Cultural Baggage

Throughout our early years, diverse events, objects, and people shape whom we become as artists. This portfolio asks the participants to create a new print that identifies one moment, artwork, or living artist that has affected them and their work.  Artists are obsessed with innovation, and most innovation is based on experience. We seek our breakthroughs in numerous directions. The ingenuity we seek is not just from within but also through contact with our mentors and in the classroom. We follow other artist's careers and read what they produce. We differentiate ourselves from some and emulate others. Our collective narrative is connected to the parallels we can draw from our shared experiences. The artists of our generation, and the objects they create are our cultural baggage. Organizer: John Pyper Participants: Erika Adams, Emi Brady, Deborah Chaney, Chris Dacre, Christopher Ganz, Ted Ollier, John Pyper, Jennifer Rockage, Marilee Salvator, Jason Shoemaker Jennifer Thomas


Tower of Babel, Celebrating the Chaos of International Communication

The attempt to communicate across cultures accompanied by the potential for mangled meanings extends far back in history. With the advent of the internet and e-interactions it seems we are closer to people far away. However, technology presents its own problems of understanding. The participants in this portfolio may wish to comment on communication, shared language, politics, international relations, and idea exchange amongst different groups and across time. Themes of transmission, new and old, traditional and digital, can be addressed as well as dislocation and the human desire to be heard. The participants are an international selection of contemporary artists working in a wide range of media, including color woodcut, lithography, intaglio, screenprint, digital and mixed media prints. Organizer: Ruthann Godollei Participants:  John Hitchcock, Endi Poskovic, Michael Krueger, Curtis Readel, Jenny Schmid, Tim Dooley, John Lysak, Michael Barnes, Anita Jung, Ingrid Ledent, Raymond Henshaw, Hui-Chu Ying, Ivan Durt, Ruthann Godollei



Contemporary print theory is a slippery, often intangible, slope where traditional techniques and viewpoints collide and merge with the current ideas. MAPC’s 2010 conference theme, “New World/Old World”, provided us with a chance to examine one aspect of printmaking that continues to shift and change: material. Traditional print media takes root in the artists’ physical connection with material; stone, copper, and wood being the most prominent examples. “Tectonics” is a call for artists to add to that list. The selected participants have embraced both traditional and not-so traditional use of material, continuing the long-standing love.

This exchange portfolio will focus on prints being made outside of the boundaries of traditional production methods and media associated with editioned prints. Organizers: Danielle Rante and Meredith Setser Participants: Althea Murphy-Price, April Flanders, Jessie Van der Laan, Crystal Wagner, Lauren Kussro, Anila Agha, Lee Emma Running, Heather Page, Christine Buckton Tillman, Anita Jung, Stephen Funk, Jacob Custer, Meredith Setser, Danielle Rante


I Ain’t No Goddamn Son of A Bitch

The Misfits themed portfolio titled “I Ain’t No Goddamn Son of A Bitch” contains self-portraits by 35 print artists. Although self-portraits have been around since the earliest times, it was not until the mid 1400’s during the Early Renaissance, that artists frequently acknowledged depicting themselves as either the main subject or as important characters in their work. Artists sought to represent their image, whether it showed realism of their features, a glimpse at a particular point in life or an outpouring of emotions. Some self-portraits show only what the artist wants us to see, some chronicle the history of the artist. Others reveal personal secrets and a sense of isolation. Whichever method is employed the artists took a long literal and figurative look at him/herself. Each portrait is an investigation of the self. This “Old World” practice is updated by mixing with the energy and the “New World” aesthetic of the horror punk band The Misfits.

Organizers: Mike and Roxanne McGovern & Curtis Readel Participants: Nick Alley, Kim Ambriz, Emily Arthur-Douglass, Denise Bookwalter, Christopher Cannon, Derek Cracco, Claudia Dishon, Bill Fick, Ann Flowers, John S Hancock, Bill Higgins, John Hitchcock, Mirka Hokkanen, Matt Hopson-Walker, Darren Houser, Drew Iwaniw, Ed King, Rachael Madeline, Michael McGovern, Roxie McGovern, Ben Moreau, Greg Nanney, Meagan O’Conner, Ryan O’Malley, David Teng Olson, Matthew Pazzol, Joel Peck, Curtis Readel, Matt Rebolhz, The Scavengers, Katy Seals, Steve Seeley, Sean Starwars, Joseph Velasquez, Valerie Wallace


Fancy me that

Fancy Me That will present collaborative works by parent and child. Tradition and experimentation will meet, collide, infuse and evolve. Media and technique will merge with the energy and imagination of a child. Artist, teacher and story teller will combine in this new vs. old world.  Organizer: Shelley Gipson, Arkansas State University

Particpants: Shelley Gipson & Lilia, Nicole Hand & Ella, Adriana Martinez & Marcel, Denise Stringer Davis & Molly/Zoe, Julia Franklin & Skye , Johanna Paas & Jonah/Micah, Mariah Doren & Lucy/Elana, Traci Molloy & Jericho, Stephanie Hunder & Audrey/Leora, Kristin Powers Knowlin & Garric, Sarah Smelser & Ruby/Delilah/Finn, Kiochi Yamamoto & Kai, Chunwoo Nam & Sumin


Random Details from Other People's Lives

The idea for this portfolio is to create a print based on a detail remembered from the life of a relative: grandparent, parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin, or child.

This memory can be of time you spent together, an image from their house, a conversation between you, or a photograph. This portfolio relates to the theme of the MAPC 2010 conference since it is embracing the concept of intergenerational relationships while providing an opportunity for dialogue with our past history. Organizer: Diana Eicher, Minneapolis College of Art and Design  Participants: Timothy Abel, Rebecca Alm, Pam Carberry, Diana Eicher, Jennifer Hibbard, Morgan Hiscocks, Graham Judd, Mary Leikvold, Bridget O'Malley, Sara Parr, Natasha Pestich, Karen Ruskin, Amy Sands, Lindsay Splichal, Satoshi Takahira, Melissa Wagner-Lawler cover/colophon designer.


Old Tricks, New Dog

Highpoint’s Cooperative Printshop community highlights a diverse group of local printmakers employing a wide range of “old school” and “new school” techniques and approaches. The combination of traditional printmaking techniques with contemporary practice intermingle in this collaborative community printshop where new dogs transform old tricks. The mixing of old and new creates a dynamic interaction with the community in line with Highpoint’s mission to engage the public and increase appreciation of the printmaking arts. Organizer: Joanne Price

Participants: Zac Adams-Bliss, Roberta Allen, Pamela Carberry, Lee Delegard,

Mike Elko, Elizabeth Flinsch, Brian Hartley Sago, Therese Krupp, Frances Lloyd-

Baynes, Annabella Sardelis, Kristoffer Shideman, Anna Tsantir, Johanna Winters, Jason

Yoh and Kat Zerebiec.


This World

Somewhere between New World and Old World, between where we came from and where we are going, back there and up ahead, then and when, lies the world in which we exist, a fleeting, transient moment. Artists participating in this portfolio respond to the notion that we live in a world between was and will be, this world. Media, process, etc. are completely open.

Organizer: Charles Beneke, Participants: Janet Ballweg, Charles Beneke, John Bergmeier, Claudia Berlinski, Denise Bookwalter, Marc Cote, Dean Dass, Maggie Denk-Leigh, Shelly DiCello, Debra DiGregorio, John Driesbach, Joe D'Uva, Nicole Hand, Bill Hosterman, Gesine Jenzen, Phyllis McGibbon & Mark Wilson, Jewel Noll, Kristin Powers Nowlin, Sean Morrisey, Johanna Paas, Nancy Palmeri, Matthew Robison, Humberto Saenz, Sara Schleicher, Laurie Sloan, Hui-Chu Ying


It Looks Pretty Good Considering Everything It has Been Through

Through the multi-generational perspectives of its participants, the portfolio will address the theme of transitions. What we consider old world and new world differs for each of us and that perspective changes over time. Our age and position in life influence how we see the world and our place in it. As we transition from student to instructor to artist, graduate from College, have our first solo exhibition, deal with family responsibilities, it is not just our goals/aspirations that change, we also change physically.  We represent multiple generations of faculty and their former students. We have institutional connections and we are friends and colleagues. The portfolio will serve as a document and a dialogue on our generational connections and transitions. Organizer: Gail D. Panske,  Participants: EC Cunningham, Jacob Custer, Robert Erickson, Ellie Honl, Cima Katz, Ina Kaur, Kristin Powers-Nowlin, Karla Lauden, Gail D. Panske, Ellen J. Price, Kathryn Reeves, Mark Ritchie, Jennifer Rockage, Sara Schleicher, Julie Harris, Karina Cutler-Lake


Investigation of a Place: Analogue versus Digital

Prints that literally, expressively, metaphorically investigate a particular geographic place. The prints will involve both analogue (more physical, hand-drawn and manipulated media, carving, live-alchemy means) and less-analogue (digital/photographic, electronic, etc…) printmaking means. The place is to be a ‘sacred’, intriguing place that (to only you – the ‘beholder’) inspires the graphic, visual and perhaps literary/poetic imagination. It can be any place (inside or outside). It can be a place/ space outside your immediate home and studio, or a place a some distance away from your immediate home - where ‘opposites’ converge - in some way as to give this place meaning, richness, vitality and, perhaps, a sense of ‘otherness’, ‘strangeness’ to you. It can also be a place where humans have left some sort of imprint as well as echoing a gradual reclamation by aspects of nature or the natural world. Organizer: Brad Widness

Participants: Johntimothy Pizzuto, Sarina Fuhrmann, Erik Waterkotte, Johanna Mueller, Tonia Bonnell, Anita Hunt, Bob Erickson, Magaret Bussey, John Bergmeier, Heidi Goldberg, Adam Palmer, Liz Holden, Ellie Honl, Janet Ballweg, Shannon Finnegan,

Brad Widness


Part of the Collective

The MAPC 2010 conference invites a reimagining of print practices as well as experimentation. We seek to address the collaborative nature in printmaking and question the evolving nature of information. Part of the Collective is a collaborative print/book exchange. We are asking artists to address through print a very contemporary issue. Specifically the current immigration laws in the United States.  This is a very hot topic nationally but by October will be old news (though still a relevant issue.) Regardless of what world we live in Old or New, information is constantly evolving and values are continuously shifting. We invite artists, whatever their political position, to submit their edition. These prints will be turned into a bound editioned artist book, that will include printed text, chosen and printed by the coordinators. The print becomes the old and the book becomes the new, reflecting printmaking’s vital role in the dissemination of information. Organizers: Whitney Korstange and Gabriela Munoz Participants: John Bergmeier.  Julian Cox, Maggie Denk-Leigh, Laura Drapac, Garry Kaulitz, Ina Kaur, Whitney Korstange, Mari LaCure, Nick Mendoza, Gabriela Munoz, Candace Nicol, Nancy Palmeri, Sylvia Taylor, Brad Widness



Duke University


Headshot is a unique print portfolio wherein sixteen core participants were invited to make a small edition of three 22”x30” ‘Headshots’. Artists are free to interpret this theme anywhere between the extremes of the military violence or celebrity self-promotion the title evokes, so long as they do so with a big head (we have no need for bodies, or even shoulders, neck optional). Each of these sixteen participants are established, rock steady staples of the printmaking community (definitely ‘Old World’) they were each asked to invite two other artists to participate. These choices were by and large up and coming folks, former students, young guns (definitely ‘New World’).  Each print will be photographed and turned into a high quality large format postcard (New World) which will be housed in custom slip cases hand printed by Yee-Haw Industrial Letterpress (Old World). There will be 250 sets of these cards, with each artist getting a set of five. This will allow them to give, sell, or trade the sets and have this folio disseminated well outside the forty-eight participants.  Organizers: Tim Dooley and Bill Fick, Participants: Midwest Pressed (Tim Dooley/Aaron Wilson), Bill Fick, Jenny Schmid, Fred Hagstrom, Wet Hair (Ryan Garbes/Sean Reed), Michael Barnes, Dennis McNett, Martin Mazzora, Mike Houston, Ruthann Godollei, Kelly Seacrest, David Hyuck, Lany Devening, Satan’s Camaro (Lenore Thomas/Justin Strom), Dusty Herbig, Scavengers (Amy Newell/Jason Ruhl), Michael Krueger, Tim Dwyer, Curtis Jones, Marwin Begaye, Thomas Wojak, Drive By Press, Mark Hosford, Bryan McCloud, Matthew Egan, Charles Cohan, Wanda Ewing, Morgan Sims, Mark Perry, Watie White, Melanie Yazzie, Teresa Cole, Jennifer Yorke, Blake Sanders, Tom Critision, Hannah Campbell, Melissa Haviland, Ashley Nason, Laura Berman, BJ Alumbaugh, Nicole Simpkins, Tonja Torgerson, Emmy Lingscheit, Thorsten Dennerline, Hot Iron Press (Kyle Bravo/Jenny LeBlanc), Carrie Lingscheit, John Hancock, Katy Seals, Ben Jones, Adrianne Herman


New Empires/ The End of Old Times

This exchange is a merge of two separate portfolios based on similar themes. These exchanges are to be displayed together with respective rosters and descriptions under the same title.

New Empires

The exchange portfolio is of prints that create visions of the future, and how the world will change politically and geographically by the year 2110. We were inspired by the variations in maps from different versions of the board game Risk‚the difference between a pre-1990 version of Risk‚ with the futuristic predictions of Risk: 2210 AD.  In our exchange, each participating artist will create a print that predicts how the world will change in 2110. This change can be the physical evolution/destruction of the planet, reconfigurations of national borders and nation states, or more intimate/personal predictions of life in the year 2110. This temporality suggests the new is the unknown and speculative, while the old is the evident and immediate reality of the present that influences our sense of the future. Organizers: Patrick Vincent, Kathleen Scott Moore, and Lauren Kinney, Participants: Patrick Vincent, Brett Schieszer, Nicholas Dowgwillo, Kathleen Scott, Lauren Kinney, Melanie Werner, Claudia Dischon, Sarah Worf, Kyle Chaput, Charissa Schulze, Andrew Blanchard

The End of Old Times

Images addressing the apocalypse have been created and pondered in traditional artwork for centuries. Artists such as Hieronymus Bosch, Albrecht Durer, Pieter Breugel, Zdzislaw Beksinski and H.R. Giger have explored the themes of end times by drawing upon religious texts, such as the Book of John in the Christian bible, and interpertations of these texts by scholars of the time to generate the images. The imaginative lens that the apocalypse has come under in recent years in film, fiction and art indicates a growing concern for the well being of our planet, especially during a time of war, and environmental and political duress. This portfolio exchange will ask artists to create an edition of prints that depicts what might be considered a contemporary apocalyptical event. Organizers: Sandesh Nicol and Ben Brockman Participants: Patrick Vincent, Brett Schieszer, Nicholas Dowgwillo, Kathleen Scott, Lauren Kinney, Melanie Werner, Claudia Discho, Sarah Worf, Kyle Chaput, Charissa Schulz, Andrew Blanchar, Mark Rice, Sandesh Nicol, Ben Brockman, Anya Dikareva , Josh Winkler, Robin Schwartzman, Michelle Himes-McCrory, Kari Garonk Kristin Gentry, Joe Moore, Tzvi Izaksonas


Plans not Included – A Study on Things To Make and Do

Plants no Included – A Study on Things to Make and Do is a portfolio inspired by paper toys of the past: playing cards, origami, toy theaters, paper dolls, masks, etc. that could be found on the sides of cereal boxes, in advertisments, or on greeting cards.  Paper toys offered a cheap thrill during times of economic hardship. Easily exchanged in modern times by means of internet machines, paper craft still provides minutes of entertainment after hours of assembly.  This portfolio wishes to be cut apart and assembled rather than stored away in glassine for later viewing.  Make some friends, take it out, put it on, set it up. Organizers: Christa Dalien, The University of Kansas, Lawrence and Rachel James, The University of Minnesota

Participants: Kristi Arnold, Alex Chitty, Kelly Clark, Christa Dalien, Geoffrey Hammerlink, Rachel James, Yoonmi Nam, Clinton Ricketts, Rebecca Schoenecker, Josh Winkler


Hidden Agendas: Embedded Signatures

 Marks are evidence of past or present acts, leaving an indelible residue. The human mark is an imprint, action, or commentary that can affect existing patterns - new marks overlying former ones.  The most widely visible imprint is the expanding human signature on the environment. Hidden assumptions and agendas have affected natural processes worldwide, the result of cultural or theoretical superimpositions. This portfolio examines images where layers of medium and meaning accrue as interferences that connect new and old worlds. Organizers: Deborah Cornell and Barbara Putnam Participants:  Lynne Allen, Alessandria Angelini, Edward Bernstein, Deborah Cornell, Valgerdur Hauksdottir, John Hitchcock, Val Lucas, Nicholas Naughton, Dennis Olsen, Barbara Putnam


Parallel Universes

Parallel universes are self-contained, separate realities coexisting with each other as variants. As printmakers, we often come into contact with views, techniques and concepts quite different than our own inside the studio. What is unique about our different printmaking media is how they can actively interact with each other, and bring about new approaches to processes and ideas. We cross the gap into creative universes parallel to our own. The 'Parallel Universes' exchange portfolio is an international collaboration of Brazilian and North-American printmakers from Curitiba, PR, and Minneapolis, MN. This exchange represents the first contact between studios and artists located worlds apart, and features both emerging and established artists.  The Solar do Barão is part of the Curitiba Cultural Foundation, and is growing in size, however, the exhibition spaces are being lost to video artists, and installations. For this reason the printmakers have been creative in finding ways to combine their traditional techniques with interdisciplinary methods in order to access a wider public. The Parallel Universes exchange portfolio will therefore be a fundamental part of the print revival at the Solar do Barão because of the new relationships it will create with the bohemian press.  Organizers: Cole Hoyer-Winfield and Nelson Hohmann, Participants: Gravadores de Curitiba: Nelson Hohmann, Denise Roman, Moisés Leidens, Izabella Zanchi,, Felipe Pacheco,, Fábio Follador, Everly Giller,Dalton Reynaud, Lahir Ramos, Jucymarley Totti, Catarina de Castro, Andréia Las, José Roberto da Silva, Maria Lúcia de Julio, David Engelman, Carlos Henrique Tullio. bohemian press: Robyn Louise Carley, Cole Hoyer-Winfield, Abbey Kleinart, Jade Hoyer, Britta Anderson, Tzvi Izaksonas


Dead Wood

"Dead Wood" invites midwest-based printmakers to submit work for a print series loosely based around the HBO original television series "Deadwood." The series is initially inspired by the theme of MAPC's upcoming conference "New World, Old World." The original Deadwood was an immediate inspiration given the program's multiple explicit associations to new and old. The series' main narrative thread is based upon the changes that modernization brought to the early American "wild west" and how those members of the community striving for independence dealt with this progression. The program's legendarily rich dialog is also a mix of elaborate classic victorian english riddled with notoriously foul contemporary language.  Along with the print series there will also be an in-studio conference-length event at Aesthetic Apparatus; editions from the series will be on display and for sale to visitors while the 4-season original series will be screened in it's entirety for 72-hours straight, creating an all-night and all-day resting place and social hub for conference visitors.  Organizer: Dan Ibarra, Participants: Dan Ibarra, Hammerpress, Vincent Stall, Lonny "Unitus", Sara Lintner, Jay Ryan, Amy Jo, Dale Flattum, Keith Herzik, Dan Grzeca, Diana Sudyka, Keegan Wenkman, Kelly English, David Wit, Steve Walters, Dan Black, Aaron Horkey, Erik Hamline, Adam Turman, Jonathan Schuster, Pat Callahan

Supreme Harmony versus Landslide

The idea for this portfolio developed during a cultural exchange trip to China in the summer of 2009 taken by the participants included in the portfolio. Spending a month exploring the culture of China together inspired the group to create prints based on what they encountered during those travels. Experiences ranging from exploring paper making villages in Southern China to walking on some of the oldest stretches of the Great Wall in Northern China, will inform the prints created for Supreme Harmony Verses Landside. The title reflects the idea of yin/yang or the idea that opposites are interconnected and interdependent on each other. We may think of Old World (traditional media, the East) and New World (digital media, the West) as being opposites but the reality is that they inform each other and rely on each other to define themselves. This portfolio is based in this idea of seemingly contrary forces: a Westerner’s (“New World”) experiences in the East (“Old World”) and the use of combining traditional print media (“old”) with more contemporary digital print media (“new”).  Organizer: Lenore Thomas, Participants: Yael Brotman, Garry Kaulitz, Sandra Marshall, Nicole Milette, Althea, Murphy-Price, Eva Pietzcker, Minna Resnick, Nicholas H. Ruth, Marilee Salvator, Brant Schuller, Chippa Sudhakar, Takeshi Takahara, Lenore Thomas, Rebekah Tolley, Erik Waterkotte, Cao Feng, Yo Hao, Yi Ling, Zheng Xuewu, Wang Yongsheng


Tempus Fugit (Time Flies)

Our portfolio unites several generations of women in printmaking. The participants come together across boundaries of age and geography to explore the unifying concept, "time flies," in myriad ways, investigating the fleeting temporal aspects of career, marriage, children, and aging. In each of these cases, the passage of time may seem exciting at some times and daunting at others. The portfolio includes a wide array of printmaking techniques--monoprint, wood engraving, relief, collagraph, screenprint, and lithography. This portfolio's diversity, among generations and life stages as well as across media, speaks well to MAPC's 2010 "New World/Old World" theme.  Organizer: Rachel Epp Buller, Bethel College, Margaret Caldwell, Iowa, and Marsha Shaw Participants: Tracy Otten, Rina Yoon, Gesine Janzen, April Katz, Nicole Hand, Anita Jung, Nancy Palmeri, Adriane Herman, Camille Riner, Jeanne Lorenz, Yoonmi Nam, Gail Lutsch, Bev Hundley, Sarah Whorf, Johanna Mueller, Cynthia Alderete-Earle, Amy Worthen, Mary Jones, Sarah Marshall, Ann Burdell, Rachel Epp

Buller, Marsha Shaw, Margaret Caldwell

Global Fusion

The curated portfolio invites participants to question how global influences bestow their implications and influences on us day to day. Each artist will develop an edition of prints incorporating a component provided by a collaborator. This component is a small but significant presence of a feeling or abstract quality. This element will be but not limited to digital files might be a piece or shape of paper to become part of the printed image, a plate or other image to be integrated into the piece that would be used. The element must be used but the artist chooses how to incorporate it. Organizer: Maritza Dávila, Participants: Maritza Davila, Sarojini Johnson, Indrani Gall, Haydee Landing, Amy Foltz, Johanna Pass, Hui-Chu Ying, Lise Drost, Enrique Leal, Stephen Black, Luis Abraham Ortiz, Davis Dubose, Collaborators: Chema Elexperu, David Mohallatee, Melissa Gill, Endi Poskovic, Stephen W. Hass, Lari Gibbons, Ina Kaur, Tony Mosley, Kathleen O’connell, Kate Borcherding, Alisa Fox, Adriane Herman

A Visual History of the George W. Bush Presidency

As President of the United States, George W. Bush governed with the belief that the new world should hold dominion over the old world. He clearly believed that the cradle of civilization had much to learn from the new kid (bully?) on the block. On numerous occasions President Bush said that history would be the judge of his presidency. This portfolio was created to begin the writing of this history. Each artist was asked to choose an event that occurred during the Bush presidency, find an article or quote from a respected news source and create a print that responds to the event/quote. Artists were free to choose any event and approach it in any manner. As artists chose events, others in the exchange received e-mail messages updating the list of chosen topics. In the end this organic approach to choosing events led to a list of events that span the entire presidency. The portfolio also includes a variety of printing techniques from Japanese style watercolor woodcut to solarplate intaglio. Organizer: William Mathie, Participants: Michael Barnes, Sidney Chafetz, Bill Fick, Laurie Godfrey, Ruthann Godollei, John Hitchcock, Louise Kames, John Lysak, William Mathie, Heather O’Hara, Carter Scaggs, Jenny Schmid, Marc Snyder, Heather White