Our Vision                 

A Joyful Early learning journey in grace and knowledge

About Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church Kindergarten                                

The AMKMC Kindergarten was established in 1982 with the purpose to provide quality preschool education to the community and partnership with parents for the growth of their children.  We seek to provide a supportive and conducive environment where children can learn and have fun!

Apart from preschool education, it is our desire to teach Bible stories and Christian songs, and use them to impart Christian values to the children who are gifts from God and every parent’s most precious assets.  This is in line with the recent re-focus by Ministry of Education on moral and character development of students.

Our Mission:

Nurturing Young Children to Become Gracious and Passionate Lifelong Learners.

Our Core Values (Educational Philosophy):

G – Each child is unique and needs to Grow holistically (Physical, Intellectual,

       Emotional-Social and Language)

R – Each passionate teacher Respects and nurtures each child to his/her fullest


A – An Age-Appropriate learning environment for children to play, explore,

       discover, interact and learn.

C – Caring and loving teachers nurture desirable Characters through their lives

       and teaching.

E – Enriching families through partnership for children’s learning and development.

Curriculum Approach:

An integrated thematic approach using literature as core books, and projects for follow-up activities.

Our Desired Outcomes through the Integrated Thematic Approach using Literature

Children will:

Weekly Program Structure:

Daily 4-hour program includes:


Health check and breakfast


Singing and Character Building

Curriculum Time

Integrated thematic learning in both English & Chinese/Tamil Languages

Outdoor Fun

Morning workout, Playground, sand play, water play, relay games

Rest & Break Time

Snacks, Routine Care (Personal Hygiene)

Curriculum Time

English and Chinese/Tamil


Music & Movement, Science “comes alive”, Creative Arts, Gymnastics, e-learning for K1/K2

Closing Assembly

Singing and Closing session

Our curriculum hours include Enrichment classes in Music and Movement, Gymnastic, E-learning, Science “comes alive” and Visual arts.  Phonics (Letterland) and Speech & Drama are part of the core curriculum.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the qualifications of your Principal and the Teachers?

Our principal holds a degree in Early childhood Education and has been a Preschool Educator for 26 years, with experience as Principal in Kindergarten and Child Care Center.  All teachers engaged will be registered with the Ministry of Education, and will possess at least the Certificate in Preschool Teaching and/or Diploma in Early Childhood care and education.  Our teachers will be encouraged to constantly upgrade their skills through continuous professional training courses and workshops.

  1. How many classes will you have?

We plan to run 7 classes of Nursery 1 and 2, and Kindergarten 1 for each session.

  1. What is the class size?  What is the teacher:child ratio?

The Kindergarten abides by the teacher-child ratio stipulated by the Ministry of Education.

Nursery 1 -          Teacher:Child – 1:12

                   Nursery 2 -          Teacher:Child – 1:15

                   Kindergarten 1 - Teacher:Child – 1:20

                   Kindergarten 2 - Teacher:Child – 1:20

Assistant Teachers will support the primary teacher-in-charge and the actual teacher:child ratio will be the same or better than the minimum guidance from MOE.  Our teachers will also seek to facilitate and engage children in small group teaching and learning.  

  1. What is the primary language medium?

English will be the primary language medium and children will be taught to converse fluently in Mandarin or Tamil in the language classes.  

  1. How will the Kindergarten prepare my child for primary school?

We believe as your child learns and develops through the holistic preschool education, your child will develop confidence and be equipped with social skills, the necessary knowledge, skills and dispositions for life-long learning.

  1. Do you have Christian religious lessons?

Weekly stories from the Bible will be shared with the children during the assembly.  Your child will learn to sing and give thanks to God for daily help and meals served.

  1. What kind of food will be provided to the children at the Kindergarten?

The Kindergarten’s menu for breakfast and lunch will be posted on the Parents’ notice board for parents’ information.  The planning of menu follows the guide to healthy meals provided by Health Promotion Board.

  1. What are the transport arrangements for my child?

The Kindergarten will arrange with transport providers to cater to transportation needs of our students.  Transport providers will make arrangements on the pick-up/drop-off time, as well as the charges with parents on the Orientation Day (to be advised) in December 2013. The bus operators will abide by the rules and regulations stipulated by the Land and Transport Authority.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do your fees cover?

Our fees for each 4-hour program will include breakfast (morning session) or lunch (afternoon session) and enrichment lessons: Gym, Music, Visual arts, e-learning and Science enrichment.  These enrichment lessons are conducted weekly.

Daily Program Structure/Schedule:

For Morning Session              8.00 am to 12.00 noon

For Afternoon Session  –   12.00 noon to 4.00 pm

4 Terms – 10 weeks each term, on a 5-day weekly basis of 4-hourly sessions.

  1. Can I get subsidies for the fees?

Parents can use their children’s Child Development Account to pay for their term fees.  If financial assistance is required, please speak to our staff.

  1. Can I get discount for registering my 2nd child in the Kindergarten?

There will be a waiver of registration fees for the 2nd child.

  1. Why are there no K2 classes?

We will consider starting a K2 class in 2014, only if there are sufficient indications of interest for a K2 class.  Parents who are interested are requested to leave their names and contact number.  We will contact interested parents if there are sufficient interests by end-May 2013.  For the year 2015, there will be a K2 class.

  1. What documents do I need to bring for registration of my child?

Parent/guardian must present the following original documents for verification and a copy of these documents must be submitted to the office:

  1. When can I buy the school uniform?

The school uniforms and PE attire will be sold on Orientation Day in December 2013.

Registration Forms may be collected from our Church Office on the 3rd Level at:

1 Ang Mo Kio Street 21

Singapore 569383

Mondays to Fridays – 9am to 4.30pm

Saturdays – 9am to 11am

For further enquiries, please call 6452-2746 during office hours.

25 April 2013