Ocean View Women’s Bible Study

May 26, 2011

Now we move to a passage in John 8, one of my favorites

  1. He believes in second chances.  And I mean really believes.  Jesus really thought that the woman could leave that situation and truly be a changed person.  We must also believe that when people encounter the living God something can change deep within them.  We must believe that for ourselves.  Repentance is the TURNING away from sin.  We must turn and walk a new way – Jesus believes we can and will do that!
  2. Jesus challenges us to go and become more than we have been.  Even though Jesus has true compassion on us just as where are, He wants more for us.  So that we can experience the fullness of life.  So He challenges us to go further, dig deeper, and reach higher.  That may mean that we will have huge challenges in our life – and God might just allow these IN ORDER that we would grow.  But God believes the challenge is good, and we are sharpened in the process.
  3. He sees the WORST in us but believes the BEST about us.  We are made in the image of God, so no matter how depraved and dark we may look; He sees the best of what could be.  He made us, after all!  So we must pray for eyes like Jesus has, that no matter how depraved and dark a person might be, that they have the fingerprints of God all over them, and so no one is too far or too lost.  There is always hope for anyone.

Who are you in this story?  Are you the judgmental Pharisee who is blinded by your opinion of everyone else?  Or are you the sinful woman, continuing to live in your sin but hoping no one will realize?  Well God sees you both, just as you are.  He has compassion on you, but He longs for more.  Will you come into the light?11