Whole class

Hello My Name is David Lent


Today im going to teach you guys how to throw and catch a football properly

Whole class

If you could..

Uhh.. you three grab a football

And then have you guys line up on this blue line

Talking to the three students getting the footballs

Pair up with a partner

Whole class

What you’re going to do is grab the football.

You want to have your hands..fingers spread out on top of the ball this pointer finger on the end of the ball for more stability.

Wrap around and put your thumb on the bottom

And what you want to do is you want to have your non dominant foot forward.

And when you throw aim with your right arm or your left arm.

Shoulder up

Arm 90 degree angle

And release it.

Put the ball on the other side.

Throw it back.

Stop. Something you guys

When you guys were catching what you want to do is you want to make a window or triangle and watch the ball go straight into that window.

If its going low you wannna do the same thing and make a web.

Pinkies touch

If its below your waist like this

If above your waist triangle

We’ll do this a few times and then take a few steps back see how you guys do.


Take this line

Take three steps back

And you’re going to have to throw harder a little bit harder

When you’re throwing see if you can get them to low pass or high pass see if they change the way they catch the ball.

Aright, balls this side

What im going to do so you guys get your hands up faster im going to have this line turn around.

Before you throw your going to say I’m throwing 3 2 1

Talking to the far line of students.

You guys are going to Turn around


To Josh

So josh we’ll just do it for a example

Throwing 1 2 3

Whole class

Then you do the opposite on the way back.


To josh

Throwing 1 2 3

To the whole class

Throw at the same time

To jess

One minute alright

To the whole class


Now what we’re going to have you do is run some routes.

We’re going to split uh this group up.

Going to have you guys run out.

Turn around and catch alright?

Line up on this white line

First person runs the route first

Person throwing the ball goes to the end of the line

To student in green

Your catching

To Student in grey

Your throwing

To student in black

And your catching

To whole class


Ready set go

And run the ball back

Alright so that’s the basics of throwing and catching a football.

Thank you.