Take Back the Bridge for Everyone

This past weekend, TJP founder Stacey Prince and her partner Teri Mayo organized an event called Take Back the Bridge... for Everyone.  Originally an event co-sponsored by the Seattle/King County Crisis Clinic and Vine Christian Ministries, Stacey and Teri thought it was very important to raise awareness in the community of suicide risk factors for LGBTQI youth and adults, and also to call attention to the detrimental role that faith communities can play when they promote messages of intolerance.  The event was very well attended by 40 people including TJP co-founder Anne Phillips and several other TJP members.  It was a success in increasing visibility of issues of critical importance to LGBTQI individuals.  It received news coverage and fostered much discussion on the internet.


Future actions that may stem from this one include fundraising efforts that might benefit LGBTQI youth, dialogue between conservative and progressive faith communities along with mental health professionals, and ongoing discussion with the Crisis Clinic about their representation to the LGBTQI community.  Stay tuned for those and in the meantime, check out the coverage for this Stacey Prince led effort called "Take Back the Bridge for Everyone".



Posted on October 9, 2010 at 5:13 PM


for video click here http://www.king5.com/news/local/Take-Back-The-Bridge-Project-104642454.html

SEATTLE - Anne stands along the Aurora Bridge, recounting the last year. She's kept tabs on every suicide jumper.

"I have to personalize them somehow. I don't want them to be a statistic," she said.

Anne joined dozens of others for the "Take Back The Bridge Project." She's tired of keeping tabs.

"I actually have moments of being very angry at the person. I think now that you're out of your misery now total strangers have to experience this, your family has to get the news," she said.

"There's no one stereotype for someone that commits suicide. The one common factor is that they lose hope," says The Vine Christian Ministries Pastor Heath Rainwater.

He believes the key is connecting with the hurting before they get to the bridge. It's what all of Saturday's walkers want. So many from different walks of life, affected by suicide.

"I think about the risk factors to lesbian, gay and transgender teens. They have been in the news the last couple of months," says Stacey Prince with Take Back The Bridge For Everyone.

Anne hopes getting her community to talk about it is the first step. Saturday's event has made her hopeful.

"I talk to so many people who don't even know people are jumping off the bridge. I'm like are you kidding me?" she said.

WSDOT crews tell us they are expected to finish the fencing project along the bridge by the end of the year.