Course Availability Moodle ISU


Course availability affects whether or not students are able to access the course on Moodle ISU. On the morning of the first day of classes, all Moodle ISU courses for the current semester become available to students. However, the instructor can make courses available sooner or make their course unavailable after the first day of classes.

Note: Courses listed in gray are not available to students.

Change Course Availability

  1. In My Courses, Select the course you wish to modify.
  2. In the Navigation Gear Menu, Select Edit settings.



  1. From the Course visibility dropdown menu, Select Hide or Show.
  1. Hide - makes the course invisible to students. The course will be grayed out in your Moodle courses list.
  2. Show - allows enrolled students to access the course.


  1. After you have chosen the setting you desire, Click Save and display.

For more information, see Course settings

For additional information, contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email

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