Experiential Education I (Bounder I)                Course Calendar                                        Fall Semester 2011

Instructors:  Adrian Owens, Anne Morse, John Zaber, Jill Fineis

Dress to be outdoors no matter what the weather. Also remember to bring a full water bottle with you.

Leave-No-Trace by Will Harmon, (LNT) is the textbook for the course



Required Equipment


Tandem Canoeing

Sept. 26-30

A change of dry clothes in a

waterproofed bag

Canoeing (Red Cross), pp. 343-359

Woman’s Guide to Canoeing, pp. 47-80

Shelter Building & Knots

Oct. 3-7

Knife, 50ft. of cord, + some shorter lengths,

Camping in the Old Style, pp. 92-116

LNT Plan Ahead and Prepare-preface to p.26

Group Challenges

& required clothing intro.


Dressed to be outside

Keep It Moving, ch. 2, 8 and p. 70-73, 94-97

Winter Camping (Gorman), pp. 26-40, 53-63

Firebuilding part 1

Oct. 17-21

lighter or matches, cord for rainfly

LNT Minimize Campfire Impact, p.38-45,58-69

Firebuilding part 2

and Cooking a Meal

Oct. 24-28

knife, mug or bowl, spoon, water bottles

gloves, axe, lighter or matches, cord for fly

LNT  Respect Wildlife, p.70-73

Camping in the Old Style, pp. 122-150

High Element Challenge

Oct.31-Nov. 4

Dressed to be outside

LNT Be Considerate of Other Visitors

Group Orienteering Hike

Nov. 7-11

Sturdy boots, map and compass,

Heavy pack = 33-44 lbs (15-20 kg)

Be Expert with Map & Compass, pp. 22-27

LNT Travel and Camp… p.27-38

Cold Injuries,

 Expedition Rules and Route

Nov. 14-18

4 layers of warm clothes, rain gear, warm hat, mittens, Expedition boots,  pencil

Winter Camping, pp. 84-93, 172-179

LNT Dispose of Waste Properly, p.45-51

Equipment issue (in Paradise)

Nov. 28

A=8:30 am, B=9:00 am, C=9:30,  D=10:00

Overnight Camping  11am


All Expedition gear (See equipment list)

Winter Camping, pp. 151-171

Group Meetings


Food request sheet turned in.

Food Issue and Pack Check

Dec. 14

4-Day Expedition    6:30 am

Dec. 15-18

See equipment list

Equip. Return &      Debrief

Mon. Dec. 19


 DEC. 20 

(to your instructor before you leave campus)

Course Objectives:

  1. Increase each student’s confidence in facing challenges effectively.
  2. Promote mutual support and responsibility among students in a group setting.
  3. Provide adequate training for successful completion of a 4-day winter backpacking “Expedition”.
  4. Encourage an understanding of how the learning from the class experiences can transfer to other situations.
  5. Observe, understand, and appreciate our relationship with the natural world.

This course involves learning physical skills that you will rely on for your survival in the outdoors.  You are also graded on the reflective depth of your journal.  If you have a specific learning difference or a documented disability, please check in with Leland Peterson, Sterling College learning disabilities support person. Leland can help you determine what accommodations would be helpful for you in this course.  

Bounder Journal

Reflecting on challenging experiences enhances the potential for growing and learning from those experiences. For many writing is a good medium for reflection because it can slow you down to think through your ideas and impressions.  A “bluebook” will be provided for you or you may use another notebook if you wish.  Typed/printed pages stapled together are also welcome.  

For others, writing can be a challenge; therefore, we are willing to explore other methods of reflection. If you feel the need to explore other methods of reflection please see your Bounder instructor.

What to include:  The journal needs to include some basic reporting of events and reflection or analysis.

Student Evaluation

Effort (E, S, U) and College (Pass, Fail) for the whole semester evaluation will be based on:

Effort evaluation during each segment will also focus on these traits of individual and group behavior: