Mr. Fleming’s Minority Research Report

Research Steps

1. Read an overview of your topic/person in one or more of the Encyclopedias on the Paw Page Resources Page.  (You will have to LOG IN to this page.  Use the same username/password you use to get onto computers on campus.)  I really like Encyclopedia Brittanica and recommend starting with that one.

2. Search your topic in Biography in Context, also on the Paw Page Resources Page.  You will probably only use the main article here, but you can also look at the newspaper or magazine articles related to your topic here as well.

3. Look at the book on your topic (there should be one or more on the cart).  These can be checked out overnight.  You do not need to read the entire book, but can skim and browse for important information for your report.


You can access the online resources from the Paw Page from home.  

Be sure to note the bibliographic information for the sources you use!  If you need any help with this, talk to a librarian!  The Paw Page resources will usually include this information at the end of the article.