Academic Technology |   Amazon Kindle Fire WiFi Setup





Turn on the Kindle Fire.  Go to the Setting Cog in the upper right corner.


You will see setting options for locking, volume, brightness, Wi-Fi, to Sync and More…

Select Wi-Fi


If you are in range of a Wi-Fi network it should appear in the list.  To modify the settings of a secure network, touch the Network’s Name.

The secure settings for ETSUWiFi on Kindle Fire are as follows:

·           WPA2 EAP

·           PEAP

·           Phase 2 – select MSCHAPV2

·           CA certificate -  unspecified

·           User certificate -  unspecified

·           Identity – Insert your ETSU Username

·           Anonymous Identity leave this blank

·           Password – Insert your ETSU Password

·           Save

·           Connect




Insert your User Name



Leave Anonymous Identity Blank

Enter your ETSU Password and Save


Now you are ready to Connect


You will be able to connect to the Internet and access your email by going to if you are faculty.  If you are a student go to




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