“Angel, are you feeling okay?” Fluttershy asked her coughing pet rabbit. The rabbit looked at her weakly. “Maybe you should go get some rest. I know, I'll go to town and get you some carrot soup. It'll contain enough nutrients to get you back to health in no time.” Angel simply blinked at Fluttershy confused, before going over to his basket and sleeping in it.

Leaving her house, Fluttershy stood shocked at the sight she saw. All of the bunnies she just gave food were sick. Some were sneezing, some were coughing, some were turning green, and maybe one or two were vomiting. “Oh-oh... Looks like I'm going need a lot of carrot soup... And to find out what is making all of you sick.”

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“Thank you for helping me Twilight,” Fluttershy said to her friend as she stood in the library.

“No problem, Fluttershy,” Twilight responded as she levitated a book out of the shelf. “Spike, hand this to Fluttershy, would you?”

“Sure,” Spike replied as the book was levitated over to him, and then handed it over to Fluttershy, who proceeded to place it on the table and opened it. However, right after this, Spike sneezed a little.

“Bless you,” Twilight said. Spike sneezed again, this time letting out a little breath of fire. Twilight raised a brow. “Spike, are you okay?”

“No... I'm starting to get a headache, and-”Sspike sneezed again before he could finish his sentence, this time letting out a large burst of flame that thankfully didn't hit anything.

“Ugh... Looks like I'm gonna need to go and get the magic mask. Sorry Spike, but we just can't take chances with this.” Within a moment of saying this, Twilight placed what appeared to be a paper bag over Spike's head.

“Thanks Twilight.” Spike said before sneezing  again. “I'm... I'm gonna go lay down.”

“Okay Spike. Just make sure that the mask stays on you until you stop sneezing. It's the only thing keeping you from either burning the whole library down or sending Princess Celestia a whole lot of unwanted items.” Twilight then turned her attention to Fluttershy. “Um... Fluttershy, you said that those bunnies that got sick were given food by you, right?”

“Yes,” Fluttershy replied. Reflecting upon that for a moment, Fluttershy gasped. “Do.. Do you think I gave those bunnies and Spike their sickness? I make sure that I'm clean whenever I give out food, and I don't see how Spike could've gotten sick just by handing me a book.”

“I'm not sure how it could've happened, Fluttershy. Was the food you gave to the bunnies new?” Twilight asked.

“Yes. I bought it just this morning,” Fluttershy answered.

“Hm... Where did you buy it? Maybe something was wrong with the food you purchased, and... No, that still wouldn't give a good reason why Spike got sick... Or maybe it isn't connected at all, and Spike just happened to get sick. Fluttershy, could you take me to the store you got the food at?”

“Okay. I always purchase the carrots I give to the bunnies at the Carrot family's store.” And with that, Fluttershy took Twilight there.

Inside of the store, there were rows and rows of all type of carrots and carrot-accessories. At the front of the store, there was a counter where a member of the carrot family, Carrot Top, stood, waiting for customers.

“Um... Carrot Top?” Fluttershy asked.

“Hi Fluttershy!” Carrot Top replied. “Did your rabbits enjoy the carrots this morning?”

“Well... about that...” Fluttershy muttered.

“Was something wrong with them?” Carrot Top asked.

“Well... After the bunnies ate them, they became sick.” Fluttershy said.

“Oh! That's not good. But I don't see what would be wrong with the batch I gave you this morning. Other ponies ate them this morning, and they seemed to be doing good. Unless it's something that would only bother bunnies, but I doubt that, since those carrots were grown and treated like any other carrots.” Carrot Top said.

“Oh... Well, thank you. See you later, Carrot Top.” Fluttershy said as she left with Twilight.

Fluttershy and Twilight stood at the middle of Ponyville, trying to think of what could be wrong. “Hi Twilight, hi fluttershy!” Pinkie Pie's voice came shouting and running towards her friends.

“Hi Pinkie Pie,” Twilight greeted.

“Hello,” Fluttershy greeted.

“So like, I just decided upon something very important! But I need to keep it a secret, so I'm gonna whisper it to the two of you.” Pinkie Pie said as she stood in front of Twilight and Fluttershy. After saying this, Pinkie Pie leaned over to Fluttershy's ear and began whispering. “There's going to be a secret party fo-for-for ACHOO!” Pinkie Pie sneezed. Fluttershy made an anxious face at Twilight. “No wait,” Pinkie Pie continued, “it's not for Achoo. It's for ACHU!” Pinkie Pie sneezed again. “Okay, it's not for Achu either. It's for AKU!” Pinkie Pie sneezed one more time. “No, I don't even know any pony named Aku, and even if I did, he sounds like somepony that would be happy all the ti- ACHOO ACHOO ACHOO!” Pinkie Pie descended into a fit of rapid sneezing.

Fluttershy moved away her and over to Twilight. “Twilight,” Fluttershy said, “I think there's something wrong with me that's making everything sick.”

“I don't know Fluttershy. That might just be paranoid thinking,” Twilight replied. Suddenly, a pony brushed up against Fluttershy by accident and then began to cough badly. “On second thought... Maybe we should just go back to the library so we can give this some thought... In private.”

“Attention Ponyville,” a spa pony shouted out, “the spa is having a special today, available only to the first twenty ponies to get here!”

Twilight quickly examined where she and Fluttershy stood, and realized they right at the center where a crowd of ponies would be running by in just a few seconds. “Fluttershy,” Twilight shouted, “fly up into the air! A bunch of poni-”

Twilight was unable to finish what she was saying in time, and even if she was, Fluttershy would've most likely not heard it, as a large number of ponies that had ran by Fluttershy began to cough and sneeze.

Fluttershy's jaw dropped in fear of what just happened, and she began to cry. Twilight shook her head sadly, and then teleported herself and Fluttershy back to the library. Twilight then turned to Fluttershy and began to speak. “Fluttershy... This might seem like it's all your fault, but  it isn't. I'm sure there's a reason behind all of this, and we just need to be able to find it. Now please, just stand here for a moment. I'm going to go get some equipment to help us find out what's wrong.”

Fluttershy tried to hold her tears as Twilight left the main room of the library. Self-critical thoughts ran through Fluttershy's head, blaming her for all the sickness occurring. Yet, the memory of Twilight telling her it wasn't her fault kept Fluttershy from crying.

Finally Twilight came back, levitating a large black scroll, a microscope, and some other items. “Okay, now please just continue holding still,” Twilight said, “I'm just going to use the highlight scroll on you, since I'm wondering if whatever is causing this sickness is coming from the inside or the outside.”

Fluttershy held still at Twilight placed her other objects on the table, and then unwrapped and levitated the scroll in front of her. “Now just stay like that for a quick moment...” There was a quick flash from Twilight's horn, and the lights had turned off for a second. When they turned back on, Fluttershy walked over to the table where Twilight had placed the scroll, which had an image of Fluttershy's skeleton on it.

The skeleton looked normal for one of a pegasus, at least until the two ponies noticed a bump on Fluttershy's back. “I wonder what that bump could be...” Twilight thought out loud. Fluttershy just stared at it, as though she was in deep thought.

“It's a quick-tick.” Fluttershy said.

“A quick-tick? What are those?” Twilight asked.

“A very dangerous type of tick. Once a big one gets on any living thing, it reproduces quickly, and its children will take any possible chance to get to another host. And when they do, they make any and all of those hosts sick quickly.” Fluttershy answered, tapping into her knowledge of wildlife.

“But wait... How did one get through Spike's scales?”

“All offspring of a big quick-tick are extraordinary tiny. I imagined that it somehow found a way to get under Spike's scales.”

“Okay. But I think I actually came in physical contact with you some today, so I don't see why I didn't get sick. Plus, why didn't you get sick if you had the big quick-tick?”

“Well, you see Twilight, quick-ticks hate unicorn blood, so they avoid them at all cost. As for the reason I didn't get sick, the big parental quick-ticks don't make anything sick, they just produce offspring that do.”

“Okay, that makes sense,” Twilight said, “but still, is there a way we can cure every thing that got a quick-tick?”

“Shampoo works on them like it does any other types of ticks. The big concern right now is the one on me.”

“What do we need to do to remove it? We can just tell the nurse what's wrong, and she'll be able to remo-”

“The nurse is taking a vacation, and she's no longer in Ponyville.” Fluttershy interrupted Twilight. This had put Twilight off a bit, as she has never seen Fluttershy interrupt any pony like that, and it seemed as though her voice and face were growing more serious.

“Well, I saw Doctor Whoof here today, so I bet h-”

“No Twilight. I'm pretty sure he's not a medical doctor.” Fluttershy replied. “What I'm going need done to remove this quick-tick... Only you can do it. You're levitation magic is the only way we'll be able to get this done properly and cleanly.”

“Fluttershy, can't we just use shampoo? Or tweezers?” Twilight asked desperately.

“No. When it comes to big quick-ticks, there's only one way of removing them.” Fluttershy pointed at a scalpel that lied on Twilight's table. “Shampoo doesn't bother them, and they are cemented into any flesh they get on. So please, Twilight, we have to do this. If we don't, then the big quick-tick will only produce more and more offspring that'll just leave on their own to find hosts. Every living thing in and around Ponyville will get one. Even unicorns, if the quick-ticks need flesh blood. And even the plant life will not be safe if we allow this big quick-tick to stay alive on me.”

Twilight was shocked at how Fluttershy was behaving. If this was any other situation, Twilight thought Fluttershy would've begged to keep all the ticks alive, and she would've lost consciousness if she was talking about blood, and Twilight didn't even know what Fluttershy would do in any other situation that required for her to cut.

What Fluttershy said made Twilight see how grave a situation this was. Gulping, Twilight responded to her friend, “Okay Fluttershy. I'll try to be careful. Are you sure there isn't any other way?”

“This is the only way. Please Twilight. Do it for Ponyville.”

Twilight felt herself going into cold sweats as she levitated the scalpel off of the table. Moving over to Fluttershy, Twilight used her magic to clear away Fluttershy's fur so that the quick-tick was visible. Tuning out all thoughts but those focused on what the cuts should be like, Twilight forced her eyes opened as she began to slice the area where the tick was. Blood began coming out. Levitating a clean cloth next to the cut, Twilight used it to soak up the blood as she cut in a small circle around the quick-tick. With no noises coming from Fluttershy, Twilight's heart could only grow and grow in the rate of its heartbeat. Yet despite this, Twilight did her best to keep concentrated on her task. She had to do it, she thought to herself. If Fluttershy was wiling to do this, then she must be able to do this also.

When the task was over, and the piece of flesh with the quick-tick in in removed and properly disposed of, Twilight quickly covered the wound on Fluttershy with Neosporin and other ointments. “I'm sorry, so so sorry, Fluttershy.”

“Don't be, Twilight. You did what any good friend would do.” Fluttershy responded.

“Just... I'm amazed at this sudden courage you showed, and how you were willing to go through something like that just to keep everything in Ponyville from getting sick.”

“No... Sickness was just the first step of it for quick-ticks. It only gets worse from there. Now hurry, we have to get everything that was infected to a bath at the spa.” Fluttershy said as Twilight placed a bandage on her. “Don't worry about the offspring quick-ticks, they're not able to reproduce, so no pony will get their own quick-tick if they just touch one that does have an offspring quick-tick on it. What you need to do is organize a group of ponies to help bring in every pony that got a quick-tick on them.”

“But,” Twilight spoke up, “what are you going to do?”

“Save all of the bunnies.” Fluttershy responded as she flew out the library.

Twilight stood in awe from what had transpired. She knew that Fluttershy was willing to get face-to-face with a dragon if it meant protecting her friends, but she never knew that Fluttershy would also be willing to go this far. With a blink from her eyes, Twilight quickly levitated Spike from his basket and began running to the spa with him. It was still going to be a long day in Ponyville.