GalaxyFleetCommand Academy

Last updated on April 23, 2017

Greetings, recruits and cadets of GFC Academy,

The rebuilding of the Galaxy sim is all but complete. The Academy, after a few weeks of inactivity, has finally begun to offer classes again. Currently, only Recruit Orientation 103 (the last class in the BTS series’ cannot be taught: when the entire sim has been finalised, we’ll be able to get this last class up and running.

RO 101 and RO 102 can and will be given. Just ask for a class in the Academy students channel. If no instructor responds, please contact VADM Monkeyman Firethorn(Academy Commandant). He will help you find an instructor and take the necessary classes.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact the Academy Commandant.

On behalf of the Academy staff,

Monkeyman Firethorn

GFC Academy Commandant

GalaxyFleetCommand Academy Administration:

GFC Academy Commandant: RADM Monkeyman Firethorn
GFC Academy Vice-Commandant: CPT BunE Rabbit

The GFC Academy School of Basic Training

  1. Every member of GFC must attend the Academy School of Basic Training.

  1. As a recruit, you hold the GFC rank of Crewman Third Class (C3C). You will typically be referred to as a Recruit.

In order to graduate Basic Training School, you must pass Recruit Orientation 101 (Introduction to GFC), Recruit Orientation 102 (History of GFC) and Recruit Orientation 103 (Getting to know GFC). Of course, you may take more classes if you want to.

GFC Academy BTS Instructors:

All GFCA Teachers are on-call to teach classes when they are online. They will make every attempt to be available as much as possible.

Screen Name

Account Name



Gokyu Ugaijin

Ramesh Singh

BunE Rabbit

Monkeyman Firethorn

Michel Rosentrauch


Rsd58 congrejo






If you see an instructor online, feel free to contact them directly to request a class.

GFC Academy BTS Classes

Recruit Orientation 101: Introduction to GFC

Recruit Orientation 102: History of GFC

Recruit Orientation 103: Getting to know GFC

GFC Academy Divisional classes:

Role Playing 101: Intro to Role Play at GFC (suggested for all recruits)

Communications 101: Intro to Communications

Engineering 101: Intro to Star Fleet Engineering

Medical 101: Intro to Medical Role Play

Medical 102: Advanced Medical Role Play (Medical Division members ONLY)

Medical 111: Star Fleet’s Famous Doctors

Academy Air Corps 101: Intro to Shuttle Flight

And more classes are in their way.

Any GFC member may take any divisional classes, even after graduation.

All classes may be audited (i.e. taken without a grade, merely for informative purposes.)

All BTS classes may be taken more than once.

Non-timed written (chat-based) tests are available on request.

How to take a class at GFC Academy:

We do not offer scheduled classes at GFC. Instead, teachers make themselves available when they are online. If you see a class that interests you, post a request at GFC Academy Student Chat or GFC General Chat. Every attempt will be made to find you an instructor.

When a class has been announced by the instructor in chat, the general policy is for the instructor to wait until 10 minutes after the announced start time for students to arrive. After that, the class will be canceled unless other arrangements are made with the instructor.