Rowandale News Planning Sheet T1W5 and 6

Area of News


Who is Responsible?

Opening Credits

20-30 seconds

Green and Blue

Rowandale News (Title)

Classroom Tour (photo of a classroom)

Our Team This Week (photo of reporters as a group)

Busy Bee Marae Trip (photo from one of the teachers)

Teacher Interview (photo of Mr Hooker)

Children’s Interview (Photo of children in the playground)

Join Us (photo of reporters as a group)



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Classroom Tour

Busy Bees Room 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10


1 minute

Good quality photos – Take your Time!

3 photos from each classroom

Remember to use different perspectives – close up, aerial view, landscape, potrait, wide angle view etc.



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Welcome / Introduction


30 Seconds

Introduce all reporters

Hi I’m __________ (reporters name) and I really like ____________ (one thing reporter likes doing)

For each reporter you need to put a title that tells us what they are responsible for this week.



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News Item

Marae Trip

Interview Matua Haare & 2-3 Children about their experience.  Photos from teachers.

Matua Haare

Where is the Manurewa Marae?

What is special about the Manurewa Marae?

What are the names of the buildings at the Manurewa Marae?


Where did you go this week?

What did you like best about your Marae Trip? Why did you like that?



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Teacher Interview

Mr Hooker 3 questions


2 Minutes

What class do you teach in and what year level do you teach?

Why did you become a teacher?

What is the best thing about teaching at Rowandale?

What exciting places have you lived in/visited?

Please can you tell us about one thing you like doing when you’re not at school?



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Children’s Interview

3 children


1 minute 30 seconds

What is the best thing about Rowandale School so far this year?




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How to join Rowandale News


30 Seconds

If you would like to become part of Rowandale News look out for our reporters each week.  We’ll be asking lots of different children to help us by becoming part of an interview.

From next week we will also be asking the year five children to become reporters for our news programme.  If you are a year five and your would like to be a reporter or camera person remember to come and see Mrs Lee and Mr Hooker next Tuesday at lunchtime.  



Need to film this

Closing Credits

Green & Blue

Video & Photos

20-30 Seconds

Same as opening credits

Add Reporters names and their jobs

Add Teachers names and how they helped

Mrs Lee & Mr Hooker