Use this list to contact Texas media regarding the Austin Speech on May 6, 2012:

Emails: just copy, paste and email sends your message to all Austin area major media:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Below, are Online Submission Forms-These send your comments directly to newsdesk editors at key media covering the Austin Area-use ‘em all!

Below this point are phones/faxes and specific info on different media outlets-

The EMAILS And Online Submission Forms below are included in the list above

Austin TV



Main phone number: (512) 476-7777

Main fax number: (512) 495-7001

Other phone numbers :

News Hotline: (512) 472-0988

News fax: (512) 495-7060


(512) 459-6521 (phone)

(512) 533-2233 (fax)


News Release

Editorial Team

Breaking News (512) 459-9442


Main Phone Number

(Línea principal) :


Main Fax Number

(Fax principal) :



News Hotline:

512-835-0335 or


News Fax

(Fax de noticias) :



Online Submission Form



News Director

Phone: 512-476-3636

Fax: 512-476-1520

News Tip Line:




Dallas Morning News

Main phone number/News Tips:

(214) 977-8222



   Below this point are California Media Contacts used for previous news releases in California

Emails and ONLINE SUBMISSION FORMS---Just Use these if you don’t have ALOT of time to spend dialing and speaking---IF you have time to dial and speak AND/OR to FAX, go thru the list, find that information and please do so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Online Submission Forms

Channel 12 (Chico)

Channel 10 (Sacramento)

Channel 13 (Sacramento)

Channel 7 (San Francisco )

Channel 7 (Los Angeles)

channel 2 and 9 (Los Angeles)

Channel 5 (Los Angeles),0,604116.htmlstory

Channels 11 and 13 (Los Angeles)

Sacramento News and Review (print: Sacramento)

Bay Area News Group (large company owing many large print publications in California; very large readership)

Los Angeles Times,0,5830751.customform

Freedom Newspapers (major print chain, has Southern and Northern California newspapers)

Sacramento Bee  (print:)

[this online form is intended for letters to the editor]

San Francisco Chronicle (print: San Francisco)

[this online form is intended for Letters to the Editor


That's IT for Emails and Online Submission forms for now; if you have additional Media contacts to add to this list email WinLiberty at


KCRA ( Channel 3, Sacramento )  (916)444-7316

FAX: (916) 441-4050

KXTV ( Channel 10, Sacramento ) 916-321-3300  and/or use this online submission form:

KOVR ( Channel 13 Sacramento )

or use this online form (channel 40 Sacramento)

All news releases/tips:

And most of the news anchors and reporters listed on this page (click on each picture for an online submission form direct to that reporter/anchor/editor)

KGO ( Channel 7 San Francisco ) news tips 877-222-7777 and/or use the online submission form

KTVU ( Channel 2 Oakland) FAX 510-451-2610 or call the newsdesk 510-874-0242

KPIX ( Channel 5 and Channel 44 San Francisco )



KRON ( Channel 4 San Francisco ) (415) 561-8000

KHSL (Channel 12 Chico) 530-343-1212 online submission form

KABC (Channel 7 Los Angeles)

Fax: (818) 863-7080

Phone: 877-777-6397


Online submission form

KCBS (Channel 2 and KCAL 9 Los Angeles)

Phone: 818-655-2000


KTLA (Channel 5 Los Angeles)

News Fax Numbers:

Assignment Desk: 323-460-5333

Morning News: 323-460-5404

Prime News: 323-460-5333

Online Submission Form,0,604116.htmlstory

KTTV  - Fox11 and KCOP 13 ( Channels 11 and 13 Los Angeles)

Online Submission form


Sacramento Bee (the major newspaper in Sacramento and one of the most influential in the state-make sure you contact these people)

Email: (online form for letters to Editor)

Call each of these, they are separate departments/locations---probably you’ll get a voicemail; leave your brief message, your name and phone number

Contact BOTH the City Desk AND the Capitol Bureau

City Desk 916-321-1020

Capitol Bureau 916-321-1199

If you want to email also, here’s a big, big list of reporters and editors with emails and direct phone lines:

Sacramento News and Review (large free weekly newspaper-important, influential)

General Information

Sacramento News & Review

1124 Del Paso Blvd.

Sacramento, CA 95815.

Main Phone: (916) 498-1234

Editorial FAX: (916) 498-7920


Online submission form to Editor Melinda Welsh and for general news releases

San Francisco Chronicle (this is Northern California’s most widely read newspaper)

Send a quick note or a full news release to:

(Do not just copy and paste the news release you see here, they’ve already got it and we don’t need to pester them with simply repeating---Remember, we want them to hear from many people using their own, original words)

Send the same or unique emails to their reporters and editors listed on this page---send to one or ALL, your choice:

Letters to Editor online submission form:

Bay Area News Group--- (This is a VERY large publisher of newspapers throughout all of Northern California, extending north and south, up and down the coast and also inland. Please hit as many of the emails and phones on this as you have time…The biggest and most important are: Contra Costa Times, Oakland Tribune, Chico Enterprise Record, Mercury News-)

Your submission using the contact form below is to their central command.  Use it!

Los Angeles Times

Submit your News Tip/Coments using this online form---DO NOT use for Letters to the editor,0,5830751.customform

to contact individual reporters, Opinion Columnists and Editors use this list,0,3058915.htmlstory

(emails from that list are determined like this:  first name.lastname(AT)

Orange County Register (flagship newspaper of the famous Freedom Communications Empire: - it’s the largest daily newspaper in Orange County-outsells the L.A. Times in Orange County- with longtime, well known and principled libertarian editorial philosophy-they don’t much like big government-HIT IT!)

To contact individual reporters and editors, start with these few:

Ken Brusic, Editor  714-796-2226  email:

Chris Knapp phone: 714-796-2240 email:

Phil Metzger 714-796-3515 email:

Letters to Editor

And, they have a new online publication covering politics from a “freedom perspective”:

Use THIS online submission form: