Hello, people of the Sol Facet. I’ve been watching this community, and I have a challenge for you; or rather, four challenges. Choose a character from any system of RPG or storytelling. This character represents you in the challenges. Submit answers in the comments or via direct message if you don’t want to give away your answers to the other participants. Make sure you indicate to which challenge your post is responding.

There IS a prize for the winner or winners. Your…upvotes?...yes, upvotes…Your upvotes are included as part of the judging, so please fairly grace good responses with your favor.

And the prize? It is priceless, but I promise you it is measurable and concrete. It can be obtained in no other place than from me. It will hold lots of appeal for RPers, storytellers, and anyone who is visiting the communities to whom I have presented this challenge.

You do not have to respond to all four challenges to win.

If you have questions, feel free to ask – but most questions about the prize will not be answered.

1 -History/Storytelling Challenge

1.       How did you come to this place of testing? This is a setting-neutral question. Be as creative as you want. Judged on storytelling ability and originality.

2 - Taking the Reins Challenge

2.       It's a classic story - your character wakes up in the gladiator pens. In the morning, you are told, you will have to fight for the amusement of the Lord of realm against horrific and deadly beasts in the Arena.

The realm itself is a tyranny under this lord. Its economy is based primarily on an increasingly scarce coal vein. Further profits come from the sale of arms to nearby lands that lack their own forges or munitions factories.

The Arena is the focal point of entertainment, a vice enjoyed by nearly every native in the area. The corrupt little police force skims further funds off of the gambling which flows full force around the gladiator battles.

City coffers are nearly empty. Sometimes there's not enough food, but there's always enough to fuel the severe alcoholism plaguing most of the residents. Strange diseases run rampant through the close quarters and poor sanitation systems. They are helped along, often accidentally, by the University of the Art in the center of the city - where the mages learn their craft and practice experiments.

Defense of the city is the care of the inadequate, corrupt police force and the heavy conscriptions from the lower and middle classes, such as they are.

This state of affairs has been gathering steam for a big descent into a deep recession, a downfall. Errors are compounded across many years, as residents of the area tend to extremely protracted lives, and the current Tyrant has lived for almost two centuries.

What would you do about this? How do you effect changes, and what changes do you make? What vision are you trying to achieve, and how do you achieve it?

 3 - Resource Management Challenge


There are five resource square types: Brick (B), Lumber (L), Wheat (W), Ore (O), and Siberian Tigers (S).  I am told this will sound familiar to many of you.

You must place them in rows. Each row increases by two, one resource to each side of the previous row. The first row contains 3 hexes, the next 5, the next 7, and so on, resulting in a triangle of potentially infinite size.





The squares in the 4 directions of the compass are considered touching a given square.




Squares B, F, H, and D are touching square E.

Any square not touching a Siberian Tiger is in your possession.

There are rules about what resources you must have, of course.

-Siberian Tigers are the local wildlife, or barbarian units. They can’t be destroyed. Any square they touch enters their possession and leaves yours. Siberian Tigers cannot be destroyed.

-Brick is your defense. The number of brick belonging to you must equal or exceed the number of Siberian Tigers in play.

You may not play a Siberian Tiger if you do not meet this requirement, nor may you play a Siberian Tiger that would take possession of a brick square and thus violate the requirement.

-Lumber is your offense. The number of Lumber belonging to you must equal or exceed the number of brick belonging to Siberian Tigers.

You may not play a card that would violate this requirement, including Siberian Tigers that would take possession of a Brick when you don’t possess enough Lumber, or Siberian Tigers that would take possession of a Lumber when other Siberian Tigers possess too much brick.

-Wheat is your fuel. You must possess at least one Wheat per row before starting a new row.

-Ore contains diamonds, your points in this game. You gain one point for every legal Ore resource square you possess.

Finally, you cannot repeat a resource until you have used all five resources (no resource may be used more often than another resource’s count+1).


There are two formats for this competition: 10-row and unlimited row. Both are judged on number of points. For this one, you may wish to submit your answers to me in a PM. You can submit an imgur link of your solution, if you like.

4 - Diplomacy Game/Game Creation Challenge

4.       Diplomacy game – submit your own test of diplomatic savvy. Bonus points are given for elegance, depth, and ease of play in a variety of situations, including solitaire, online, in person, during long journeys, etc. Examples of existing political games includes Mafia, the Resistance, Diplomacy, etc.