2012-2013 WISC Board

Want to get involved? Email us at wisc.group@gmail.com.

For more information on the positions available, check out the job manual here.


Morningside Campus: Caroline Patenode, Tracy Wang

Uptown Campus (CUMC): Annina Deleo, Elena Abarinov,  Yanne Doucet

The WISC co-chairs oversee all events and activities. This includes the budget, calendar, bimonthly general and officer meetings. Co-chairs are also responsible for recruiting people to be members of the board.

Treasurer: Jieling Zhu

Keep a detailed report of how all WISC money is spent throughout the year. Monitor spending throughout the year to insure that we stay within the proposed budget. Assist WISC Board members with reimbursements and external funding as requested. External funding may be from GSAC or NSEC. Attend bi-monthly 30-minute officer meetings.

Secretaries: Positions for 2013-2014 open

Assemble a monthly newsletter of all WISC-Sponsored and WISC-Related events, news, etc. Make sure all WISC-Sponsored events on the Google calendar have time, date, location and descriptions. Keep all WISC documents up to date. After each event, gather the attendance sheets. Attend bi-monthly 30-minute officer meetings.

Website: Colleen Murrett

Marketing: Michelle Ziperstein

Responsible for making flyers for all WISC-Sponsored events throughout the year and designing other pamphlets/hand-outs for WISC.

NetworkingManisha Brahmachary

Organize the Women in Industry and Networking Event (WIPNE) and monthly happy hours.

Discussion Series: 2 or 3 positions for 2013-2014 open

Discussion series chairs are responsible for organizing a monthly event to discuss issues relevant to women in science.

Mentoring: 2 or 3 positions for 2013-2014 open

Oversee WISC’s undergraduate mentoring program including organizing mentoring dinners, and graduate school application/fellowship workshops.

Photographers: Zara Seibel, and Ying Wu

Fundraiser: position for 2013-2014 open

             Contacts departments in the University for donations. Brainstorms additional

          fundraisers, such as t-shirt sales, etc.

Alumni Relations: 2-3 position for 2013-2014 open

Maintain and build WISC’s alumni network by reaching out to alumni with a newsletter with organizing the annual alumni networking reception.

Event Chairs

Fall Social and Poster Session: position for 2013-2014 open

Organize the September Social and Poster Session: food, decorations, drinks, poster presenters, and advertising

End of the Year Banquet: position for 2013-2014 open
Organize the End of Year Banquet, including time, location, food, drink and advertising.

Girl's Science Day: Jenny Porter  and 2-3 additional positions for 2013-2014 open
Organize annual Girl’s Science Day. This includes coordinating volunteers, advertising, allocating funding, recruiting students and reserving rooms.

Science Saturday Starters (S3): Lea Benkoski, Subbha Dhalladoo, Linda Williams

Organize Science Saturday Starters twice a semester. This includes coordinating volunteers to plan experiments, advertising, allocating funding, recruiting students and reserving rooms.

WISC-Sponsored Speaker in Chemistryposition for 2013-2014 open

Winter Social and Poster Session positions for 2013-2014 open

Organize the Winter Social and Poster Session: food, decorations, drinks, poster presenters, etc.

Professor Lunches Lindsay Leone, Elizabeth Millings, and 1 additional position for 2013-2014 open

Organize and schedule student lunches or happy hours with professors to learn more about their careers. This includes coordinating with professors, reserving rooms, and ordering food and drinks.

Fellowship Editing Lindsay Leone, Alexandra Ketcham, and 1 additional position for 2013-2014 open

Organize and fellowship editing workshops for students working on NSF, NIH and other fellowships. This includes recruiting previous winners to serve as mentors, reserving rooms, and ordering food and drinks.

Special Events: Position for 2013-2014 open

 Have ideas for other events? Let us know!

Department Representatives

Department Representatives are key to our organization. They keep others informed about WISC events by posting flyers and forwarding event notices to their departments. They also contribute ideas to make sure that our events are of interest to scientists working in many different areas.

Are we missing your department? Let us know!



Applied Physics and Applied Math (APAM)

Cristinely Rodriguez


Jenna Lemonias

Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics



Yuting Deng  (medical campus)

Lee Ifhar (morningside campus)

Biomedical Engineering



Montreh Tavakkoli

Chemical Engineering



Michelle Ziperstein

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics


Computer Science


Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology (E3B)


Earth and Environmental Engineering

Huijie Lu

Earth and Environmental Science (DEES)

Cathleen Doherty

Electrical Engineering

Tingji Gu 

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR)

Deborah Sequeira

Integrated Program in Cellular, Molecular, Structural, and Genetic Studies

Colleen Lau


Corrin Clarkson

Mechanical Engineering


Microbiology, Immunology and Infection

Ashlee Bennett




Yujiao Chen





Teachers' College