Competence aims:

• use a wide selection of digital and other aids independently, including monolingual dictionaries

• use the forms and structures of the language in spoken and written presentations

• understand extended written and oral presentations on different personal, literary, interdisciplinary and social topics

• extract essential information from spoken and written texts and discuss the author's attitudes and point of view

• express himself/herself in writing and orally with subtleness, proper register, fluency, precision and coherence

• select appropriate listening, speaking, reading and writing strategies adapted to the purpose, situation and genre

• select and use content from different sources independently, critically and responsibly

• discuss social conditions and values in various cultures in a number of English-speaking countries

• present and discuss international news and current events

• explain the main characteristics of the development of English from an Anglo-Saxon language to an international world language

Each group has been assigned an English-speaking country that you are to present to the rest of the class on the 30th of September. You all have to participate in the presentation, but each

group can decide how to do this presentation. All the presentations must include something on:

Product: a 10-15 minute presentation of the country. The groups can decide how this presentation is to be done, but it has to be an oral presentation. Creativity will be rewarded. Suggestions: TV program (role play), radio program(role play), interviews, a visualisation of a postcard, etc.

Assessment: all the groups have to hand in suggestions on how this project is to be assessed.

Countries: Canada, India, Jamaica, South Africa, Kenya, New Zealand