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HOA Minutes 2010-07
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Candlewood Ridge – Carriage Wood Homeowners’ Association

Minutes of the Meeting

July 20, 2010

The following is a summary of the meeting minutes and is not yet approved by the board.

Board Members Present:  Valerie Frazier, Curt Whitaker, Jerry Woolett, Sondra Woolett George McGill, John Utz

Others Present:  15 Homeowners, Elmira Utz – Recording Secretary

This monthly meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. at the King County Sheriff’s Office – Fairwood Storefront.  

Fire Department Report:  John Lecoq present for Fire District 40.  No house fires reported for the last 3-4 weeks. Volume of calls down 50% from last year's 4th of July. HO expressed concern about people who shot off bottle rockets in his back yard. Representative said that ongoing education efforts are underway and that larger municipal fireworks shows are helping to bring down incidents. HO asked about work on local station in Fairwood.  Representative shared repair work is being bid out at this time. Bond reserved 1.5 million for remodel and possible retro fit and repair of the station. Old property off of Benson has a sales agent working on selling the property but no sales are pending at this time.

Police Report:   Officer Sam Shirley reports there has been a return of Auto thefts in apartments in the last month. Cars should be in garages as much as possible. Hondas and Toyotas are targets.  Club style auto theft devices are not recommended-brake pedal style devices work better as steering wheels can simply be cut.  

Officer Shirley reminds everyone to keep their windows locked at night, as break-ins have occurred through open windows in our neighborhood, including through second story windows. Dogs should never be left in cars.

Officer Shirley reported handing out print outs to residents regarding parking violations.

Police Report for June:

Traffic Contacts         22

Traffic Parking         14

Parks                        6

4th of July was busy for police calls. More injuries were reported in general area-2 serious enough to result in Harborview airlifts.

Approval of Last Month’s Minutes:  A motion was made to approve the June board meeting minutes as written.  It was seconded and passed.  Signing of the minutes took place by the board.  

Homeowner Concerns:

HO asked who sets up the agenda of the special meeting. Moved to section on agenda regarding discussion of the special meeting.

HO expressed disapproval of minutes based on asserted request that specific comment were not included-such as alleged comments made by board members which the HO felt were disrespectful.  

Secretary answered there had been a long ranging debate with comments from the floor and the board and the minutes did reference the business that took place. The purpose of the minutes, as per her understanding and instruction from the board, is to record business not extraneous negative comments made by any party unless it is germane to the business record. But, in any case, the Secretary does not remember the comment or request.  

Common Area Maintenance chairperson noted that the Secretary does not need to defend the minutes as they are approved by the board before publishing and additionally voted on and signed in by the board for the record.

Committee Reports:  

Treasurer’s Report: 

1.        End of June 2010 Financial Statement Summary Facts:

•        We have started the year in near normal fashion.  84% of our projected budgeted income has been received.

•        We are significantly over budget with regard to legal fees.  We have required legal advice and help due to, among other things, two Chapter 13 Bankruptcies, one Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, four Foreclosures and three complaints that have not been resolved over an extended period of time.

2.        As of July 12 we had 64 homeowners who were delinquent in payment of their dues.

3.        A meeting was held with our bookkeeper and concerning the issue of depositing checks.  She has agreed to deposit checks received at least twice a month.  This action was taken to insure homeowners should be able to verify their payments have cleared the bank in a reasonable period of time.

4.        It appears likely there will be another increase in postage at the beginning of next year.  We probably should consider buying between 3000 to 5000 forever stamps before year’s end as we did two years ago.

5.        We have received our State Farm insurance renewal statement.  The cost to renew has gone down about $1200.  There were some modifications made to the policy, but after talking to our local insurance agent it appears that those changes have little to no impact on our coverage.

6.        Six new liens and four satisfactions/releases were recorded this reporting period.

7.        A management company has been contacted to determine the costs associated with having such a company manage our HOA finances.  We will try to schedule a meeting with them in the next few weeks.  At this point in time we consider this a fact finding period.

Twenty hours of random sheriff’s patrols were provided to the community during the month of June.

HO question-does the treasurer live in the HOA? HO question-why did you hire someone who is violating their own HOA?  Answer from the Chairman-it is not the business of the board to intrude into our bookkeeper's living arrangements.

ACC Report:     

1.        Twenty ACC requests were submitted since the last meeting. Two were for decks, one for a shed, one for landscaping, two for roofs, three for fences, seven for paint, and four for miscellaneous projects.

2.        Reminder - Our CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations clearly state that exterior projects such as roofs, painting, fencing, decks, driveways, major landscaping and patios require the submission and approval of an ACC request before commencing the project.  The ACC has up to 30 days to respond to an ACC request but tries to respond much sooner than that.  It is recommended that if a response to an ACC request has not been received within two weeks, the homeowner should contact the ACC Chairman via email at or by leaving a voice message at 425-738-8611.  For emergency type repairs notify the ACC Chairman as indicated above and mention that it is an emergency type situation.  Please do not contact the ACC chairman via a home phone number.

Please remember we do not accept ACC request forms via email.  Please mail them to CR/CW HOA, PO Box 58397, Renton, WA 98058.


Common Areas Maintenance Report:

1.        Reminder to all Homeowners – It is our responsibility (Not King County’s) to keep the street drains clear. Please clear the debris and leaves from the drains by your house and at the ends of your street.

2.         We continue to have branches and trees fall onto the paths at CR Park. Please contact or call 425-738-8611 and leave a message if you notice any trees or branches at either park or any of the Common areas or entrances.

3.        Several areas mainly by the parks in CR need bark. Bryan from Canber inspected which areas needed bark and they recommend adding 40 yds in all common areas that need it for a price of $2628.

4.        The large slide at CR Park has developed a large bubble. Chariperson contacted SiteLines and they looked up our order and we have 3 years remaining on our 10 year warranty, however it is pro-rated. The replacement cost would be $1079 plus labor. During our email exchange they kept referring to the slide as a flip slide – turns out that the entire slide can be removed and turned over and turned end to end and the bottom side is identical to the top. They sent me instructions and I am pretty sure I can do it with the help of one or two helpers as the slide weighs quite a bit. If anyone would like to help please contact me.

5.        Soos Creek W & S turned on the water at our 3 meters for the sprinkler system. We need to have all three meters checked for back flow pressure as required by WAC and Soos Creek. The inspections cost $75 per meter and the fee to turn them on is $28 per meter. When the inspections are done we will turn the sprinklers on for 3 days a week 1 hr each time.

6.        Clements Const. (company who built our bridge in CR) inspected the bridge deck-it is safe but some boards are not level and should be repaired before they become a tripping hazard.

7.        CR HO requested assistance in maintenance of center island in cul de sac. I asked Canber to look at it and they recommend removal of the large fir tree – the quote is $290.18.


8.        CW HO requested that a large bush at the center entrance be removed or trimmed down as it is making a mess on his property and casting a huge shadow in his yard not allowing his plants to grow. Canber has removed. When the bush grows back they will keep it pruned to grow no higher than the top of  the fence.


9.        HO whose house backs up to CW Park has priced plants to plant along the fence that has been vandalized. I told her that we might help in some way. Canber has looked at and given us a quote – they recommend 24 Hawthorne shrubs (an evergreen with thorns), 12 six foot Arborvitae (pyramidalis) alternating and evenly spaced. All labor, plants and bark for $2425.43. Discussion tabled until next meeting.

10.        Please keep a watch for suspicious Activity and call 911 – we have a case number to report any after hour or unruly activity in the Parks #09-179682.

Reminder: Our parks are private parks which exist for the use and enjoyment of HOA residents, their families and guests. They are not public parks. Our park usage rules apply to everyone. Following are some of the rules that have been established to maximize safety, and minimize liability and maintenance cost:

A. Park Hours: 9:00 am to dusk.

B. No Smoking, alcohol, drugs, loud music, golfing, motorized vehicles or Fireworks are allowed.

C. Animals must be leashed and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their animals.

Complaints Negotiations Report: 

1.        There are currently 13 open active complaints

a.        5 are in the fines stage  

b.        6 have received their 1st non-compliance letter

c.        2 have received their 2nd certified non-compliance letters

d.        Three of our active complaints have been turned over to our attorney.

2.        Three non-compliance issues were closed since the last meeting.

3.        Reminder:

Typically we do not investigate and submit non-compliance letters in response to anonymous complaints.  We expect complaints to be signed, and an address and phone # to be provided so additional information, if needed, can be requested.

 Capital Improvement Committee:

  Nothing new to report. Please contact board if you have any suggestions.

Legal and Insurance Report: 

No news on settlement of Legal fees in Lowery suit other than a submission of extension request.

Special meeting notice is not completed-hope to be finished by the end of the week. Chairperson apologized for the delay.  Request by legal chair to receive an email by the HO group requesting the meeting if the document is not ready for review by the following Friday.  

Far ranging conversation from HO's about the special meeting request in which HO's express dismay that the notice is not prepared and suggest it is purposefully being delayed.  Explanation from chairperson is that he is being careful about making sure it is done correctly, has no interest in causing a delay, and reminds everyone that the board is volunteer based and are doing the best they can to be prompt.

Insurance agent has been called to evaluate stones boarding the CW park for safety.

Nominating committee Report:

Nothing to report.

Rental Home / Change of Address Committee 

Changes of Address and Rentals

        Reminder – When HOA correspondence needs to be delivered to an address other than the HOA street address, your HOA needs to be notified in writing of the correct address to send the correspondence.  This applies to absentee homeowners who are renting or leasing their homes, homes that are vacant, and homeowners who choose to receive their correspondence at a PO Box or alternate address.  In addition homeowners who are renting or leasing are required to comply the provisions of the Leasing/Rental of Homes/Tenants Rules and Regulations.

Old Business:

Special Meeting Discussion:

HO comments that there is too much dissension and she'd like to see it resolved positively. She thinks the group should be able to discuss Covenant changes directly at the Special Meeting in order to get what she sees as the root issue resolved.

HO says he'll have a suggestion to offer those board members who feel overworked when the special meeting occurs.

HO asked who validated the proxies and alleged that the board “threw out the votes”. Chair asked the HO not to make unsupported accusations. The Board validated the requests for the special meeting since the bookkeeper felt it was an uncomfortable position based on the previous lawsuit. The Special Meeting will be called as enough requests were validated.

Unsolicited comments continued to come from the floor. 2 board members chose to leave because they felt the comments from the floor were abusive and intolerable. HO's guest said something to one of the Board members as they left, and then alleged the board member was inappropriate in response. Any exchange was not board business, specifics were not confirmed as they were inaudible to many in the room. Reference to the issue is included in these minutes at the insistence of HO's at the meeting.

Chair asked for calm and respect from both sides.

HO wants discussion of CC&R's and wants to present the discussion at the special meeting. It was shared that the CC&R changes were not part of the documents regarding the request for the special meeting. The request for the special meeting lists specific agenda items. In any case, there would not be enough quorum to make a vote to the CC&R's.

Suggestion to hand out CC&R statement made by a HO and to have a table to collect comments and emails.  Chair felt the suggestion was reasonable.  The special meeting notice does not have any listing of a CC&R discussion but a table outside may be possible.

In order to expedite the check in process of the special meeting HO's are reminded to bring their HOA number.

HO asked how other issues the Chair previously identified will come out in this process. Chair answered that if he is replaced at the Special Meeting, the issues he's brought up will be un addressed. He doesn't agree with all that's been said but process is important and it's a mistake to lump in all Board members when the process fails.

New Business:   

Motion to re-bark area-not to exceed 3000. Motion Passed.

Motion to have Clemen's Construction repair bridge in CR park-not to exceed $1500.00. Motion Passed.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 pm.

Welcoming Committee – If you are new to the neighborhood and would like an HOA information packet, call the HOA phone number at 425-738-8611 and leave a voice message or send an email request to  HYPERLINK ""

Special Topics:  Visit our Website and contact the HOA via Email at:

Web –     HYPERLINK "" 

Email –   HYPERLINK "" 

Next Board Meetings:

        Aug 17th

        Oct 19th

        Sept 21st

Meetings are usually held at 7:00 pm. at the Sheriff’s Office, Albertson’s Shopping Center.

All Homeowners are welcome to attend.  

Candlewood Ridge / Carriage Wood Announcements & Reminders

*ACC Requests - The HOA CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations documents clearly state that exterior projects such as roofs, painting, fencing, decks and patios require the submission and approval of an ACC request before commencing the project.  The ACC has up to 30 days to respond to an ACC request but tries to respond much sooner.  It is recommended that if a response to an ACC request has not been received within two weeks, the homeowner contact the ACC Chairperson via email at  HYPERLINK "" or by leaving a voice message at 425-227-4227.  ACC request forms can be found in the Fairwood Flyer or on the HOA website at  HYPERLINK ""  Please do not contact the ACC Chairperson via a home phone number.

*Carriage Wood and Candlewood Ridge Parks – A policy has been established to maximum safety, minimize liability and maintenance costs, while allowing homeowners of the association to enjoy our parks.  Rules to accomplish this include:

Park hours: 9:00 am until dusk

No smoking, alcohol, drugs, loud music, golf, motorized vehicles or fireworks are allowed

Animals must be leashed and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their animals

Please report suspicious activity in the parks by calling 911.  Reference case number 09-179682 when calling.

*HOA Website - Visit the CR/CW HOA website at  HYPERLINK "" to read messages on our Bulletin Board, monthly meeting Minutes, Rules and Regulations documents and much more!

*Trash and Recycle Receptacles – A friendly reminder to homeowners that Garbage Cans, Recycle and Yard Waste Receptacles are to be properly stored behind a fence or inside the garage where they are not visible from the street.  

*Webmaster:  Our last webmaster has moved from our neighborhood, therefore we are in need of someone take over this function.  The person should be familiar with maintaining Google websites and email accounts.  Please contact us if you are interested in this volunteer position.