ACP AntiCapitalism

Zines about capitalism, anti-capitalism, economics, workers' rights, and class issues. Include zines about labour or labour organizing under WRK Work, Jobs, and Labour.

ACT Activism | view zines

Zines that are about different forms of activism, including political organizing, protests, and radical cheerleading. This category is also for zines that include a whole bunch of different articles, and individually the articles could maybe fit into different categories like Anarchism or Feminism, but the range of topics is so large that it's better to put the zine under Activism. This can end up being a big category so try not to put a zine here unless it doesn't fit anywhere else. If a zine is about activism around gender issues, include in FEM Feminism or QUR Queer. If it's about environmental activism, include in ECO Environment and Nature. If it’s about Direct Action tactics (eg action at the barricades, sit-ins, economic sabotage, etc.), report backs, etc. use DAC.

AMT About Art, Media, and Technology | view zines

Don’t use this- use MET for independent media/ underground journalism, use ART for zines about/ containing art, use WAC for writing and art compilations (not just art, writing also).

ANM Animals | view zines

Zines about animals, pets, and animal rights. This can include science-type zines that focus on the behaviour or physiology of a particular animal, zines about pets and pet care, and zines about animal liberation or animal rights. Zines about veganism from an animal rights perspective should be categorized here, whereas zines that are more about veganism from a food perspective should be put under FOO Food, Farming, and Gardening, or CKZ Cookzines if they include a lot of recipes.

ANR Anarchism | view zines

Zines about anarchism, anarchist theory, and anarchists, or zines that apply an anarchist analysis to an issue or topic.

ART Art Books and Zines | view zines

Zines that are presented more as pieces of art rather than textual, or zines that consist wholly of visual elements with no text - including criticism.

AVA Anderson Valley Advertiser (Zine title) 

BIC Bicycles | view zines

Zines about bicycles, including bicycle repair, bicycle culture, and bicycle activism. Zines about how to do a bicycle tour or travel by bicycle can be filed here, but zines that focus more on telling stories about a trip done by bicycle should be filed under TRV Travel. Zines about other kinds of transportation and transportation in general should be in the TRN Transportation box.

BKB Berkeley Barb (Zine Title)

BKL Black Liberation

BOD Body Politics | view zines

Zines about body image and fat acceptance, abortion rights, disability. Also includes zines about hair and body hair as they relate to politics and identity and other zines about the politics of control over one's body.

CIT Cities and Places | view zines

Zines that are about cities and places but from the perspective of a resident rather than a traveller. They are often in a guide format. Also includes maps.

CKZ Cookzines | view zines

Zines that are mainly composed of recipes or are about how to make food. If there are some recipes but more articles about food or other topics, include under FOO Food, Gardening, and Farming or another appropriate topic.

CMA Comics - Art | view zines

Comics that are more artistic or expressive, rather than in a narrative format.

CMN Comics - Narrative | view zines

Comics that tell a story in narrative format and have a fair amount of text.

COM Cometbus Collection | view zines

Issues of Cometbus zine.

DAC Direct Action

Zines specifically discussing direct actions (report backs, tactics, theory): insurrection, economic sabotage, also blockades, sit ins, etc and anything self-identifying as direct action.

ALSO, the newspaper titled Direct Action can be put in this box (note that there are 2 newspapers with this title: one publised by the Livermore Action Group and one published by the International Workers’ Association).

DIY DIY and How-to | view zines

Instructional zines that show or tell how to make or do something, including knitting and other crafts. Some how-to zines can fit in other categories, though, such as zines about bicycle repair, which can go under BIC Bicycles, or zines about gardening, which can go under FOO Food, Farming, and Gardening.

DOR Doris Collection | view zines

Issues of Doris zine.

EF! Earth First!

EDU Education and School | view zines

Zines about different levels of school, such as high school or university, and also about education in general. Zines about homeschooling, deschooling, unschooling, free school, and community-based education are included here, as well as zines about teaching and teaching.

ECO Environment and Nature | view zines

Zines about environmental issues, alternative energy, alternative building techniques, environmental activism, environmental education. Also zines about the natural sciences. But if the zine focuses on animals, file in ANM Animals.

ETS Eat the State|

Eat the State zine.

FEM Feminism | view zines

Zines about feminism, oppression of women, women's empowerment, women's rights, and gender from a feminist perspective. File zines about gender from a queer perspective under QUR Queer.

FIC Fiction and True Stories | view zines

Zines made up of fiction or true stories written in a literary or short story type style.

FOO Food, Farming, and Gardening | view zines

Zines about food politics and issues, growing food and other plants, farming, urban farming, and food security, Zines about wildcrafting and herbalism for healing purposes should be included under HLP Health - Physical. Zines that primarily consist of recipes should be filed in the CKZ Cookzines box.

GRA Green Anarchy (Zine Title)

GRR Grassroots (Zine title)

HIS History | view zines

Zines about historical events or persons.

HLM Health - Mental | view zines

Zines about mental health, including depression, anxiety, suicide, psychiatric medicine, intellectual disabilities, and the social construction of mental health.

HLP Health - Physical | view zines

Zines about physical health, including alternative healing, medicine, drugs, diseases, yoga, and the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Zines about body image, fat oppression, and fat acceptance should be filed under BOD Body Politics.

HLS Health - Sexual | view zines

Zines about sexual and reproductive health, including sexually transmitted diseases. Zines about abortion rights should be filed under BOD Body Politics. Zines specifically about women's health and menstruation should go under HLW Women's Health.

HLW Health - Women's | view zines

Zines about menstruation, fertility awareness, and reproductive health for women. Zines about sexual assault should go under SUR Survivors and zines about reproductive choice should go under BOD Body Politics.

HOU- Housing.

Encompasses squatting (we need to change the SQU zines to HOU), communal living, and also housing issues/ tenants rights.

IND Indigenous | view zines

Zines about indigenous issues, struggles, resistance, and cultures in Canada and all over the world.

INT International Politics | view zines

Zines about international politics, war, and militarism.

KID Kids | view zines

Zines about kids and by kids under 15, and zines that would mainly be enjoyed by kids under 15.

LAW Law & Crime

Specifically about legality. Prison-related use PRI.

LOV Love | view zines

Zines about love and relationships.

LVR Love & Rage (Zine title)

MET Media and Technology | view zines

Independent media, alternative journalism, underground publishing, etc. About arty things use AMT.

MIN Mini-zines | view zines

Zines that are miniature in size – smaller than ¼ page.

MRR Maximum Rock & Roll (Zine title)

MUS Music | view zines

Zines about all different kinds of music and that consist largely of music reviews.

NIH Nihilism

PAR Parenting | view zines

Zines about parenting, motherhood, fatherhood, and care of children.

PER Personal | view zines

Zines that primarily consist of first-person narrative stories and discussions of emotions and personal experiences rather than focusing on a specific subject and providing information or opinions.

POE Poetry | view zines

Zines that mainly consist of poetry.

PRI Prison | view zines

Zines about prison and other detention centres, prison resistance, and prisoner justice, zines made by prisoners about their experience in prison, or zines made for prisoners.

QUR Queer | view zines

Zines about gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender issues, cultures, or experiences. Zines that analyze gender from a queer perspective can also be filed here. Zines that analyze gender from a feminist perspective should be filed in FEM Feminism. Zines that are queer but are mainly about sex should be categorized in SEX Sex. Zines that are queer but are mainly about health should be categorized in one of the Health categories.

RAC Race | view zines

Zines about race or racism. Zines with an indigenous focus should be filed under IND Indigenous, even if they deal specifically with the concept of race or racism.

RES Religion, Spirituality

REV Review Zines

Zines that are mainly composed of reviews of zines.

SEX Sex | view zines

Zines about sex and sexual relationships, or zines that mainly consist of sexually explicit images or stories. Zines about sexual health should be filed under HLS Health – Sexual. Zines about sexual abuse should be filed under SUR Survivors.

SEC Security Culture

Zines specifically about activist security- about (anti-)snitching, police surveillance, etc. Other legal matters put in LAW, and zines about prisons/ jail and prisoners use PRI.

SLI Slingshot (Zine Title)

SIT Situationist

Situationist theory/ situationist influenced ideas: self identified as such or otherwise.

SQU Squatting

Working on collapsing this one into HOU (housing). Use HOU instead.

SUR Survivors | view zines

Zines about sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence, child abuse, partner abuse, and self-defense.

TRN Transportation | view zines

Zines about transportation in general and forms of transportation other than bikes. Includes zines about skateboarding, trains, cars, motorcycles, and reclaiming the streets. Zines about bicycle transportation should be filed under BIC Bicycles and zines about travel should be filed under TRV Travel.

TRV Travel | view zines

Travel stories and zines about travelling.

WAC Writing and Art Compilations | view zines

Zines that include a mixture of poetry, prose, and/or visual art.

WNG Wingnut

Weird, experimental, surrealist, absurd, insane.

WRK Work, Jobs, and Labour | view zines

Zines about working, different kinds of jobs, and the labor movement and labor organizing.

ZIN Zines about Zines | view zines

Zines about zinemaking, zine culture, and zine libraries.



GRN/ ACV- A Green anarchy/ Anti-civ one. How would this effect ECO? ANR?

INS- Insurrectionist. Would this be necessary along with DAC (direct action), ANR (circle A), ACP (anti-capitalism), ACT (activism)? Or would it replace one of those?

COM/ SOC- Well this would be communist/ socialist. I would be willing to engage the point that we probably shouldn’t keep these in our archive. But if we do keep them, I think they should be separate than just ACP (anti-capitalism) or whatever.

GEN- Discussing gender. Would this be in addition to or instead of: QUR (queer) & FEM (feminism)?

PFR (punk fucking rock)...okay fine, PNK- in addition to MUS?

LOC- local news & history- zines that are specifically about the Bay Area, general news and history.


-Collapse the health categories together- HLP (physical health), HLS (sexual health), HLW (women’s health)?

-We have AMT (Art, Media, Technology), ART, and WAC (Writing and Art Compilations), and CMA (Art comics)- do we need all these? Maybe we could just give all this arty shit to RPS...

-CMN (Narrative comics)- collapsed with CMA (art comics)?

-ZIN (zines about zines)- could this be in with MET (media technology) or is it really extra cute to have this so we should keep it even though there will only be like 4 zines?

-CIT (cities) & TRV(travel) - collapse?

-PAR (parenting) & KID (kids)- collapse?