L.C. Smith Damascus


Syracuse style A2 Finest Three Rod - 70% Steel


1893 Chas. Godfrey, New York catalog courtesy of Dave Noreen


1902 Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalogue No. 111

Bored For Nitro Powder”


Stub Twist

F grade hammer guns and pre-1892 No. 1 hammerless

Laminated Steel was used on Quality No. 1 guns 1892-1898, then Two Iron “Good Damascus” until 1907, when “Special Steel” sourced from Halcomb Steel Co. was introduced.

Some pre-1900 No. 1 guns have “Bernard ribbon” or “Rubans Royal” (by Manufacture Liegeoise).

Good Two Rod Damascus

E grade hammer guns, pre-1892 No. 2, and post-1892 No. 0, 1&2

Good Four Stripe Chain Damascus

post-1892 No. 2, 3, 4, & A1


Fine Three Rod Damascus

C & D hammer guns, pre-1892 No. 3, and post-1892 No. 3, Pigeon, No. 4 & A1,

Very Fine Three Rod Damascus

B & A hammer guns, Pre-1892 No. 4 & 5, and post-1892 No. 5,

Finest Three Rod Damascus

AA hammer gun, pre-1892 No. 6, and post-1892 A2 & Monogram

Choice Three Rod Herring Bone Pattern

Syracuse Quality No. 7 and post-1892 A2.



Damascus barrels were not uncommon on the post-1913 Ideal and Specialty grades. A 20g Field SN 14788 shipped October 21, 1919 is the latest Damascus barreled gun known, but Damascus barrels were still listed as an option in sporting dealer catalogs into the late 1920s.

1928 Janney, Semple, Hill & Co., Minneapolis, MN catalog


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