Jordan Genigeski


A.P. Lang  & Comp. 5th Hr.

9 February 2012

A.P. Lang and Comp Persuasive Essay

        The State of the Union Address is an annual speech presented by the president every January going into detail about issues present in the nation or any new laws passed. President Obama gives the speech quite confidently. But can he keep these promises for the future, or will he stay true to his word? No leader is able to keep all of the promises that they make.

        As Obama presents his State of the Union speech, he proposes a plethora of options he could focus on, such as the financial crisis, the payroll tax cut, and job loss. I truly believe that Obama will make these statements to raise your attention; make the citizens believe that he is the clear candidate for re-election. But, there is no doubt that a great deal of election promises are broken as the government finances are extremely complex, while politicians convince the people of the nation with their vague explanations of them. The public can rarely discover if everything truly does add up correctly as the politician explains.

        Obama promises a lowered tax rate. This is not the first time an official has made this promise along with others ,like, a social welfare program (to which Obama also promises), and a balanced budget. In 2000, George W. Bush commits to these three and yet, he completely abandoned the balanced budget. The British Liberal Party stated they would cut military spending just before they embarked in an arms race with Germany. During his 1988 presidential campaign, George H. W. Bush promised not to raise taxes while he was president. During his term, we hit a recession and he confirmed approval to increase taxes.

        Obama and many past politicians all have the same thing in common; not everyone can keep their guarantee. I would rather live in a nation where our government wouldn't be so deceitful. Brainwashing the American folk into believing what you say isn’t right. Instead, the government should state what they believe, in fact, will happen.