OpenStreetMap Foundation
Management Team meeting

May 10th, 2012 17:00 GMT  -  DRAFT


Expecting: Andy Allan, Henk Hoff, Harry Wood, Oliver Kühn, Steve Coast, Mikel Maron, Matt Amos, Michael Collinson, Sam Larsen

Present: Henk Hoff, Matt Amos, Harry Wood, Michael Collinson, Oliver Kühn (last 15 minutes)

Apologies: Andy Allan

Minutes previous meeting

April 12th, 2012

Proposed: Henk

Seconded: Michael


Agenda & Minutes

As decided via e-mail

The following items have been decided over e-mail since the previous meeting.

- none

Upcoming license change update

Rebuild mailinglist:

LWG is now in support mode and no real issues to deal with.

A fair number of people (6) has jumped in to help with testing and coding.

Rebuild group is moving forward with rebuilt script. More and more tests are passing (93%). Most test that are failing are dealing with relations.

Matt ran through some aspects looking ahead at what will happen during and after the redaction bot run.

OSMF requests all data users to replace their copy of the OSM database to be replaced with the full planet after the relicensing to ODbL to ensure full license compatibility.


Current status

Communication WG
Data WG
Engineering WG
License/Legal WG
Local Chapters WG
Operations WG
State of the Map
Strategic WG

Meeting ended 18:03 GMT

Next meeting

Next regular scheduled meeting:

Thursday June 14th, 5pm GMT, dial-in

Pending items

“First impressions WG” [working title]  (from April 12th 2012 meeting)

Draft mission statement for us to review:

“FIWG will develop a profile of OSM visitor needs, to justify and support future design efforts. By interviewing consumers of OSM data and developing personas for possible future site visitors we'd like to attract, the group will describe the needs of three classes of user that OSM should serve: the existing mapper community, a growing audience of data consumers, and an as-yet underdescribed population of curious bystanders.

From this profile of visitor needs, FIWG will identify (a small/fixed number of?) key metrics which can be used to guide future efforts to improve First Impressions and evaluate the success of these efforts.”

MT welcomes the idea of the new working group, and [Matt & Andy] will handle the formal application to form the working group via email.