⌘ Questions? Here are the answers ⌘

PasteFire is rather easy to use and understand. But if you have some questions or issues please read below. Remember we are a young service and continuously improving :)

✔ What is Pastefire?

Pastefire is a very simple way to copy content from your computer and send it to your iPhone for an instant and immediate action. Think of it like an assistant for simple tasks you want to take on your iPhone when you discover something on your computer

✔ What do i use PasteFire for?

  • You just discovered a great restaurant on your computer and want to book a table calling from your iPhone. Send the number with Pastefire and instantly dial the number
  • You just discovered a great image on Flickr and want to add it to your photo gallery on your iPhone. Send the image URL via Pastefire and automatically add it to your iPhone gallery
  • You re watching this website on your computer and want to see what it looks like on your iPhone. Send the URL via Pastefire and instantly open it in Safari
  • You are in Outlook or email program and want to email someone from your iPhone but don't have his email there?

Watch this demo video to better understand

✔ Why do i need something like this?

Because it is faster and will save you clicks and repetitive, useless tasks. In certain cases it will save you typos.

✔ Isn't it faster to send infos like those by email?

No. it Takes more clicks. Just try and compare and you will see. and on the iPhone any click saved is better. In addition no more risk to make a mistake by typing.

✔ But Clipboard managers (Evernote, Tapbots,...) are already doing this?

Evernote, TapBots, Syncopy are fantastic apps to manage notes and synchronize them between your iPhone and your computer. There are essentially made to copy content and archive them

Pastefire is action-oriented and understands the information you copy to trigger related tasks

✔ How does it work?

  • Simply choose the content you want to paste on your computer.
  • Paste it in the copy zone
  • If this is the first time add an email and password
  • Send it
  • Take your iPhone, open Pastefire
  • Choose the related action, or let the automated mode do the action for you

✔ What is the automated mode?

The automated mode is a setup that allows PasteFire to understand the type of content you are sending and which automatically triggers the right action for it, so you don't have to do it yourself

eg: you just pasted a phone number, it will dial it automatically when you open Pastefire

To activate the automated mode, just select the option on the welcome screen of the iPhone app

✔ Pastefire is not working for me, what is the matter?

  • Make sure you have selected and pasted a content to send to your iPhone
  • Make sure your iPhone has the same email and password as the one set one your computer
  • Make sure you have opened your iPhone Pastefire app during the next 3 min after you sent the content
  • Make sure your iPhone is connected to a data plan (edge, 3g or wifi)

If you have a problem contact us on pastefire at appsfire dot com

✔ Does it work for iPod touch too?


✔ Does it work on Mac and PC?

Yes. Since Pastefire uses your browser, and no download is necessary on your computer, you can use it from a Mac or a PC

If i already used Pastefire on one computer, can i use it on a different computer?

Yes. You can use as many different computers as you want. Just make sure the email/password you use on the computer your using is the same you enter in the iPhone app. You don't have to use the same email/password each time. But if you decide to change your credentials make sure to match them on your iPhone too.

✔ Do i need a wifi connection?

Pastefire only requires your iPhone to be connected to the internet. Wifi, 3G or edge is good

✔ Do i need to download something on my computer?

Nope. That's the beauty of Pastefire

✔ How do i send a link or image from the computer to my iPhone?

Copy a link from any web page (to do that, just right click the link and choose "save link as") and Paste it in the Copy Zone of Pastefire

For images this is the same process. Right Click on any image in your browser, Copy the image URL as indicated and paste it in PasteFire [note: some sites don't let you copy images for copyright or even technical reasons]

✔ What is the iPhone clipboard option in Pastefire?

The iPhone clipboard is a temporary memory your iPhone has when you copy content before you paste it. When you use decide to clip a content to the iPhone clipboard it means it stays in this memory until you can paste it in any other app of your iPhone

Any information copied in the clipboard stays in the clipboard until it is replaced with another 

content you copy.

✔ The Content i sent is not appearing on SMS? any idea?

Right now the content sent to SMS, opens the SMS. to make it appear just paste it using the regular iPhone paste function. It is in your clipboard memory. We are working on a fix to paste automatically the content in the SMS text zone

✔ Is there a limit to the number of characters i can copy and paste?

Yes 999 characters, Mind the counter at the bottom right of the copy zone.

Why 999? so it is long enough for anything including very long URL

✔ How do i use the Bookmarklet?

The bookmarklet is a simple bookmark in your browser that simplifies copying content

Just select any content in any page, click on the bookmarklet and the content is copied

The bookmarklet will copy the URL of the page you are in if you don't select any content on the page

To add the bookmarklet to Firefox, Safari and Chrome watch this video

Note that in order to use the Bookmarklet, you need to have used at least once The method of pasting content in the Copy Zone with your email and password

✔ How to add the Bookmarklet on Internet Explorer?

Unlike Firefox, Chrome or Safari, On Internet Explorer you can't drag and drop a Bookmarklet. To add it please follow those steps

  1. Right click on the "⌘V this" link [See Method B] to add the PasteFire bookmarklet to your favorites bar.
  2. Select "Add to Favorites"
  3. Click "Yes" when you see the Security Alert
  4. Choose a location for your bookmarklet.
  5. Click "Add"
  6. You're done

✔ Why do you need an email and a password?

PasteFire requires an email and password to link your computer to your iPhone and secure the connection.

✔ Is PasteFire Free?

Yes. For now :)

✔ Is PasteFire safe and secure?

Totally, and we use several mechanisms for that

  • The Copy Zone content is sent of an encrypted 256k connection (watch the https secure connection on our Copy Zone)
  • We require you to have a email and a password paired with your iPhone
  • You can define the life span of your account
  • You have 3 minutes to open Pastefire on your iPhone. After that the content is not available for sending
  • Once your content on your iPhone it is as secured as Apple can provide and garantee.

✔ Who is behind PasteFire?

Pastefire is a creation of Appsfire, a discovery service for apps. We created Pastefire because we needed it for ourselves and decided to share it with everyone

✔ How to best use Pastefire

The ideal set up for Pastefire is to be used this way

1. Add the bookmarklet to your browser or a bookmark to our CopyZone page

2. Put Pastefire on automated mode for smart instant actions

3. Put Pastefire App on your iPhone 1st home screen so you can find it fast