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September 11, 2016

Rev3 Triathlon (full)

Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky, Ohio

2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run

Beautiful day. High mid-70’s. Wet suit legal. Mostly sunny.

Swim moved from Lake Erie to the marina due to winds from north causing waves in lake.

Swim 1:44:01 (2:42/100m) (may have been ~0.2 mi long?), T1 11:13 (included 800 m run to T1)

Swim 6 of 9 m 55-59, 5 of 59 male, 58 of 78 overall

Bike 7:52:15 (14.17 mph), T2 6:12

Bike 9 of 9 m 55-59, 54 of 59 m, 65 of 78 overall

Run 5:06:36(11:42 min/mi)

Run 7 of 9 m 55-59, 48 of 59 m, 53 of 78 overall

15:00:17, 8 of 9 m 55-59, 53 of 68 m, 59 of 78 overall

NOTE: There was a horrible accident on the run-in road. This ended the race. Thus I was picked up in a shuttle around mile 23-24. They estimated what would have been my finishing time. They probably got it close to correct.

August 6, 2016

Lake Logan Half

Lake Logan, North Carolina (near Canton)

1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run

Warm day, cloudy then sunny. Wetsuit legal. Very hilly bike. Run not flat.

Swim 40:46 12 of 21 m 55-59 T1 6:05

Bike 3:40:28 17 of 21 m 55-59 T2 3:46

Run 2:16:09 6 of 21 m 55-59

6:47:12 11 of 21 m 55-59, 197 of 244 m

July 20, 2016

Racin’ in Mason 5K

Mason, Ohio

Warm, humid, on bike path, some hills

22:23 (7:13/mi) 2nd of 15 m 50-59, 64 of 206 m, 70 of 373 overall

July 8, 2016 (Wed night) Speedy Feet Tri #1

Caesar’s Creek Park, near Waynesville, Ohio

Beautiful weather, wetsuits allowed

0.5 mile swim, 21 mile bike, 3.5 mile run

Swim 19:44, 91 of 119 overall, 1:51 T1

Bike 1:13:57, 98 of 119 overall, 0:50 T2

Run 27:16, 65th of 119 overall

2:03:39 91 of 119 overall, 12 of 13 m 55-59

April 30, 2016 Indiana 100 Mile trail race

Chain O’Lakes State Park near Albion, IN

Six loops of 16.67 miles, mostly trail, relatively flat,

Nice weather at start (6am), about 50 degrees. Rain came at about 5:30 into race.

Need to continue….

September 27, 2015

Deer Creek Half Triathlon

Deer Creek State Park, Mt. Sterling, Ohio

1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run

Beautiful day. Not too hot. Wet suit legal. Cloudy.

Swim 35:51 (this swim is always short, probably about 0.9 miles), T1 2:56

Bike 3:36:39 (15.5 mph), T2 1:42

Run 2:06:55 (9:41 min/mi)

6:24:03, 8th of 13 male 50-54, 49 of 86 male, 63 of 115 overall

Used “ITSTHENERVE” to try to stop cramps. May have worked. Only a small cramp exiting the water. No others. Still slow due to undertraining and maybe the 30K the week before.

September 19, 2015

30K Pleasant Creek Trail Run

Pleasant Creek State Park, Palo, Iowa

Warm, nice day, slightly muddy, mostly on grass and some trail, a bit of pavement

Gentle rolling hills throughout, two 15K loops in opposite directions

3:45:13 (1:47:04 1st loop)

2nd of 4 male 45+, 17 of 28 overall, 12 of 15 men

September 7, 2015

Holiday at Home 5K

Kettering, Ohio


Warm, nice, fairly flat course but some gradual hills


49 of 496 overall, 44 of 266 male, 4 of 26 male 50-54

August 16, 2015

Pigman Half Ironman Triathlon

Pleasant Creek State Park, Palo, Iowa

1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run

Very hot. NOT wet suit legal. First Pigman Long w/o wet suit. 88 degrees by race end.

Swim 51:57 (2:27 min/100 yds), T1 3:33

Bike 3:33:45 (15.7 mph), T2 3:02

Run 2:49:55 (12:58 min/mi) {Ugh}

7:22:24, 21st of 26 in M50-54, 208 of 244 among males, 296th of 361 overall

My worst Pigman. Didn’t train enough. Swim slow without wet suit. Slow bike. Run was bonky even before cramps started in at about mile 7. Walked most of the last 5 miles.

Aug 8, 2015

Mines of Spain Half Marathon

Mines of Spain Park, Dubuque, IA

~13.1+ miles

Very hilly trails. Nice day.

2:22:45, 78th of 124 overall, 61 of 88 male

Aug 2, 2015

Zoom Multisport Race #2. ⅓ Iron Triathlon

2K swim, 34 mi bike, 8 mi run

Caesar’s Creek State Park

Warm. Not wet suit legal.

Swim 54:25, T1 3:08

Bike 2:03:45 (16.5 mph), T2 not recorded

Run 1:12:22 (9:03 min/mi)

4:13:41, 35th of 52 overall, 3 of 4 M50-54

Jul 23-25, 2015


Thu Cedar Falls - Hiawatha, 75.2 mi

Fri Hiawatha - Coralville, 69.5 mi

Sat Tiana’s house Iowa City to Sue’s house Davenport, 62.4 mi

Jul 5, 2015

A Tri in the Buff

Buffalo, NY

Olympic, 1.5 K swim, 25 mile bike, 10K run.

Beautiful day. Wet suit legal. Swam in Lake Erie. Pretty calm. Bike fairly flat. Run flat - some grass.

Swim 39:35 (2:33/100 yd), T1 2:16

Bike 1:29:20 (16.8 mph), T2 1:14

Run 49:59 (8:04 min/mi)

3:02:24, 30th of 58 overall, 5 of 6 M50-54, 25 of 40 male

Deb did duathlon. 5K run, 40K bike, 5K run. 2nd Athena.

Wednesday (evening) July 1, 2015

Speedy Feet

Another break...

Feb 22, 2015

ORRRC Frosty 15

About 13.5 miles.

Deep snow, although packed down by faster runners, about 30 degrees (nice weather), some up and down, mostly singletrack

Caesar’s Creek State Park, Warren, OH

3:00:14, 6th of 6 in 50-54, 59th of 90 overall

YAY Another gap! Arrrghhhh!!

Jun 21, 2014

Mohican 100 mile

Mohican State Park, Loudoneville, OH

Hilly, technical.

Moderate temps but humid.


97th of 108 finishers. 192 started.

13th of 14 among 50-59 males.

Rough lap splits:

Lap 1 6:45:30

11:30 aid station

Lap 2 7:35:30

11:30 aid station

Lap 3 8:08:00

25:30 aid station

Lap 4 7:48:30

See blog post.


Oct 19, 2013

Des Plaines River Trail (DPRT) Marathon


Nice cool day, crushed gravel mostly flat w/some slight grades


Oct 12, 2013

Running Village 50K

Cedar Falls, IA

Nice cool day, trails, not too hilly nor technical, but winding trails


2nd of 2 in 50-59, 23rd of 26 overall

Sep 29, 2013

Prairie Pedal Ride

44 mile fun ride. Nice cool day.

with Deb

Sep 21, 2013

Redman Triathlon

Oklahoma City, OK

Full triathlon, 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run

Relatively cool, high in lower 80’s?

Sep 1, 2013

HyVee Triathlon

Des Moines, IA



June 15, 2013

High Cliff Triathlon

Sherwood, WI (Lake Winnebago)

Half Iron,

Wet suit legal. Cool water. Warm temps. Overcast. Ideal weather.

Choppy water! Bike course flat except for a big hill at beginning. Run course up same hill, then most on smooth flat trails. Great run course.

Swim 45.43 (2:10 min/100 yds, 18th of 28 in division), T1 2:08

Bike 3:19:24 (16.9 mph, 26th of 28 in division), T2 2:09

Run 1:54:59 (8:47 min/mi, 5th of 28 in division)

6:04:22 total, 263rd of 443 overall, 13th of 28 (31 starters) in male 50-54, 218 of 315 male

Notes: 4:30am had one bowl oatmeal. 6:00am had banana and Cliff Bar. Drank one quart Powerade before race. Had one Roctane Gu 20 min before race. Race began at 7:00am. One bike I had 3 Hammer Gels, one PowerBar Gel w/2x caffeine, and one Clif Shot Gel. Also most of two bottles of Heed. Plus two salt tablets, one Mg tablet and one Tums. On run I had another Hammer Gel and another 2x caffeine PowerBar Gel, and one salt tablet.

Heart rate on bike was 135-145. Heart rate on run was 160-165.

Cramps held off on the bike but felt some pre-crampiness about miles 5-20. Otherwise legs just weak on the bike. No cramping on the run until about mile 12.5 and then the left hamstring cramped, and I had to stop 2-3 times to stretch it for 10 seconds but was able to run it in.


June 26, 2011

Davenport Duathlon

Credit Island, Davenport, Iowa

2 mile run, 14.5 mile bike, 5K run

We measured it as 2.6 mile run, ~12.5 mile bike, 5K run

Hot and humid and sunny.

Run 1 28:16, T1 1:28

Bike 1:02:37, T2 1:01

Run 2 25:44

1:59:05 total, 44th of 45

I did this with Deb. However I flatted at the end of the bike, then went the wrong way around the island, adding 2 miles to the bike.

Deb's times were:

Run 1 28:17, T1 1:29

Bike 50:22, T2 2:02

Run 2 36:56

1:59:05 total, 43rd of 45

Sue did this in 1:41:58, 34th of 45

Larry did this in 1:45:34, 39th of 45

June 8, 2011

Chamois Time #3 Road Race

27 miles

Loop starting at West Branch, hilly.

~1:24, 15th of 15 in Men’s B.

May 28, 2010

Rainbow Run

City Park, Iowa City, Iowa

5K, pretty flat (one little hill), nice day

22:48, 6th place

I biked down to this, then ran it.

May 26, 2011

Hill Rats Time Trial #4 (bike)

Tiffin, Iowa

25K, out and back

50:17, 6th of 6

May 21, 2011

Galena Triathlon

Galena, Illinois

660 yard swim, 16.8 mile bike ride, 4.3 mile run

Wet suit legal. Light rain on last half of bike and part of run. VERY hilly bike course. Day started off nice and fairly warm by run.

Swim 14:20 (2:10 min/100 yds), T1 2:25

Bike 58:27 (17.2 mph), T2 1:47

Run 32:46 (7:38 min/mi)

1:49:42 total, 263rd of 714 overall, 12th of 37 in male 50-54

May 17 2011

Night At The Oval

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

A series of bike races done on the Hawkeye Downs 0.5 mile race track

Overall placing for the evening, 5th of 8 in B Group.

8 lap scratch: 6th of 8

9 lap points every 3rd lap, 6th of 8

8 lap reverse scratch, 2nd of 8

granny gear ring (both groups): 15th of 17

big ring (both groups) 9th of 17

May 8, 2011

Borgess Run For The Health Of It

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Half marathon, cool weather, very nice

1:42:37, 189th of 2006 overall, 159th of 829 males, 16th of 90 in male 45-49

First test of foot. It hurt some but was alright. Did better than I thought I might do.

Deb did this in 2:51:29.

April 28, 2011

Hill Rats Time Trial #2 (bike)

Tiffin, Iowa

25K, out and back

50:59, 8th of 8

First time I raced in Special Ed, my new Specialized Roubaix

Nursing plantar plate injury for months. Did very little running. Wore a "boot" for a month in February.

November 26, 2010

Jingle Cross

Iowa City, Iowa

40 minutes, cool/cold

48th of ? in men's beginner.

November, 25 (Thanksgiving Day), 2010

Turkey Trot

Davenport, Iowa

5 miles, big hill up and down, cool weather but great for a run

Tim: 38:39

Deb did it too.

November 6, 2010

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Indianapolis, Indiana

26.2 miles, quite cold out!


I barely trained for this due to my injured foot. I did what I could which ended up being a 22 mile run in ~3:25, then I walked all of the rest. Foot was quite painful, plus the lack of training took its toll.

October 16, 2010

Bought new Roubaix Specialized bike!

October 2, 2010 (evening)

Raggae Run

Cincinnati, Ohio

5K, very hilly, cool evening

23:18, they did not place runners

October 2, 2010 (morning)

Ghost Ramble bike ride


Fun ride with Deb

September 18, 2010

Hawkeye 254 Triathlon

Coralville Reservoir, Iowa City, Iowa

Okay I made this race up, and did it solo. Theoretically I had hoped to swim 4 km (2.485 mi), bike 200 km (124.27 mi), and run 50 km (31.07 miles). But I knew this wasn't going to happen before I did it, so I did what I could.

Actual = 2+ mile swim (measured as best as I could from the beach, 15 laps between buoys at Reservoir), 93.5 mile bike, 16.4 mile run

Cool day. Poured rain for an hour during the bike which was quite cold.

Swim 1:31:29 with wet suit, T1 20:33

Bike 6:47:00 (Casey's for aid stations, ate pizza twice), T2 15:03

Run 3:12 (did some walking due to nausea)

Total 12:05:29

August 22, 2010

Pigman Half Ironman Triathlon

Pleasant Creek State Park, Palo, Iowa

1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run

Fog delayed race one hour. Then very hot. Wet suit legal and I used one.

Swim 43:17 (2:03 min/100 yds), T1 3:36

Bike 3:08:44 (17.8 mph), T2 1:43

Run 2:56:10 (13:27 min/mi). {Sob}

6:53:28, 28th of 31 in M45-49, 212th of 253 among males, 316th of 397 overall

The race was a complete disaster. I think the fog delay hurt me a bit in that I didn't fuel up properly while waiting around. I also didn't eat enough in the morning. I actually got through most of the swim okay until nearly the very end when someone kicked my finger. That's all it took to make my calves cramp, but this was only 20 yards from shore. I actually was about 10 minutes faster on the swim than last year but that was only due to the wet suit. The bike felt weak from the beginning and at around mile 45 I cramped severely in both inner quad muscles. I had to dismount and remount a few times. Finally I got spinning slowly when someone plowed into me from behind. Our bikes tangled and it took a few minutes to get them apart. My back brakes were locked up so I just disabled them and continued. I continued to cramp the whole bike and could only ride very slowly. The run was a complete joke. I continued to cramp from the very beginning of it, and about a mile into it I cramped so badly I lay on the ground for probably 10-15 minutes. The officials told me to stop and I said I would and walked up to the ambulance only to find it gone so I just kept walking. I walked at least half of the run, and very slowly jogged the rest, never more than about a half mile jog at any one point due to the cramping. The heat was scalding (got sunburned). I really don't know why I bothered to finish.

August 15, 2010

Du State Du (Duathlon)

Loud Thunder, Illinois

2 mile run, 14 mile bike, 2 mile run; hilly bike ride, nice day.

1:15:19, 5th of 18 in male/45-49

August 10, 2010

Monika's Time Trial (bike)

Lone Tree, Iowa

6.8 miles, very hot (supposed to be 10 miles but shortened due to road work)

18:46:22, 20th of 28 overall, 4th of 4 in Men's Masters (40+)

July 27, 2010

Running Wild Cross Country 5K

Ashton cross country course, Iowa City, Iowa

extremely hot, so reduced to 2.25 miles (seems dumb...)

15:48, 2nd of 3 in Master's Men (40+)

July 24, 2010

Bix 7

Davenport, IA

7 miles, very rainy


Deb did this too.

July 21, 2010

Chamois Time Race #3 (bike)

West Branch, Iowa

26.5 mi, warm

1:20:30, 15th of 16 in Men's B. The only guy I beat got a flat.

July 17, 2010

Lake Geode Triathlon

Danville, IA

Not wet suit legal.

1.5K (0.93mi) swim, 40K (24.8mi) bike, 10K (6.2mi) run

Swim 39.25 (2:37 min/100 yds), T1 1:22

Bike 1:25:00 (17.5 mph), T2 0:47

Run 54:44 (8:48 min/mi).

3:01:18, 8th of 11 in M45-49, 80th of 146 overall

July 6, 2010

Night At The Oval

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

A series of bike races done on the Hawkeye Downs 0.5 mile race track

Overall placing for the evening, 13th of 15 in B Group.

8 lap scratch: 15th of 15

Mario Chipolini lead out race (three teams): 3rd of 3

15 lap middle track scratch: 11th of 15

Miss and out: 12th of 15

5 lap win and out: 10th of 15

granny gear ring (both groups): 10th of 13

big ring (both groups) 8th of 13

June 19, 2010

Quad Cities Triathlon

West Lake, Davenport, Iowa

600 yard swim, 15 mile bike ride, 5K run

Warm and wet suit legal, but I didn't wear one.

Swim 15:01 (2:31 min/100 yds), T1 2:36

46:59 (19.2 mph), T2 1:11

Run 23:02 (7:26 min/mi)

1:28:46 total, 255th of 605 overall, 24th of 43 in male 45-49

June 12-13

TOMRV (Tour of the Mississippi River Valley)

Preston, Iowa to Dubuque, Iowa, and back

~70 miles on first day, ~45 miles on second day, some rain both days

Deb did this too.

June 6, 2010

Pigman Sprint Triathlon

Pleasant Creek State Park, Palo, Iowa

600 yard swim, 15 mile bike ride, 5K run

Warm, but wet suit legal. I didn't wear one.

Swim 12:32 (2:18 min/100 yds), T1 2:44

51:38 (18.1 mph), T2 1:23

Run 24:09 (7:47 min/mi)

1:32:24 total, 223rd of 640 overall, 17th of 31 in male 45-49, 167th of 374 males

June 1, 2010

Night At The Oval

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

A series of bike races done on the Hawkeye Downs 0.5 mile race track

May 19, 2010

Chamois Time #1

Near Kalona, Iowa

13 mile bike race

~40 min

I came in last of 8 guys. I'm not a great cyclist but rather stupidly I swam just before this. I got dropped from the group before mile 2, I think!

May 8, 2010

Indianapolis Mini Marathon

Indianapolis, Indiana

Half marathon, 13.1 miles

1:36:25, 7:22/mi, 123rd of 1693 in male 45-49, 1178 of 14,446 men, 1318 of 31,044 overall

Deb did this in 2:22:02, 10:51/mi, 1042 of 2461 in female 35-39, 6626 of 16,500 women, 16,579 of 31,044 overall

April 24, 2010

Free State Trail Ultra

Lawrence, Kansas

100 K (62.1 miles).Mud mud mud mud mud mud mud mud mud. Epic.

16:09:32, 27th of 30 (but see blog)

See what I wrote at my blog.

April 17, 2010

Run For Renewal

Davenport, Iowa

5K, quite hilly, nice cool day

21:20.06, 2nd of 4 in M45-49, 10th overall

Considering the hills, I think this time is decent.

March 28, 2010

Kent Park Classic

Tiffin, Iowa

~4 mile loop, hilly. First to 6 loops wins. All finish on same lap so I finished 5 loops, 19.2 mi, ~1:11.

118th of 127 overall, 16th of 17 in Category 5. Chilly but otherwise nice.


December 19, 2009

HUFF 50K Trail Race

Huntington, Indiana

50K, 31 miles, cold, snowy! Two inches of snow fell before the race, and it snowed lightly during the whole race.

5:13:17, 9:29.6/mi, 39th of 172, 36th of 132 males, 4th of 13 in m 45-49

Note: Actually distance was greater than 50K. Maybe 33 miles?


Three laps of about 11 miles. The race may have been a full 33 miles but this seems unknown exactly. The results were listed as so:

Lap 1, 10.8 mi, 1:40:17, 9:17/mi (Yes this lap was slightly different from the next two.)

Lap 2, 11.0 mi, 1:46:52, 9:38/mi

Lap 3, 11.0 mi, 1:46:08, 9:34/mi (Pretty happy I managed to go faster that lap.)

It was a fun race with all the snow. Luckily not so much snow as to be really bad and in some ways it was nice because it probably made the course less rocky/rooty, but of course it was more slippery. I only fell once but not by slipping, but by tripping over a rock.

November 27, 2009

Jingle Cross

Iowa City, Iowa

40 minutes, cold, muddy, very very muddy

47th of 49 in men's beginner. Impressive, huh?


November 26, 2009

Legend of the Fall

Iowa City, Iowa

4 mile trail race, chilly, extremely muddy!!

I think I came in 2nd in my age group.

November 22, 2009

Middle Park Madness (cyclocross)

Bettendorf, Iowa

30 minutes, nice day, a bit muddy

10th of 11 in Men's Beginner







November 7, 2009

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Indianapolis, Indiana

26.2 miles, beautiful day, cool & sunny, slightly windy

3:27:56.4 (7:55/mile), 205th of 1978 overall, 16th of 195 in male 45-49

Deb (Half), 2:44:56, Deb endured cramps the last few miles




Deb and Me

Race Recap

This race was fairly encouraging in a way. I hadn't trained as seriously for it as I did for Detroit or Boston yet I got a better time. On the other hand, this was a very flat easy course. Yet again, there was a wind that wasn't strong but annoying and it was a headwind most of the second half of the race. I ran the first half in 1:42:19 and the second half in 1:45:37. I noticed that most of the leaders ran a slower second half as well. Furthermore, I actually felt a bit achy most of the race, so I think I still have more speed in me if I work harder.

November 1, 2009

Governor's European Cross Country Run

Scott County Park, Eldridge, Iowa

4+ miles, but the course was altered to ~6.6 miles. Then I got lost twice and probably ran ~7.4 miles in the end.

Cool and nice, but course wet and muddy, with creek crossings - one waist high, lots of technical trail.

1:07:16. Finishers were not tracked for awards. It was just a fun run.

Deb's Race

October 27, 2009

Ghosts and Goblins

Dayton, Ohio

5K (3.1 miles, but actually 3.16 this year)

~32-33 min

October 18, 2009

Run For The Schools

Iowa City, Iowa

Half-marathon, 13.1 miles, nice cool weather

1:37:49, 7:28/mi, 31st of 218 overall, 27th of 110 males, 4th of 11 in male 45-49.

October 10, 2009

Cyclocross Festival, Java Johnny's

Sunset Park, Middletown, OH

40 minutes, nice cool day but very wet & muddy course from previous rains

Did 4.5 laps of a 1.8 mi course, finished 17th of 24 in the Masters Category 4 45+ division

Pictures. Thanks to Deb for the pics.

Check out the race course.

October 4, 2009

Steve Goff Memorial Cross Country 5K

Iowa City, Iowa

5K (3.1 miles). Cool and sunny.

22:10. (Official time 22:28. I think they had clock issues.) 6th of 15 overall.

September 27, 2009

Quad Cities Marathon (and Half Marathon)

Moline & Rock Island, Illinois; Bettendorf and Davenport, Iowa

Half marathon, 13.1 miles; nice day, tiny bit warm but almost perfect, sunny

1:37:52 (7:29 pace), 109th of 1524 overall, 91st of 691 males, 12th of 100 in male age 45-49.


August 16, 2009

Pigman Half Ironman Triathlon

Pleasant Creek State Park, Palo, Iowa

1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run

STORMY weather! Wet suit legal (I didn't wear one.)

Swim 53:57 (2:34 min/100 yds), T1 4:13

Bike 2:59:36 (18.7 mph), T2 1:30

Run 2:00:05 (9:10 min/mi)

5:59:19, 22nd of 44 in M45-49, 167th of 338 among males, 237th of 487 overall

Biking in the rain.




Race Recap

Man this race was nuts. It was raining off and on all morning, and during transition set-up. It was freakin' POURING just minutes before the race, during the pre-race meeting, which was hilarious. It was warmer in the water than outside. (Naturally the temp was 77 so wet suit legal. Amazing how often the water temp is 77.... I don't have a wet suit.)

I wanted to finish the swim under 50 min (pathetic I know but good for me). It was raining during the swim which is alright. Unfortunately just before the 2nd turn, about 2/3 the way to the finish, my legs (esp left) cramped so severely that I had to hold onto a boat for a few min before I could swim again. (This is legal as long as the boat doesn't provide you with any forward motion.) Took me just under 54 min. Argh. I'm sure that without the cramping I might have made it in under 50. (Last year I took over 59 min, which is REALLY pathetic. Last year I beat ONE person out of 460 on the swim. This year I beat like 15 of 480. Ha ha.)

Then we took off on the bike in a VICIOUS rainstorm, right into our faces. Most of the first about 16 miles was right into it. I don't think anyone was moving above about 15 mph max during any of that. At times I bet I was under 10 even on flats. The rain was like little darts hitting my face. Painful. Then we fought the crosswinds awhile, then a glorious ~6 miles with it at our back, which took about 8 seconds. Then back into the fierce wind for ~6 miles at about 10 mph. Then the crosswind, and then..the freakin' rainstorm STOPPED. No freakin' lie. We had just a gentle breeze at our back the last 16 miles. Geeeeeeeez. It was hard not to just look up at the sky and scream, "UNFAIR!" But even the gentle breeze at my back was helpful.

My goal was to leave T2 under 4 hr. Amazingly I left at 3:59-something. More amazingly I did the bike in like 2:59:40. Last year I did it in about 3:15 and on a practice run a few weeks ago it took me about 3:08. I was sure that I wasn't even going to do it under 3:20 after fighting that wind. I still don't know how on earth I did it under 3:00. I must have been pedaling like a madman.

So for the run, I took off and started cramping instantly, less than a quarter mile from the start. So I just slowed WAYYYYY down, telling myself I had two hours to do it to break 6 hrs, which was my goal. I did the first half of it in about 54 min. Slow but steady. Then about mile 10 I started feeling my legs really wanting to cramp. I kept slowing and slowing, plus that is where the big uphill was. At mile 11 I was at like 5:38. At mile 12 it was 5:48:45. I tried to pick up the pace just a tiny bit. At that last turn (about 300 yards?) into the finish it was nearly 5:58. About 50 yds from the finish I totally siezed up, stopped, and tried to stretch, frantically looking at my watch. My left calf was so cramped I couldn't really move on it. So I had to finish by pointing my left leg out to the left (in order to not stretch the calf) and hobbled over the finish line like that. I felt like a total idiot hobbling the last 50 yards, but I really wanted that dang 6 hr. I made it by 41 seconds. Ha ha. My half-marathon time was like 2:00:05. Slow for me but in retrospect I ran it perfectly. Any slower and I wouldn't have made 6 hr. Any faster and I would have cramped earlier and been reduced to walking. (Last year I did it in around 1:57 so it's not too bad I was only 3 min slower. Last year I also had cramping during the run.)

One good thing is that it was that it was cloudy and relatively cool during the run until about mile 11 when the sun came out. Some people were an hour or so behind me though so had to do nearly all of that run in the sun.

As usual, cramping was my nemesis. I wish I could get that under control. I also didn't run much all summer but I still think I could do the run in 1:45 if I just wasn't cramping.

It was a crazy race. I could barely sleep last night because my left calf hurt so much until I took some ibuprofin. I still cannot walk right. I'll be fine in a day or two though.

After the race I couldn't really eat, being on the edge of nausea. I forced myself to nibble at some pizza and spaghetti and a banana. I think my Trihawks friends had a party but I was just too beat to even attend. I went to my gym, showered (in my tri-gear because it stank badly) and sat in the hot tub a few minutes. Dinner was a medium Godfather's pizza (I was starving by then). Then a large Hershey's chocolate malt from Heyn's Ice Cream. Then a Hefe"r"weisen beer from Millstream Brewery. Well-earned, I thought.

Thinking it all through, I think that with a wet suit, a new bike, and if I can figure out the cramping business (and also without fighting a rainstorm) I could possibly do this race in 5:30. Some day. I have plenty of room for improvement, if I have the desire (and money).

Updated a few weeks later: I think the cramping was in part due to not resting enough before the race. It's true that on Thursday I only swam, and I took Friday and Saturday off, but I still didn't feel fresh. I should have also done a lot more stretching that last week.

August 4, 2009

Night At The Oval

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

A series of bike races done on the Hawkeye Downs 0.5 mile race track

Overall placing for the evening, 6th of 8 in B Group.

8 lap scratch: 5th of 8

7 lap miss and out: 4th of 8

4 lap win and out, 7th of 8

Mario Chipoline lead out (three teams): 2nd of 3

1 lap big ring (both groups): 15th of 22

1 lap flat foot granny gear (both groups) 18th of 22

July 23-25, 2009

RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa)


See Deb's blog for pictures.

July 19, 2009

Evergreen Lake Triathlon

Bloomington-Normal, Illinois

1.5K (0.93 mi) swim, 40K (24.8 mi) bike ride, 10K (6.2 mi) run

Freakishly cool. Wet suit legal (I didn't wear one.)

Swim 43:14 (2:38 min/100 yds), T1 1:52

Bike 1:15:47 (19.7 mph), T2 1:21

Run 44:19 (7:08 min/mi)

2:46:30 total, 284th of 440 overall

I got kicked hard in the face during the swim. Knocked off my goggles. Survived that but still had a horrible swim. Bike and run were okay though.

July 7, 2009

Night At The Oval

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

A series of bike races done on the Hawkeye Downs 0.5 mile race track

Overall placing for the evening, 8th of 9 in B Group.

8 lap scratch: 8th of 9

10 lap scratch: 8th of 9

Miss and out: 7th of 9

8 lap, points: 7th of 7 (can't recall what "points" means)

8 lap scratch: 6th of 7

Flat foot big ring (both groups): 11th of 18

Granny gear (both groups) 15th of 17

June 20, 2009

Quad Cities Triathlon

West Lake, Davenport, Iowa

600 yard swim, 15 mile bike ride, 5K run

Warm but a storm the night before made it wet suit legal, but I didn't wear one.

Swim 14:10 ( min/100 yds), T1 2:13

46:39 ( mph), T2 0:55

Run 23:07 ( min/mi)

1:27:05 total, 144th of 532 overall, 14th of 44 in male 45-49

June 13, 2009

Dam to Downtown

Iowa City, Iowa

10K (6.2 miles)

45:43 (7:22/mi), 2nd of 17 male 46-55, 28th of 110 men

June 6, 2009

Pigman Sprint Triathlon

Pleasant Creek State Park, Palo, Iowa

600 yard swim, 15 mile bike ride, 5K run

Warm, but wet suit legal. I didn't wear one.

Swim 13:03 (2:24 min/100 yds), T1 2:57

47:07 (19.8 mph), T2 1:18

Run 21:31 (6:56 min/mi)

1:25:56 total, 189th of 666 overall, 13th of 35 in male 45-49, 135th of 386 males

Deb's Race

May 30, 2009

Adventures for Wish Kids

King's Island (amusement park), Mason, Ohio

5K (3.1 miles)

May 24, 2009

Swing Into Spring Duathlon

Davenport, Iowa

3K (1.9 mi) run, 17K (10.5 mi) bike, 3K run; kind of hot day

Tim: 1:22:08; 18:52 run, 37:32 bike, 22:12 run

Deb: 1:22:08; 18:54 run, 37:37 bike, 22:12 run

This was Deb's first duathlon!

May 9, 2009

Ice Age Trail 50

South Kettle Moraine State Forest, La Grange, Wisconsin

50 miles, trails, cool weather, rain for 1st hr but then partly cloudy, good day for running

9:28:24, 56th of 203 finishers overall, 50th of 159 among men, 15th of 39 in male 45-49 (tough group!)

Overall pace 11:23.

Started off way too fast doing the first 9 miles in roughly a 9 min pace. Did first 26.2 miles in ~4:31 (10:21 pace). Did last 23.8 miles in ~4:46 (12:01 pace). Did last 9.5 miles in ~1:55 (12:06 pace).

See my blog for the full story.

Deb's Race

April 26, 2009

2nd Annual Run/Walk for Kidney Awareness

Winton Woods Park, Cincinnati, OH

5K (3.1 miles)

3:23, 25th of 240 females, 6th of 10 in female 35-39

April 21, 2009

Boston Marathon

Boston, Massachusetts

26.2 miles, chilly (high 40's), partly cloudy, pretty much perfect

3:29:37, 7183 of 22849 overall, 6009 of 13547 among men, 1030 of 2536 in male 45-49.


5K 0:24:36

10K 49:04

15K 1:13:45

20K 1:38:56

1/2 marathon 1:44;19

25K 2:30:37

30K 2:28:46

35K 2:54:11

40K 3:18:45

Finish 3:29:37

See my blog for pictures.

April 11, 2009

Illinois Marathon, Half-Marathon, and 5K

Champaign/Urbana, Illinois

Chilly and sunny. Nice.

Deb: Half Marathon (13.1 miles)

2:26:09, 2909th overall, 187th of 263 in female 35-39.

See Deb's blog for pictures.

Tim: 5K (3.1 miles)

20:25, 12th of 1933 overall, 10th of 645 among men, 1st of 60 in male 45-49!

You won't see this often.

March 14, 2009

Germantown 7/14 Trail Run

Germantown, Ohio

14 miles, cool (nice) weather, fairly flat for a trail race

2:06:34 (9:03/mi), 14th of 62 overall, 4th of 13 in male 45-49

Tim at the start. (blue/gray long sleeve shirt)

Tim during the race. (too warm for 2 shirts)

Tim at the finish!

February 14, 2009

Lousville Lovin' The Hills

Louisville, Kentucky

50K trail run (31 miles), cool (nice) weather, amazingly hilly (steep), downhills killed me. I thought I'd do a bit better but I got severe shin splints & knee and feet pain by about 22 miles and walked many downhills after that.

6:16:19 (12:07/mi), 17th of 62 overall




January 17, 2009

Frostbite Footrace

Scott County Park, Eldridge, Iowa

8K (4.97 miles), 28 degrees and a bit windy, roads a bit slippery

34:13?, 16th of 142 overall, 2nd of ~10? in m 45-49

December 13, 2008

Jingle Bell Run For Arthritis


5K (3.1 miles), cold

Tim: 21:01, 124th of 1294

Deb: 31:33, 857th of 1294

November, 27 (Thanksgiving Day), 2008

Turkey Trot

Davenport, Iowa

5 miles, big hill up and down, cold weather but great for a run

Tim: 34:54 (6:59 pace), 7th of 60 in M45-49, 80th of 1173 overall

Deb: 52:02, 44th of 57 in F35-39, 792nd of 1173 overall

My sister came in 2nd of 54 in the 50-54 age group, with a time of 40:39!

Deb's Race

October 28, 2008

Ghosts and Goblins

Dayton, Ohio

5K (3.1 miles)

October 19, 2008

Detroit Free Press Marathon

Detroit, Michigan

26.2 miles, perfect weather, 40's, not much wind

3:28:05 (Qualified for the BOSTON Marathon!), 450th of 3546 overall, 47th of 332 in male 45-49.

Overall pace was 7:57. Time at half was 1:45:02 so I had a negative split for once.

Deb did the half marathon with a time of 2:20:31, a PR by over 20 minutes!!




Deb and Tim

Race Recap

It was absolutely PERFECT yesterday. Started in the low 40's and end probably around 50. Very little wind on a course which traditionally can be windy, I heard. The first half had us running over a big bridge (Ambassador Bridge) into Canada which of course was a "hill" and then back to the USA under the tunnel which was another hill coming out of it. Not big hills though. The 2nd half was totally flat.

I ran the first half with the 3:30 pace guy and did it in almost exactly 1:45:00. Around 15 miles I scooted ahead of the pace guy, not on purpose. I was probably barely a minute ahead of him most of the time. Around mile 22 I started hurting but not horribly so. At that point I felt the only wind of the day, coming right down the street towards us and although it wasn't strong it was slowing me down some. At mile 24 I was starting to poop out, but managed to keep my pace up alright (I didn't dare look back to see where the pace guy was but kept imagining him at my heels) and got over the finish line at 3:28:05, with little energy to spare. So I'm very very happy. I had to run a 3:30 to qualify for Boston. (Actually 3:30:59, they give you 59 extra seconds.) So I qualified by almost 3 minutes, about 1/3 of a mile.

Honestly I didn't feel totally at my peak. I might have peaked 2 weeks ago at the half-marathon. My legs were a bit tight and sluggish on the first half yet strong enough, but I felt quite good at miles 15-20 and that really helped my psyche. At mile 20, my usual crash, I felt still pretty strong even though I was weakening some but not in a disheartening way. By mile 22 I was fairly sure I'd make my 3:30 goal time even though I was hurting some. I was only hoping I wouldn't cramp. My left hamstring was tightening - my usual pre-cramp feeling - but it stayed okay to the end.

Deb was amazing. She was shooting for 2:30 in the half. Her previous best was 2:40. She ended up with a 2:20! She ran the whole thing, which was a first for her. I actually thought she said 2:28 when I first saw her and it was like an hour later when I realized she did a 2:20. I couldn't believe it. Now she can starting thinking about that 2 hour half some day.

October 5, 2008

Run For The Schools

Iowa City, Iowa

Half-marathon, 13.1 miles, nice cool weather

1:35:12, 24th of 171 overall, 3rd of 6 in male 45-49.

Deb did the 10K (6.2 miles) with a time of 1:05:03.





August 17, 2008

Pigman Half Ironman Triathlon

Palo, IA

1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run

Hot yet wet suit legal (I don't think it should have been). I didn't wear one.

59:27 swim, 3:15:53 bike, 1:56:44 run; 6:16:25 total; 27th of 33 in M45-49

Coming out of the swim


I finished!

Get this: I was 459th of 460 overall in the swim. Ouch! I can do better. A few issues slowed me down. Here is a recap of this race.

First, I had made up a race goal of 6 hours, only because that was a round number. Carrying this further, I made up the times of 50 min swim, 3:10 bike, and 1:55 run, which with 5 min of transitions would give me 6 hours.

In the swim I took off and had a panic attack about 100 yards out. Not exactly sure why, but I was getting creamed by others. It turned out that the whole way I was run over, from beginning to finish. I really got beat up swimming, which I didn't mind although it often made me stop to get reoriented. Anyway, I think the panic attack happened not just because I was being run over so badly, but because I looked up and couldn't see any buoys and the lake looked huge. I felt like I had been dropped in the ocean. It was me and a bunch of dolphins or something. Not cute dolphins. Big black (wet suits) mean dolphins. So for a few min I breathed every other stroke and thought of flipping over onto my back but didn't, but then settled down and got into a good groove. Then I started looking for the first turn (course was a triangle). I couldn't believe how long it was taking to get to the turn. After a few buoys I saw a buoy up ahead and figured that was it. No. And not the next one. And not the next one. WTF? I swear it took 30 min just to get to the first one. At this point I'm thinking that if I'm 1/3 done, I better conserve energy. Turns out that I don't think this triangle had 3 equal sides. I should have checked beforehand the swim course (still don't know). But I think maybe the 2nd side was shorter, and the 3rd side even shorter still. However I slowed my pace to conserve energy. Even when I made the last turn and saw the finish, I really couldn't gauge the distance from that vantage point. When I finished, I realized I still had unused energy. My time was like 59.5 minutes. Ugh. I could have swum faster. I actually felt quite good during most of the swim. I thought I'd do better. In the last couple of months I've swum at Geode by myself a half-dozen times, up to 60 minutes. However that lake is calm. This lake had waves which I'm not used to. Maybe they were small waves but they felt big to me. When I turned to breathe, waves would wash over my head and face. Then there was this jerk in a boat who would drive by and create even bigger waves! I almost yelled at him. Dumba$$.

Okay, I just have to add this: In my defense, it should be noted that of the 460 swimmers, probably 5-10 of us did NOT have wet suits, and I was one of them. Wet suits keep you buoyant and while they are technically probably not supposed to make you faster, everyone knows they do. So, yes, I would have fared better had no one been wearing a wet suit? How much better I don't know. Not a lot, but some. (Having said all that, Brent from my team didn't wear a wet suit either and kicked ASS. But swimming is his thing!

While I'm making excuses for my performance, I might also point out that my bike is quite old. In fact I bought it used about 4 years ago so I don't know how old it is. Plus I don't use bike shoes which evidently help a lot. So there's that. Excuses excuses! I really don't care where I place, as long as I have fun, see some improvement over time, and keep in shape. I'm doing that.

I learned some lessons in this race: try to know the swim course lengths before jumping in. And don't expect to see buoys all the time. Oh, I also probably swam 1.5 miles because I cannot swim a straight line. I was all over the place, including to the right of some buoys. Is this even legal?? No one penalized me. I did go to the left of the 2 turn-around buoys so I didn't cheat the course length. I don't know how to learn to swim straight. Practice, I guess.

Going up to transition, my bike was sitting all alone in my age group. We had to put our bikes in our own "wave" area. That was a little depressing, to say the least. Many many bikes from waves AFTER mine were already gone.

I got on the bike which was fairly uneventful and relatively relaxing, in a way. (You gotta be able to relax some on a race this long, I think. Biking is the time for it in a triathlon.) I purposely never looked at my speed because when I do, I have a tendency to speed up, to go 'just a bit faster.' I tried to, again, conserve energy the whole way, to never go all out, and possibly could have went a bit faster. I ate a lot and drank a lot. Did the potato thing. (I had left my electrolyte/protein powder at home so that was a bummer. I ate a protein bar.) Bike time was like 3:16. Not bad.

In the run I started out slow and easy, and at the turn around felt I could speed up. But as happens with me periodically in summer races, cramps struck my legs. Actually I didn't ever totally lock up or even cramp badly, but I was on the edge of cramping the last 5 miles or so, so I slowed considerably. This kinda bummed me out because my legs felt fairly strong. I think I could have run 1:50. I drank at every water station and ate bananas and oranges and my salt tablets and Gu, and managed to hold off bad cramping, but it slowed me. It was much hotter (or so it felt) than I thought it would get. In fact I'm fairly sunburned. Many were walking and I saw others cramping/stretching. I did run the whole way other than at the water stations. Happily I passed many people so that was nice. Final time was about 1:56. Decent but I could do better.

I drank a lot and sucked down all kinds of electrolytes, so I don't think hydration/salts caused the near-cramping. It was simply not being trained right and the heat. Overall I'm happy though. From last place after the swim I managed to end up 27th of 33 in my age group. I had no real training program for this and just made stuff up, tossing in long rides when I could and some bricks. I didn't taper much (last Sat I biked 40 and last Sunday I ran 20, although I felt like crap and really ran/walked 19.5. On Wednesday I did my full speed workout.)

Overall, despite my comments above about problems, I'm fairly happy I did that well on my first try. There's room for lots of improvement should I try it again and take it more seriously.

July 26, 2008

Bix 7

Davenport, IA

7 miles, very hilly, warm

52:14, 55th of 524 in M45-49

Deb did this too in a time of 1:15:14




July 12, 2008

Lake Geode Triathlon

Danville, IA

Warm, not wet suit legal

1.5K (0.93mi) swim, 40K (24.8mi) bike, 10K (6.2mi) run

35:08 swim, 1:25:03 bike, 47:21 run; 2:49:46 total; 5th of 6 in my age group

Deb's Race

June 1, 2008

Ride Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio

26 mile bike ride, untimed

Deb's Race

May 31, 2008

Adventures for Wish Kids

King's Island (amusement park), Mason, Ohio

5K (3.1 miles)

31:40, 3rd place in her age group!



May 4, 2008

Cinco Du Mayo Duathlon

Davenport, Iowa

3K (1.9 mi) run, 17K (10.5 mi) bike, 3K run; nice day

13:30 run, 31:36 bike, 13:15 run; 58:45 min overall; 6th of 11 in M45-49

April 26, 2008

Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon

Louisville, Kentucky

26.2 miles; mild weather; hilly course

3:44:26, 229th of 1207 overall; 18th of 87 in M45-49.

Deb did the half marathon in 2:40:37, beating her previous best by 28 minutes!



April 13, 2008

Gilda's Run

Davenport, Iowa

5K (3.1 miles)

35:10, 16th of 19 in m 45-49. (Hey, I just did a 50 mile race yesterday...)

April 12, 2008

McNaughton Park Trail Run

Pekin, Illinois

50 Miles (ultramarathon). Hills, hills, hills. Extremely muddy. Creek crossings. Chilly (30's-40's). Wet.

11:21:57.74. (That's 11 hrs, 21 min, 57.74 seconds.) Overall pace = 13:38/mile.

16th of 92 starters. 23 dropped out before finishing.

This race consisted of five 10-mile laps, all on dirt trails or grassy fields. Here are my lap times:

Lap 1 1:54:01.81 11:24/mile

Lap 2 2:02:25.32 12:15/mile

Lap 3 2:15:02.55 13:30/mile

Lap 4 2:30:55.39 15:06/mile

Lap 5 2:39:32.67 15:57/mile

This is not at the finish of my race, since it is light out. But this is coming into the start/finish area.

Me with race director Andy after the race. It looks like Andy is trying to keep me from falling over. I look emaciated or something.

Here is a race summary:

Race started at 6am so I finished at about 5:22pm.

The race itself was extremely hard. The weather was actually kind of nice. Chilly, which is good. Some rain during the race but that was no problem. However, there was a ton of rain the few days before the race, so the amount of mud I ran through was ridiculous. Deep thick gooey mud, for 50 miles. Every bit of this race was trail or open field. It was very hilly too. Steep hills. Up and down. There were times when you were doing nothing but going up or down for 2-3 miles in a row. Going downhill was very painful by about 25 miles. My quadriceps were completely blown out by 30. I had major shin splints by then too and was nearly screaming "ouch" every time I had to go down a hill, from all that braking and straining not to fall on the slippery slopes. They had one hill that required a rope to go up, to pull yourself up using your arms, and you really needed it because the hill was nearly straight up and of course muddy. (It was kinda nice to use my arms instead of my legs though.) There were two mid-calf-high creek crossings, and those felt wonderful on my hurting feet and I wanted to stop and just let my feet go numb. There were numerous muddy ravines to run through. The mud was certainly the main reason so many dropped out. It's hard to describe how hard it was and how much muscle effort it took to keep from falling. I had to use every muscle in my ankles and calves and knees and quads and butt and hips and back and even arms to remain upright. Ironically, my only wipeout came on a wooden bridge. They were slick from the rain and my feet went right out from under me. Luckily I fell straight down. Had I fallen bit to the side and I would have fallen about 15 feet. The course was treacherous and I'm not sure how no one got seriously injured.

Overall, it was a blast. I'd probably do it again. The winner did it in like 8:03! When I finished my 3rd lap (30 miles), he happened to be finishing his 4th lap (40 miles). Dude was 10 miles ahead of me and we took off about the same time and he looked totally fresh.

I'm happy with my 16th place. What I discovered was that while my pace was slower than some, I took very short breaks at the aid stations. A number of people repeatedly passed me while running, but they would stop for 5-15 minutes at aid stations. My longest stop may have been 5 minutes and often it was about a minute or so, enough to eat some food, change water bottles, drink up, etc.

Lap 4 was the hardest. I was really in pain and the finish felt a long way off. During that lap I did my first 'walk'. Actually, I walked all the steep hills. There's virtually no way to run those even if they were dry, and they were wet. I also walked, or skidded down, the steep downhills. Some crazy people can run down steep downhills like mountain goats. It's freaky to watch. I don't know how they do that. I have to go down gently or I'll land right on my face. Anyway, in lap 4 I had a one-mile semi-flat stretch that I walked at about the 6 mile point. However I think that helped and I was able to run the last 3 miles of the lap. Lap 5 felt better, in part because the pain just wasn't getting any WORSE and that was kind of nice, knowing I had kind of reached a certain limit in pain for the moment. I did the same one-mile walk in lap 5 and was able to run to the finish. While I was completely worn out, I suppose I could have kept going, albeit at slower and slower paces, for maybe another lap, maybe two. Don't know.

Here's an odd fact: During the whole 11+ hours, I went to the bathroom once, and that was to pee. (Just stepped off the trail for a second...)

I just drank and ate what felt right. I brought with me 4 bottles of my electrolyte/protein drink and some salt tablets and supplemented this with water and even some Pepsi (for the caffeine and energy burst). They had all kinds of snacks at the aid stations. I ate what felt right. A few times my stomach didn't really want anything but I might eat some pieces of baked potatoes that they had. I ate a lot of peanut butter/jelly sandwiches. Those just hit the spot. I stayed away from the M&M's and sugary stuff for the most part (except for the jelly and the Pepsi..I would rather have had Diet Pepsi but didn't see any). Most of the day I wasn't too hungry from all the little snacks but I recall at the beginning of lap 5 being starved (it was late afternoon by then) and I shoved down more pb&j's at an aid station.

They had a cook at the start/finish line making hot foods. I didn't want that during the race (many did, I suppose) but afterwards I ate a bbq sandwich, a turkey sandwich, and two bratwursts. I then ate like half of a pound bag of M&M's. And about 4 Pepsi's.

What's astounding is not only that guy who did it in 8 hours, but there was simultaneously a 100 and 150 mile race going on. The 150 mile people had started the day before. They really do run all night, non-stop (well some do...some stop for long breaks or even take naps). These people are amazing. In the 100 mile race the 2nd place finisher was a woman. Her pace was nearly the same as mine except for the 3 laps she did in the middle of the night where she slowed some. The 100 milers started with us 50 milers. She finished at like 10am Sunday morning (just under 28 hours). In her blog she said she wasn't even sore afterwards. Not sure I believe that, but she was running a few days later. I, on the other hand, thought that maybe my quadriceps had been torn off my legs and left on the course. The excruciating pain I felt the next 5 days or so seemed to be due to my bare thigh bones that were probably cracked in half, or so I imagined. As much as I practiced hills, I wasn't ready for this intense up and down trail in the mud.

It turns out, I guess, that women do really well in these ultras, compared to "shorter" races like marathons and below. A number of these ultras have been won by women. After Dean Karnazes ("Ultramarathon Man" is a book he wrote) ran 262 miles with no sleep, a woman (Pam Reed) broke that record and did 300.

I personally like the 50 mile distance: You can do it all in the day. I have no desire at this time to even think about a 100 mile race where you'd have to run all night. No appeal there. I actually missed no work to do this race. For a 100 mile race I don't see how you just go back to work. I don't see how you train for it either. Even for this 50 mile race I had a few runs that killed off pretty much a whole day. One practice run started at 2:30 am so I could finish in the morning. Another time I ran 51 miles over a 3-day period, all in the morning, Friday (before work) through Sunday. 50 miles is a good tough distance. Beyond that it becomes way more than just running.

The recovery period was odd. As I said, the pain for a few days was intense. Quads and shins were blown and tender. Lesser pains in my hips and lower back would crop up and go away. Yet one week later, I finally went out to run, and did 8 strong miles and everything felt great. In fact I'm doing the Louisvile Marathon this Saturday (2 weeks after the 50 miler, I had planned to do the half but feel good enough to switch to the full).

How's that for a long summary.

January 19, 2008

Frostbite Footrace

Scott County Park, Eldrige, Iowa

8K (4.97 miles), extremely cold, about 5 degrees with -10 degrees wind chilly, hilly course

37:39, 24th of 107 overall, 5th of 8 in m 45-49

December 1, 2007

Tecumseh Trail Marathon

Bloomington, Indiana

26.2 mile trail run, cold day. Very very hilly!

4:17:07, 98th of 461 overall, 16th of 58 m 45-49.

Nice race outfit

November, 22 (Thanksgiving Day), 2007

Turkey Trot

Davenport, Iowa

5 miles, big hill up and down

35:56, 8th of 54 in M45-49, 101st of 967 overall

Deb did it too, in 1:10:34.

November 17, 2007

Living History Farms Trail Race

Living History Farms in Urbandale Iowa, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

6.8 miles trail run, nice cool day. Running through creeks and mud!

58:59 (58:35 unofficial), 779th of 3516 men, 39th of 256 m 45-49.

After the race. I'm not too muddy.

An example of a creek crossing.

October 28, 2007

Devil's Dash

Usher's Ferry Historic Village, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

15K (9.3 miles) trail run, beautiful crisp sunny day.

1:10:20, 25th of 108 overall, 2nd of 6 in male 45-49.

October 13, 2007

Walk For Lupus Now

Indianapolis, IN

5K (3.1 mi) miles fun walk

We raised $519 for Lupus causes.

Mayor of Indianapolis

Hot Dog

Wild Entertainment!

Deb and Tim

October 7, 2007

Towpath Marathon

Cuyahoga Falls National Park, Ohio

26.2 miles, VERY warm and humid, record temps! Luckily there was a lot of shade on the towpath.

3:38:28 (8:20 pace), 58th of 380 overall, 10th of 79 in male age 45-49.

Deb did the half marathon and nearly broke her personal record, despite having torn ligaments in her feet!


Me again

September 23, 2007

Quad Cities Marathon (and Half Marathon)

Moline & Rock Island, Illinois; Bettendorf and Davenport, Iowa

Half marathon, 13.1 miles; nice day, a bit warm

1:40:00 (7:41 pace), 106th of 1013 overall, 12th of 70 in male age 45-49.


September 16, 2007

Tri-Hawks Triathlon

Coralville Lake, Iowa

500 yd swim, 15.1 mi bike, 5K run

Weather was great, but previous cold nights made the swim cold (about 68?)! Wet suit legal, but I didn't wear one.

Bike was very hilly. Part of run was on trails.

15:00 min swim, 51:37 bike, 24:30 run; 1:34:28 finish; 10th of 17 in male 45-49, 107th of 182 among males, 136th of 334 overall.

Finishing the bike ride

August 19, 2007

Du State Du (Duathlon)

Loud Thunder, Illinois

2 mile run, 14 mile bike, 2 mile run; hilly bike ride!

1:16:52, 8th of 17 in male/45-49, 42 of 101 overall.


There were quite a few hills like this.


Near the finish.

July 28, 2007

Bix 7

Davenport, Iowa

7 miles, hot but bearable

54:55, 1484th of 15,000+, 99th of 597 in male/45-59 division


Deb did it too.

July 22-24, 2007

RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa)


I did the first 3 days of this 7-day bike ride across Iowa. On days 1 and 3 I did about 75 miles each. On day 2 I did 100 miles.

Wonder how far this guy got?

Yummy Belgian Waffles.

Wind power.

Lots of bikes.

Each town has its own sights and sounds and character.


June 16, 2007

Quad Cities Triathlon

Davenport, Iowa (West Lake)

600 yard swim, 15 mile bike ride, 5K run

Warm. Wet suits not legal.

1:37:58 final time, 20th of 26 in my age group, 293 of 448 overall

Swim time was 19:05, bike 50:34, run 24:11

My first triathlon. This is a "sprint" triathlon which means it's a short one, but considering that I couldn't swim 50 yards just 6 months ago, this isn't so bad.

Coming out of the water.

Up to the bike.

On the bike.

Done biking.

Starting the run.


May 19, 2007

Great River Bridge Run

Burlington, Iowa

6 miles, nice cool weather

46:32, 2nd place of men 45-49, but I don't know how many entered.

Deb, Tiana, and my brother Bud all did the 2.2 mile walk.

My brother, Tiana, Me, and Deb.

May 5, 2007

OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon

Indianapolis, Indiana

13.1 miles, warm and a little humid, but not bad

1:45:56, 269 of 1697 of men 45-49, 2759 of 29312 overall finishers


Deb did it as well.

January 28, 2007

Children's TLC Easter Seals Groundhog Run

Kansas City, Missouri

10K (6.2 mi), in a "cave"! 65 degrees and flat.

48:03 (47:55 unofficial), 23rd of 72 among men 45-49. My best 10K (since younger days).

November 23, 2006

Drumstick Dash

Indianapolis, Indiana

4.5 miles, flat, nice cool weather

34:46, 426th of 1932. This is a 7:43 pace. My best in years.

With the turkey!

October 21, 2006

Indianapolis Marathon

Indianapolis, Indiana

26.2 miles, a bit hilly, nice cool weather

4:11:46, 304th of 593. The 4-hr marathon eludes me. I was at 20 miles at 3:01, then crashed...ouch.

Me near the finish line. I'm in a lot of pain right there.

Deb did the half marathon

October 8, 2006

Metro Walk For Lupus

Jackson, Michigan

2 miles, beautiful day

Me and Deb

September 16, 2006

US Air Force Marathon

Dayton, Ohio

13.1 miles (half marathon), pretty hilly, nice cool weather

1:52:19, 388th of 1506, 79th of 220 among men 40-49

Back of the shirt I wore. My tribute to my Dad.

God Bless America!

Cool Dude


Thanks to Deb for supporting me!

July 29, 2006

Bix 7

Davenport, Iowa

7 miles, very hilly, very hot and humid

1:03:54 (1:03:20 unofficial), 2274th of ~16,000



July 1, 2006

DINO Trail Run

North Vernon, Indiana

15K (9.3 mi), very warm and humid

1:44:09, 40th of 61 (good runners!)

June 10, 2006

Quad-Cities Race for the Cure

Moline, Illinois

5K, cool & windy

24:24 (7:52 pace), 152nd of 2435

May 7, 2006

Flying Pig Marathon (and Half Marathon)

Cincinnati, Ohio

Half marathon (13.1 miles), perfect weather - in the 40's/50's

Hilly course but fun with great views of the river. Great downhill at the end.

Tim: 1:53:33, 714th of 4390

Deb: 3:16:12

Me near the end


Me and Deb

March 18, 2006

Holliday Park Trail Run

Indianapolis, IN

5 miles, cold but sunny

Tim: 49:26, 129th of 420

Deb: 1:28:12

Long break here. I was rebuilding severely worn-out feet and also nursing a hip injury with lots of physical therapy and muscle building exercises.

October 22, 2005

Walk With Us to Cure Lupus

Chicago, Illinois

5 K (3.1 miles)

Deb and Me

October 9, 2005

Chicago Marathon

Chicago, Illinois

26.2 miles, perfect weather - in the 50's

4:06:40, 12,293rd of 33,012 finishers

I crashed the last 6 miles. I was hoping for a 4 hour marathon and I finished the first half in 1:58:36. Darn it.



September 4, 2005

Q95 Rock 'n Run

Indianapolis, Indiana

30 K (18.6 miles)

2:55:41, 152nd of 253

July 30, 2005

Bix 7

Davenport, Iowa

7 miles, hilly course

1:01:37 (1:00:20 unofficial), 2678th of 16,711

July 4, 2005

Freedom Run

Indianapolis, Indiana

5 miles - toasty 80 degrees

40:58, 251st of 647

June 4, 2005

DINO Trail Run

Indianapolis, Indiana

About 9.7 miles - warm weather

1:31:14, 61st of 95 (Dang, these people are fast.)

May 7, 2005

OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon

Indianapolis, Indiana

Half marathon (13.1 miles) - warm weather

1:51:33, 3907th of 25028

picture 1

picture 2

finish line

some of my running buddies

March 5, 2005

500 Festival Training Series

Indianapolis, Indiana

10K (6.2 miles) - cool calm weather

49:39, 127th of 827

My pace for this was 7:59 per mile. This is good for me. I broke 8 minutes!

January 8, 2005

Siberian Express Trail Run

Danville, Illinois

7.6 miles - 30 degrees, a few inches of fresh snow, LOTS of MUD!

1:11:00 unofficial, 1:11:11 official, 177th of 384

November 25, 2004

Drumstick Dash

Indianapolis, Indiana

4.5 miles - cold but sunny

36:11, 327th of 1534

October 29, 2004

Run Like Hell

Indianapolis, Indiana

3 miles - very warm for October

24:11 (23:58 unofficial), 117th of 611

I ran in this costume

October 16, 2004

Lupus Walk For A Cure

Portage, Indiana

5 K (3.1 miles)

Deb and Me

Receipt for those who donated

September 26, 2004

Quad Cities Marathon

Moline, East Moline, and Rock Island, Illinois; Bettendorf and Davenport, Iowa

26.2 miles, beautiful weather - nice and cool

4:09:03, 257th of 464 (Time at 13.1 miles: 159:10)

picture 1 (I'm wearing the white cap.)

I finished!

July 24, 2004

Bix 7

Davenport, Iowa

7 miles, hilly course, fantastic weather - nice and cool

1:00:13 official time, 58:40 unofficial, 3004th of about 19,000

picture (I'm in red in the middle.)

May 8, 2004

Indianapolis Life Mini-marathon

Indianapolis, Indiana

Half marathon (13.1 miles), very warm. There were three heart attacks, and one death.

1:57:33, 4929th of 18367. I think more than this ran/walked (30,000 signed up) but they discontinued timing due to the conditions. My time was lousy. I was weak, but not from the heat, I think. Next year!

March 20, 2004

Holliday Park Trail Run

Indianapolis, Indiana

5 miles, nice day

48:59, 113th of 443

January 24, 2004

Bop to the Top, Benefit for Riley Hospital for Children

Indianapolis, Indiana

37 floors, 515 feet, 806 steps, plenty painful

I think I ran about 5 flights, and walked the rest.

7:18 (7 min, 18 sec), 217th of 607

Receipt for those who donated

January 3, 2004

Siberian Express Trail Run

Danville, Illinois

7.6 miles, rain and very muddy and cold

1:06:48, 213th of 517

This is not me but it gives you some idea of what we ran in. Everyone was at least this dirty by the end - much worse if you slipped and fell. For every step forward, I slid a half step sideways or back! I fell a couple of times but luckily caught myself with my hands.

November 8, 2003

DINO Trail Run

Indianapolis, Indiana

15K (9.3 miles), below freezing

1:30:55, 36th of 75

Me (I'm in shorts)





September 28, 2003

Quad Cities Marathon

Moline and Rock Island, Illinois; Bettendorf and Davenport, Iowa

Half marathon (13.1 miles), great weather

1:48:02, 161st of 588



August 16, 2003

DINO Trail Run

North Vernon, Indiana

15K (9.3 miles), hot and muggy

1:43:19, 45th of 56 (ouch!)

Me (I'm orange.)




July 26, 2003

Bix 7

Davenport, Iowa

7 miles, hilly course, good weather

1:04:01, 3482nd of 19,854


May 31, 2003

DINO Trail Run

Indianapolis, Indiana

5K (3.1 miles), very muddy

29:24, 61st of 144

Septermber 21, 2001

Quad Cities Marathon

Moline and Rock Island, Illinois; Bettendorf and Davenport, Iowa

Half marathon (13.1 miles), cold and rainy

1:53:01, 159th of 406