Dystopian Literature

Term 4

As you can see from the diagram of our course, Term 4 is a much more independent term:

Over the course of this term, you will have three main projects:

1) Read a dystopian text (or two, if they are both short books).

I love giving recommendations, but you should also look at GoodReads / Amazon recs, ask other teachers, friends, family, etc. This text should align with the type of dystopia you’ve found yourself interested in and perhaps might write.

        - persuasive paragraph explaining why you want to read this book (15pts)

        - a reading schedule you create and accurately maintain (25pts)

        - 15-20pgs notes (50pts)

        - bi-weekly correspondence with Ms. Kennett (50pts)

        - a ‘pearltree’ with 5 quality sources / annotated bibliography with 5 quality sources (100pts)

        - process for final paper (100pts) [Idea Dev, Thesis Dev, Outline, RD #1, RD #2, edits]

        - final analytical paper (100pts)

                Organized portfolio due ___________________

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2) Dystopian Power Week / Inspiration Week

Based on the idea of ‘20% time’ where companies give their employees a ‘break’ from regular work to pursue a project they’re interested in, we’re going to take the week before the holiday break to have a bit of dystopian fun...  

- Read a short dystopia, watch a dystopian movie, read a few dystopian short stories, perhaps listen to a dystopian album, etc. and document your experience (50pts)

        - Teach an audience in some way, shape, or form, about what you learned (50pts)


Final project due _______________

3) Create Your Own Dystopian World

Now that you’ve read and thought about multiple different dystopias, it’s time to create your own! Consider a problem you see in the world / society today and use your critique as a root of a dystopian world. As an author / artist, you’ll be communicating a powerful and intelligent message through the medium of your choice - how will you use this opportunity to provoke people to question and re-think the world around them?  

- self-determined process that you approve with Ms. Kennett (100pts)

        - correspondence with authentic audience(s) also approved by Ms. Kennett (100pts)

        - final product (100pts)

        - presentation / publication of final product (100pts)

        Final dystopia due the week of _______________