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Ellie Lumpesse has been in the BDSM scene since 2005 and was formerly an independent, professional phone fantasy operator specializing in sensual domination and tease and denial. She writes about sex, BDSM, relationships, non-monogamy, feminism, and rhetoric on her blog at In her professional, vanilla life she is an educator working with adult students and uses that experience to develop dynamic and engaging workshops for the alternative sexuality community. She is the Education Coordinator of the Columbia TNG (The Next Generation Group.) She has presented for events and organizations such as Debauchery (Greensboro, NC), Dark Odyssey Fusion (Baltimore, Maryland), Sex 2.0 (Atlanta, GA; Washington, DC), the Fetish Fair Flea Market (Charlotte, NC), T3WD (Columbia, SC), CAPEX (Charlotte, NC) and The Warehouse (Greenville, SC). This is the last time you will hear her speak about herself in the third person.

Class Descriptions:

Aural Sex: Dirty Talk for More Fulfilling Play

A lot of people find dirty talk hot but challenging to execute. Your brain is the best sex organ you have, get it engaged with some “aural sex”. This workshop-style class is intended to push you past your inhibitions and get your creative juices flowing. We will discuss several techniques (and even play some games!) for hotter encounters through dirty talk.

Erotic Phone Sex for Couples

Think phone sex is always cheesy? Think again! Get advice from a professional phone sex operator on the tricks that can make it intensely hot. This class will cover: who can benefit from phone play, different modes of phone play, ways to explore various fetishes, equipment, safety considerations, and getting over nerves and embarrassment. Participation appreciated.

Sex Toys 101

Maybe you can throw a single-tail or a flogger but do you know your way around your dildo? This class covers information on sex toy styles, materials, and safety. You’ll get useful information on selecting and investing in the right toys for your sex life and tips on techniques for usage. The class also includes information on toy maintenance and cleaning.

Sex Toy Care

Our toys are more than just a significant investment, they are often an extension of our kinky selves. Learn about a variety of toy material types and how to maintain and clean them so they will last for years to come. Also learn how to recognize signs of degradation that sadly mean it is time to retire your toys. Feel free to bring a toy that you are curious about how to clean for consultation with the instructor.

[Sex toy workshops can be combined into one longer class]

What the fuck is so funny?: Humor in the dungeon

While some of what we do is very serious business, much of it is not. This discussion-based class looks at the lighter side of BDSM. Sometimes things get funny because of mistakes and sometimes we intentionally incorporate humor into our play. We’ll talk about various theories of humor (from communication studies) and discuss how they apply to a kinky scene from negotiation to aftercare. Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss their most hilarious scene stories.

Non-violent communication for violent people

We kinksters, perverts, poly folks, and sex nerds of all stripes have to be skilled communicators to navigate our often complex romantic and play relationships. Come to this workshop to learn how the principles of non-violent communication can be deployed to ease tension and stress in BDSM relationships. Non-violent communication is a great tool for negotiation, aftercare, and general relationship discussions.

Sex Blogging 101, 201

Ever thought about having your own adult blog? This class covers the ins and outs of blogging specifically in the sex sphere. No knowledge of computer programming is required as the course is based on sharing entry-level options for starting your blog right away and building it from there. We will cover hosting platforms, content, promotion opportunities and much more. Come with your questions!

Negotiation for Better Scenes: Consent is Sexy for Everyone

Negotiation shouldn't be the drudgery that stands in the way of your play, rather it should be the sexy preamble to what you are about to do. Effective, thoughtful, sexy negotiation creates anticipation for a scene and gives both players amazing insight into a partner. In this class we'll discuss the parameters of negotiation, creative ways to accomplish your negotiation, and the inspiring feminist concept of enthusiastic consent. Some workshops will even include negotiation roleplaying and other fun games.

Experienced Bottom/Inexperienced Top, Or, the proper care and maintenance of your service top

This class is a facilitator-led discussion and workshop on how to handle experience differentials in a variety of kinky relationships. The course starts from the assumption that topping from the bottom is sometimes under-rated and gives a variety of tested techniques for bringing a shiny, new top up to speed while still maintaining a hot power exchange. Attendees are encouraged to share their stories so that the advice delivered can be tailored to the crowd that is present. (This class is better if I get to team-teach it with my awesome partner.)

Under Development (If I have at least a month’s notice, you can be the first to see one of these brand new classes):

BDSM 101: Safety and Consent

BDSM 102: Exploring Roles and Activities

How to Avoid Being “That Guy”: Dungeon and Play Party Etiquette

Face Slapping

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