This is a partial transcript of the adobe session. Randy recorded the session.

Melanie: hi sarah, welcome

Melanie: yes, can hear you

Melanie: might try the mic in a few once I know they are really asleep

Melanie: the showmewould be good because you could use it across many grades/subjects, etc

Melanie: yes we did

Sarah Hall: ShowMe sounds fine, then. I'll have to learn about it, but that's OK.

Sarah Hall: It sounds cool.

Melanie: yes

Melanie: i'm not familiar with storyboard either, Microspft movie maker has a section that looks like story board section

Melanie: i had to search for it too

Melanie: i think that would be a good idea, maybe from each of our areas

Melanie: i could do one for special ed

Randy Cotts: Sorry everyone to be late.  Could not find the Url

Sarah Hall: Me either, Randy

Sarah Hall: No mic, Randy

Melanie: yes can here you.....

Melanie: trying the mic now

Melanie: randy, do you want me to try to type

Melanie: we are trying to schedule due dates for the individual pieces of the projects

Melanie: part a due today

Randy Cotts: Yes Please.  I am really sorry about this.  I will continue to work on this.

Melanie: part b - storyboard and script due next sunday, 19th

Melanie: Tuesday, 8:30 skype

Sarah Hall:

Bill Swartz:


Randy Cotts:

Melanie: own showme and start on storyboard

Randy Cotts: Great