit price doubled ( x 2 )

- TorM1 Rapier price -20%

- VD 4500


- Mobile respawn tent can be undeployed to have deploy time reset in case of mistake

- Officer can recuit 25 AI more than other slots

v 1.2

- Fix respawn bug on city depot now works

- New building - player - group marker color with side coloring

- Empty vehicle remove timer set to 1800 sec ( 30 min )

- UPSMON upgraded from 508 to 509

- Mhq redeploy cost now 1000 instead of 1500 and starting supply 3000 instead of 3500

- MHQ repair now cost 7000 instead of 10000

- Initial spawn location tweaked

[] Know bugs:

- Sometimes mando kills doesn’t give bounty money rewards, bounty are a bonus and if kill is not confirmed you don’t get them, happen also with ArmA engine when vehicle blow after some seconds of your shot hit and crew disembark and run away. (Vehicle killed with mando score are not visible on score board with I key, use MMA score to check your kill (just wait mando score hud will disappear after a while )

- during long game with lot of join in progress players, game can run less smoother and

with some lag or scripts bug, this is due to arma engine, all ARMA complex mission will suffer the massive join in progress over time, “Ideal” thing is start and end game with same starting player should be played like tournament :)

- if server fps runs under 10 mission will run but with some issues with occupation and server side AI controlled, and lag with construction interface.

- Recommend use of dedicated server with good config tweak

- Restart/Reboot server before start a new game (this is also good for other “big” missions)

- Important:  download mission from https/ftp sources instead of from the game server, this will reduce bug on game start and mission corrupted files and random errors due to UDP protocol that doesn’t check packet.

Please download by http/ftp source and put in game forlder\MPMissions