Getting ready for Mark and Gavin
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This document is intended to help the TESOL pp107 multiliteracies group prepare for an interview with Mark Pegrum and Gavin Dudeney on Sept 29, 2010

Mark’s recent augmentation to his thinking on multiliteracies

his wiki:


LANGUAGE-BASED LITERACIES  print literacy, texting literacy, hypertext literacy, multiliteracies (including visual literacy, audio literacy & video literacy) and technological literacy (including code literacy);

INFORMATION-BASED LITERACIES search literacy, tagging literacy, information literacy (aka critical literacy) and filtering literacy (including attention literacy);

CONNECTION-BASED LITERACIES personal literacy, network literacy (including digital safety), participatory literacy and cultural/intercultural literacy;

REMIX LITERACY - a metaliteracy which encompasses most of the above literacies and is, arguably, the hallmark literacy of contemporary culture.

At he offers 11 artifacts

Set 5, from his keynote at Intensive English Centre Teachers' Conference, Fremantle, Western Australia, 19 April 2010

Artefact 5B  • Pdf of Slideshow: Literacy in the (Re-)mix by Mark Pegrum (April 2010).

Artefact 5A • Abstract: Literacy in the (Re-)mix by Mark Pegrum (April 2010).

Set 4 from the Digital Literacies Session in Second Life (April 2010)

Artefact 4D • Video of discussion

This is a video of the discussion that followed on from my Digital Literacies talk. Towards the end, the in-world participants are joined by 'real world' participants via an audio hookup, and summaries are presented of group discussions.

Vance not able to reach this one from office computer

Artefact 4C • Slideshow of photos

Photos from my invited IATEFL LT SIG PCE talk and Q & A session, held at Avalon Learning in Second Life, 7 April 2010. It was very much a multimodal event, with frequent crossovers between the 'real life' gathering in Harrogate, UK, and the virtual gathering in Second Life. After watching a video and viewing slides, participants used audio and text chat channels for discussion.

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Artefact 4B • Slideshow: Digital Literacies - Where Do We Start? by Mark Pegrum (April 2010).

These are slides for my invited talk and Q & A session, held in the virtual world Second Life as part of the IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG Pre-Conference Event, Harrogate, UK, 7 April 2010.

4 slides, 4 key literacies, 4 questions

Artefact 4A • Video: Digital Literacies - Where Do We Start? by Mark Pegrum (April 2010).

This video constitutes the opening of my invited talk at the IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG Pre-Conference Event, Harrogate, UK, 7 April 2010.

This is the video for the Multiliteracies course in week 2 at GoodbyeGutenberg

One of my takeaways here (I admit I was distracted with emails and troubleshooting a problem on my laptop plus printing the paper below, so I was suffering CPA disorder ..)

.. was this idea of continuous partial attention, coupled with the filtering literacies

Artefact 3  • Draft Chapter: Modified, Multiplied and Remixed: Social Media and Digital Literacies by Mark Pegrum (February 2010).

This is the February 2010 draft of a chapter to be published in an edited collection of essays on social media and education.

20 pages

Set 2 - From January EVO multiliteracies session

There is also an audio interview with Gavin Dudeney at the launch of the TC eCommunity in Elluminate, 2 February, 2010. [on technology in education & digital literacies] unfortunately, the recording is no longer available

Artefact 2C • Podcast of Interview on Anne Fox's Absolutely Intercultural podcast, show 102, 5 February, 2010

This extract from my interview with Vance Stevens, focusing on cultural/intercultural literacies, was used by Anne Fox in her podcast, Absolutely Intercultural. My segment is about two-thirds of the way through.

In this segment Nina asks about m/literacies in countries like Japan where individualism is  group culture

Artefact 2B  • Elluminate Recording of Interview with Vance Stevens (January 2010).

This is the full multimedia recording of my interview with Vance Stevens on the subject of multiliteracies, which took place as part of the international TESOL EVO Multiliteracies for Social Networking and Collaborative Learning Environments programme in January 2010.

Artefact 2A • Video: Mark Pegrum discussing Digital Literacies (January 2010).

These are some 'raw' comments about new literacies, which I made in the context of the EVO Multiliteracies for Social Networking and Collaborative Learning Environments programme in January 2010. The video consists of musings and reflections on the literacies in the list above.

Artefact 1 • Pdf of Slideshow: Literacy Remixed! by Mark Pegrum (September 2009).

This is a text-only pdf of some of the slides accompanying a talk I presented at an Australian College of Educators' Seminar at the University of Western Australia on 9 September 2009.

* The flyer from the joint session:

* The TA EdTechSIG Ning announcement of this event:

* A Google Doc prepared in collaboration with workshop participants on the Gold Coast, Australia:

tinyURL for this document:

Does anyone have any questions you’d like to ask Gavin and Mark?

If so, please write them below, or annotate the document above :-)

My (Vance) questions are: apart from the reference to CPA disorder noted above

I note that multiliteracies is one of the language literacies, but I would turn the bag inside out and make m/lit lit the umbrella and everything else under that.  Your thots?

Remix and fair use?

HOW do you move teachers from CALL and TELL etc? so that it’s the way forward?

Mark’s twitter feed just before he came on

that's a great point, use the pedagogical hooks to get people interested in the topics, and THEN the tools to do that