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(Taskforce Agencies) to sponsor webinar on Domestic Violence at Work

(Taskforce Agencies) and Peace at Work is offering a free webinar on (date and time).

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 According to an empirical study, 75 percent of the women who were murdered on the job in a non-robbery-related incident were killed by an intimate partner. (Source: “Killed on the Clock,” American Journal of Industrial Medicine). Nationally, homicide is the second leading cause of death for women on the job. Twenty percent of these women are killed by their partner. (Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2000)

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The threat of violence occurring in the workplace is the most obvious concern to employers. However, victim employees also suffer from poor job performance due to the intentional behavior of the abuser.  Seventy-four percent (74%) of domestic violence victims report their abuser harassing them while they at work either by visits, phone calls or threatening emails.  Fifty-four percent (54%) of the victims miss work an average of 3 days a month due to their intimate partners’ abuse. This leads to 24%-30% losing their jobs as a result of their tragic situation.

Domestic violence also has an impact on the company’s economic well-being. Businesses lose an estimated $727.8 million dollars per year in lost work days. Other figures point to $3-5 billion dollars a year lost to businesses due to the toll of domestic violence.  

Learning objectives of webinar

1.      Participants will review and understand the prevention and management of domestic violence in the workplace.

2.      Participants will gain increased awareness of the severity of the threat and how it can impact workplace safety and a company’s bottom line.

3.      Participants learn how to identify potential victim-employees, approach appropriately and offer effective support.

4.      Participants will learn of community resources available for support. We will have a representative of the local shelter (Friend-to-Friend) to describe.

5.      Participants will understand the impact of abuser employees on the workplace and intervention options.

6.      Participants will learn threat assessment skills as well as security planning and security implementation skills.


 Such information can be found at an upcoming webinar  on Domestic Violence in the Workplace.  

HR professionals, managers, business owners and security directors can register  for the program at