Course Schedule - Introduction to Creative Writing

Please Note: This is the Preliminary Schedule with Readings by Topic.  Stay tuned for the Final Schedule.

English 227, Section 004

Introduction to Creative Writing - Fall 2012

Instructor: Ryan Edel

Office Hours: Tuesday 1-3pm and Wednesday 11am-1pm

Course Website:

Introduction: The Mechanics of Writing

For August 23:

August 25: Post 50-100 words to Facebook (Assignment 1A)

August 27: Post 300 words to ReggieNet (Assignment 1B)

For August 28:

Setting and Detail: Specificity

For August 30:

August 31: Post 600 words to ReggieNet (Assignment 2)

9/4/2012: On Seeing

Pick 2 or 3:

September 3: ReggieNet Discussion (Discussion Forums) - What does setting do?

Character: Personal Detail


September 7: Post 800 words to ReggieNet (Assignment 3) - Create a Character


Pick 2 Stories:

Read All 3 Poems:

September 10: ReggieNet Discussion (Discussion Forums) - What differentiates Setting details from Character details?  Why is this distinction important?

Character and Conflict: Making It Personal


Choose between Rich or Mukherjee.  Read Lee and Bishop:


September 14: Post 1,000 words to ReggieNet - Conflict and the Conflicted

September 17: ReggieNet Discussion - What you’d like to write for workshop.

Voice: Active, Passive, Colloquial



Postponed - September 21: Weekly “Free” Write - Drafting a Sonnet (14 lines)

September 24: First Workshop Pieces Due to ReggieNet Discussion

9/25 (due 9/22) - Chuck, Emilio, Shelly, Bree, Patrick, Melissa

9/27 - Megan, Katie, Cameron, Chris, Katrina, Gabby, Rachel

10/02 - Taylor, Jamie, Razel, Jordie, Sarah, Will


Voice and Meter/Symbolism

Symbolism: The Enduring Meaning

October 5: Drafting the Sonnet due to ReggieNet


Poems about Writing:

October 8: Online Preparation for Poetry Workshop due to GoogleDocs. - Cancelled

October 15: 500 Words of Poetry - Completed

Poetry Workshops

Scheduling for October 18, 23, 25, and 30

18 October: Everyone bring 2 paper copies of a poem to class

23 October: Due to ReggieNet by 11:59pm on 10/20 (Saturday)

Six: Taylor, Rachel, Bree, Chris, Jamie, Melissa

25 October: Due to ReggieNet by 11:59pm on 10/22 (Monday)

Seven: Patrick, Chuck, Cameron, Will, Megan, Katrina, Shelly

30 October: Due to ReggieNet by 11:59pm on 10/27 (Saturday)

Six: Sarah, Razel, Katie, Emilio, Jordie, Gabby,

Fiction Workshops

Novel Project

Starts Thursday, November 1st.

Workshops over six class periods, 3 workshops per class.  You’ll each be in one of three groups (A, B, or C), and each group will be workshopping one story from among its members on these days.  Workshopping will be 30-40 minutes total, and the balance of class will focus on discussing craft.

R 8-Nov

T 13-Nov - 3

R 15-Nov - 3

T 27-Nov - 3

R 29-Nov - 3

T 4-Dec - 6

Last Day of Class

6-Dec: Read a 3 minute piece that you haven’t previously shared with the class.

Tense: Past, Present, Perfect

Metaphor: The Eerie Similarities

Tone: Setting Your Voice

Story and Plot: The Order of Things

The Tough Ones: Irreverence Gone Wrong?