Wayland Public Schools Acceptable Use/ Internet Safety Policy (AUP/ISP)


Computer, Network, and Internet - - Terms and Conditions

The Wayland School District believes that the use of computer networked services, email, and the Internet have become, if used appropriately, an integral part of the educational program. It is understood that all of our computer networked services are provided exclusively for educational purposes. Educational purposes are those that are related to the preparation and completion of classroom lessons, assignments and other pertinent school business. For employees, this also includes purposes related to job performance. This AUP/ISP is intended to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA, CIPA Facts), Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

With proper filtering in place through our Juniper Firewall, guidance and education in place, it is still the responsibility of all computer users to make sure they comply with providing a safe and secure learning environment when using technology. All WPS employees are to reveiw on a yearly basis our Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy.

LARK highlights the guidelines that our employees are to follow:

LARK: Legal, Appropriate, Responsible and Kind

Legal: respect copyright laws by copying text, pictures, music and videos only with permission, and by showing where information was found (text, pictures, videos); you must also get permission to take pictures or videos of others before doing so. Illegally copied or downloaded software, files, pictures, music or games may not be used on any WPS computer.

Appropriate: school technology is used for educational purposes and only appropriate words and images may be used and viewed.  If inappropriate materials are viewed or received, it is the responsibility of the recipient to delete them. Follow these guidelines set forth in the Acceptable Use and Internet Safety curriculum.

Responsible: meaning that diligent care is taken with all hardware, systems settings (including shared computer screensavers or systems files) and software, so as to prevent damage, changing, or misuse, whether intentional or not. Personal information and passwords will be kept private.

Kind: computer use does not in any way tread on the rights or feelings of others when communicating online. Be polite and kind when using online communications. Take your message into consideration when deciding if you should deliver it online or if face to face communication would be more appropriate.

Although the Internet offers vast opportunities to access resources, we must maintain an environment that promotes both responsible and ethical conduct in all computer activities conducted by students and staff. Access to email services and the Internet also brings the possibility, even with the use of our Juniper filtering software, that materials may be accessed by students and staff that is either of no educational value, or violates applicable State or Federal law. Staff and students are to act responsibly in following our Acceptable Use/Internet Safety Policy for educational purposes only. (See Below)

Acceptable Use/Internet Safety Policy

Wayland Public School provides computing and network resources for students, employees, and others affiliated with Wayland Public Schools (WPS) for school communication and to support research and educational teaching and learning.  The computers and WPS network are to support education and research which furthers the educational objectives and curriculum established by WPS and the School Committee.  It is to provide access to various resources and opportunities for collaborative work. Members of the WPS community are encouraged to use the computers, peripheral hardware (digital cameras, scanners, ENO boards, document cameras, video cameras), software applications, electronic mail and software installed by WPS technology department for educational or school related activities and for the exchange of useful information.  The equipment, software and network capacities provided through WPS computer services remain the property of the Wayland Public School District.

Appropriate or Acceptable Uses

Examples of acceptable practices:

Inappropriate or Unacceptable Uses

Inappropriate or unacceptable uses of these resources include, but are not limited to, those uses that violate the law, the rules of the WPS AUP/ISP that are used in a manner disruptive to the educational environment or that hamper the integrity or security of any computer connected to the Internet.

Examples of unacceptable practices:

Standards of Responsibility

Access to WPS computing resources, including the laptop given to you for your use, is a privilege, and certain responsibilities accompany that privilege.  

This agreement applies to stand-alone computers as well as computers connected to the network or Internet.  Any attempt to violate the provisions of this agreement may result in revocation of the user’s privileges, regardless of the success or failure of the attempt.  In addition, school disciplinary action and/or appropriate legal action may be taken.  The decision of WPS regarding inappropriate use of the technology or telecommunication resources is final.  Monetary remuneration may be sought for damage necessitating repair or replacement of equipment.