I have added you to the Week 3 Google Doc planning page, you should get an invite soon from Google. We should definitely schedule a time, I am good anytime after 6:00 pm. Do you have any ideas on the topic so far? I still need the other person Allison Sproles, do you happen to have her email. I sent her an EPIC message but I havent heard back.


Jose Vasquez

I added a comment thread to the doc adding an idea that I had. Let me know if you have any others.


I sure will, whats the best time to get together to chat, you, ismail and myself? We are a little behind but I think well be ok.

I am good after school usually after 5. We can Skype or Facetime if you want to get together.I dont have Skype but I do have facetime, I was wanting to get more clarification on the PSA you suggested.I don't have a solid idea yet but I liked the idea that this group had and thought maybe we could come up with something.

I think something along the same lines that relates to distinguishing fact from fiction on the internet. Correctly using Wikipedia. Fact Checking from several sources, something like that. I am very open to ideas that anyone else has. That was just a thought that I had. I have to wait until my husband comes home to use Facetime but if you want to Skype it is free to sign up. I use it in my classroom all the time. 

That was a very good PSA, it really hooked me and I kept watching wondering what in the heck is a house hippo lol. Wow, I love comedy and we definately need to include that in our PSA.

I downloaded Skype, my username is joeymhs2004



I was hoping we will get together tonight. Any suggestions on how we proceed?



On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 8:55 PM, Joey Vasquez <> wrote:

Sounds good to me, we need to we are falling way behind.

On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 12:27 PM, Ismail Jimoh <> wrote:

I don't have her email yet. I am still searching to see what topic to do. But I am thinking we can do one on "internet safety". Maybe we can chat tomorrow around 7:00pm. I have to take my daughter to game tonight so I am not available tonight.

I am a little late but still up to getting together tonight if yall want. Not really sure what to do though.