When you have trouble checking out our products on PayPal...


Thanks for purchasing from MyKoreanStore.com

If you are currently having trouble checking out our products on PayPal, we have a few suggestions for you to correct the problem:

1. Some people may experience a problem with Internet Explorer. Not all the people have this problem, but for some people, IE doesn't work while Mozilla Firefox works to make a  payment through PayPal. So, if you are using IE and experience an error, please try using Firefox.

2. If this doesn't fix the problem or you are already using Firefox, make sure that “cookies” are enabled. The new version of Firefox enables “cookies” by default, so unless you have an exception for PayPal to not enable “cookies,”  it will always be enabled. Early versions of Firefox may be different, so please be sure to double-check the settings for yourself.

In order to do this, go to: Tools>Privacy> from the pull down menu, select “Use Customer Settings for History.” From there, make sure that “Accept Cookies from Sites and Accept Third-party Cookies” is checked. Then, click on the “Exceptions” button under the window “Address of Web Site” and type “PayPal.com”, then click “allow”.   If you still have problems after this, try: Tools>Clear Recent History>from the pull-down menu, select “Everything” and click the “Clear Now” button.

3. Another thing to try is to make sure to open the payment page in a new window by right-clicking on the PayPal payment button and selecting "open in a new window." The exact method to do this varies by browser. PayPal and other payment processing sites don’t really like “frames”, so if your browser supports “frames”, this may be a reason why your payment is still not being processed.  In other words, if you click the PayPal payment button on a site that resides within another page (via a frame), it’s best to try to open in a new window.

4. If you have tried all of the previous steps and your payment is still not going through, please e-mail your payment to g9languages@gmail.com and let us know your order via e-mail. We will then fulfill your request.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We hope the suggestions help you fix the problem. If not, feel free to e-mail us.

Thank you!