L.C. Smith Damascus


Syracuse style A2 Finest Three Rod - 70% Steel


Stub Twist

F grade hammer guns and pre-1892 No. 1 hammerless

Good Two Rod Damascus

E grade hammer guns, pre-1892 No. 2, and post-1892 No. 0, 1&2

Good Four Stripe Chain Damascus

post-1892 No. 2, 3, 4, & A1


Fine Three Rod Damascus

C & D hammer guns, pre-1892 No. 3, and post-1892 No. 3, Pigeon, No. 4 & A1,

Very Fine Three Rod Damascus

B & A hammer guns, Pre-1892 No. 4 & 5, and post-1892 No. 5,

Finest Three Rod Damascus

AA hammer gun, pre-1892 No. 6, and post-1892 A2 & Monogram,

Choice Three Rod Herring Bone Pattern

Syracuse Quality No. 7 and post-1892 A2.


Hunter Arms used Laminated Steel on Quality No. 1 guns 1892-1898 then Two Iron Good Damascus until 1907, when Special Steel sourced from Halcomb Steel Co. was introduced.


Damascus barrels were not uncommon on the post-1913 Ideal and Specialty grades until about 1920, but are quite rare thereafter.

The A3 was introduced in 1895 with Whitworth steel.


1893 Chas. Godfrey, New York catalog courtesy of Dave Noreen



Feb. 26 1898 Sporting Life

The Hunter Arms Company, of Fulton, N. Y., makers of the L. C. Smith gun, have made a somewhat radical change in their guns recently. The following was received, which is being sent out to the trade:

Fulton, N. Y., Feb. 10. Our motto, We lead, others follow, is again to be brought prominently before the public. After seriously considering the demands of the shooters we have concluded to make the following changes in the L.C.  Smith guns for 1898.

Our famous Crown Steel barrels will now be put on our No. 2, $80 list gun regularly, with an option on the Damascus if preferred. After years of use on our No. 3 guns, we can cheerfully say that our Crown Steel barrels are a decided success in every way. In addition to this very important change we now offer you an entirely new design in engraving on this grade. It is neat and in keeping with a gun of this description.

Our policy is always to improve our product whenever and wherever we can, hence instead of reducing our price on the No. 2 gun we have greatly improved its quality, and offer our patrons a vastly superior gun at former price. In regard to our No. 3 gun, $100 list, we come to you with something entirely new in gun barrels called Nitro steel. For months and months we have been testing these barrels to fully demonstrate to ourselves their qualities, and the result is most satisfactory. This Nitro steel comes the nearest to the Whitworth fluid steel of any gun barrel ever offered to the trade. This statement expresses fully the status of our nitro steel, and in offering these new barrels you may rest assured we do so only after being fully convinced as to their superior quality.

Hoping that we may have the pleasure of your favors with orders for samples of these new guns and assuring same our best attentions always, we remain, yours very truly,



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