Bronyville Episode 038 - Friendship with Cherries and Tortillas!

Time : Saturday, January 21st -  10 AM PST 

Show Notes


The views expressed are that of the panelists and do not in any way reflect those of Hasbro, Studio B Productions, The Hub - employees and managements. The panelists themselves are fans and claim no expert knowledge on the source material.


Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 38 recorded on January 21st, 2012. I am your host Apple "Assuage" Cider and with me is the extremely British Midnight "Pip Pip Cheerio" Shadow. And some other guys that do things and stuff.




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Episode Discussion:

the last rounderp :D - Amy Keating Rogers

Derpy who? Derpy St. Germain

first.. best pony says "Derpy"


Chimicherry? Cherrychanga? Chimicherry? Cherrychanga? Chimicherrychanga!




I love lucy → conveyor belt scene. Pinkie is Lucy :D

When I get back I will get you, Rainbow Dash...


Hello Apple Cider, gang, and esteemed guests. I am sad to say I have not seen every episode of your show so I apologize if this type of question has ever been asked. I just saw the new episode, Baby Cakes, and I thought it was a great episode but things went a little oatmeal towards the end there with the babies. I was expecting that part to be a Pinkie Pie dream sequence but low and behold all of that actually happened. I know I'm over analyzing what is a children's cartoon but I came up with my own head cannon to explain the super babies. What I came up with is that those two are from Krypton, partially explaining why they aren't earth ponies like the Cakes, and that the whole Hospital scene was staged to explain where the babies came from. I think there's no other explanation as to how those babies could be so ungodly strong and how a 1 month foal can cast a spell to phase through solid matter.

My question to you is have you come up with your own crazy head canon to explain something you saw in the show that didn't make sense.

P.S. All ponies are best pony but my favorite would be Rainbow Dash (not really, I just love hearing AC groan. It's actually Twilight Sparkle)


To the Two Finest Fellows on the Web,

You have my unending thanks for your coverage of the Q&A with the voice actresses and Daniel Ingram during Bronycon. It was a fantastic piece of work y'all did up there. We've been working 80 hour weeks onboard my ship in preparation for certifications and inspections, and coming home to a strong drink and a few minutes of Bronyville have been the perfect ending to the days. I look forward to hearing you guys once more at the next con in the summer. There is actually a question in this email, so here it is: do you ever find that your participation in the brony community, such as the podcast, affects your regular lives in a negative way? By this I mean, have you ever had to choose between something for the fandom and something else that also needs your attention? One more thing. I'm watching "The Last Roundup" on BronyState live with over 5000 other folks and just saw the Derpy scene. My head darn near exploded. In a good way.

Your Faithful Fan,

Jeremy (Stormy Seas)

Dear Apple Cider and Chef Sandy,

I just want to say that I love your show. It's probably the most professional-sounding MLP fan show I've ever heard. It doesn't hurt that you ponies are so cool and fun too.

May I know what recording gear/microphones you use for recording? Everything sounds so clean compared to other shows.

~Gem Carpio

Hello again, Bronies.

I've got a question for you: why does it seem that so many Bronies also like Team Fortress 2? For years, I was aware of TF2 only as "the game I'd be least likely to play if I ever got The Orange Box". But since I've become a Brony, I can hardly go online without seeing Heavy singing about "sandviches" to the tune of Pinkie Pie's cupcake song ( ), or Applejack building a TF2 style turret, only to be upstaged by her little sister (  ).

I'm not complaining (nor am I whining), but I do wonder why TF2 is so popular. Do Bronies just like to be able to use custom pony sprays in the game? Is there something about the style of TF2 that attracts Bronies? Or is TF2 just a more popular game than I realized? Also, would you recommend TF2? (I think Chef Sandy said he played it.)

Take care,


P.S. Speaking of games, I think the MLP fighting game in development is called "Fighting is Magic". "Mane6" is the name of the development team, not the game itself.

Dear Apple Cider, Starry Night, Chef Sandy & Esteemed Guest(s):

I absolutely love the podcast! It's something I always look forward to every week.

I would absolutely love to hear more from Starry Night--that is, she should have her own microphone and contribute to the show! I think she's too worried about feeling silly. As one of those older bronies, I can honestly say life is SO much more awesome when you stop caring what anyone else thinks about you. As the wise Dr. Seuss once said, "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

This one is for Apple Cider! This might be a really awesome One Cool Thing for you! Have you heard of the podcast called "Voiceprint with Trevor Devall & Guests"? Trevor Devall (who voiced Prince Blueblood and Fancy Pants) interviews many voice actors, and asks how they got into the business! It's really funny and incredibly informative. Even though many of these episodes were recorded before MLP:FIM, it's still worth a listen!

Voiceprint features some guests such as:

Tabitha St. Germain (voice of Rarity, Luna, and Granny Smith)

Maryke Hendrikse (voice of Gilda and Spitfire)

Cathy Weseluck (voice of Spike and Mayor of Ponyville)

Richard Cox (voice of Snails)

Scott McNeil (voice of Chief Thunderhooves, and Rover the Diamond Dog)

You can catch his podcast on or on iTunes!

Keep up the awesome work everypony!


Dear Bronyville,

As you are one of the highest pillars of information in this fandom, I thought tell you would be best.

Ever since "Baby Cakes" came out. There have been comments and complaints about the large large abilities of Pund and pumpkin Cake. Calling them "Prodigy ponies" or "Mary Sue/ Gary Stu" ponies. Well,


Don't you remember at the beginning of the episode they mentioned that these were common things that happened to you fillies, and they couldn't control it.

Bring to mind that babies run mostly on instinct and not all mantal facilities that regulate strength and physical exertion are in place yet. The body runs on raw un-checked strength until the mind and body fully mature together.

This is also true with ponies.

Pound may be able to fly better than Scoots, and Pumpkin magic more than Sweets. But this will not last. 

Please realise that  once these foal fully mature, their magic and flight will be in check and they will have to learn and mature like all other ponies.

Sorry if I got a bit ranty, but this is just yet another example of the fandon over-reacting and over-thinking.

(And please, consider that the traits for being a unicorn and pegasus are ressisive alleles. Carrot and Cup's families could have been carriers for generations due to cross-breeding. Not promiscuity was involved I assure you.) /rant end.

Your dedicated and slightly meticulous fan,

Melody Keys

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1 Cool Thing

Dear Princess Celestia,

Chefferson took a breather this episode. So that painfully British Midnight Shadow and volunteer drive coordinators extreme Cupcakes, CWrebel, and  Mastertortilla27 showed up to lend a helping hoof. There is much DERPY and I shall not make any Pinkie Pie Promises about if or if not I added in some playful ribs at Rainbow Dash. She knew what she was getting into.

Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

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