THE GREAT TEXTBOOK EXPLORATION!!!!                                 Civics

Name _________________________                                Period_______

Use and explore your textbook to answer the following questions:

  1. How many Units of study are there? ________________________________
  2. How many chapters are in our textbook? ____________________________
  3. Who published this textbook? _____________________________________
  4. What year was this book published? ________________________________
  5. Which Chapter focuses on the United States Constitution? ______________
  6. Which Chapter(s) focus on Virginia’s government? ____________________
  7. What pages contain the complete United States Constitution? ___________
  8. Which pages contain all of the amendments? ________________________
  9. How many amendments are there? ________________________________
  10. When was the last amendment passed? ____________________________
  11. Can you find a political cartoon? _________________ What page? _______
  12. What Unit deals with the economy? ________________________________
  13. Where can you find the Virginia constitution? ________________________
  14. What pages contain important Historical Documents? _________________
  15. Where are all of the Landmark Court Cases found? ____________________
  16. Where can you find a picture of every president? _____________________
  17. Who was the 18th president? _____________________________________
  18. How long was he president?______________________________________
  19. Are there any lady presidents on this chart?__________________________
  20. Is President Obama’s picture shown on this chart?_____________________
  21. Is there are a world map in this book? ___________What page? _________
  22. How about a big U.S. map? ___________________What page?__________
  23. Does this map tell you what the U.S. capital is? _______________________
  24. What is the U.S. capital? _________________________________________
  25. What is the capital of New York? __________________________________
  26. Where does the glossary start? ___________________________________
  27. Did you write your name on the inside cover of this textbook? __________
  28. Did you find anything else in your exploration that was interesting or noteworthy about this textbook? _________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________