ITSC Student Manager Job Description

Job Title: Student Manager

Department: Information Technology (ITS)

Reports To: ITSC Coordinator


The student manager is responsible for working with the professional staff to delegate and assign work to the other student workers in addition to the normal duties of a “Student Worker.”  This person will relay information related to help desk calls, track their completion, and work with the professional staff to ensure prompt delivery of service, and other duties as assigned.  Candidates for this position must have strong communication skills, be able to form relationships with faculty and staff, have strong management skills (especially in relation to managing one’s peers,) and be able to solve more complicated problems in an academic business environment.


Perform hardware and software maintenance on University-owned equipment.

Encourage collaborative thinking and troubleshooting.

Provide status reports for projects to supervisor.

With the supervisor, evaluate student workers’ skill-sets and encourage development in areas needing improvement.

Provide excellent customer service to University students, faculty and staff.

Install computers for adjunct faculty, student workers and computer labs.

Research solutions of rare and uncommon computer problems.


Thorough Understanding of: