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Phase I - Member Database Navigation

Search, add, delete, and modify member records

[Launched February 03]

[Kath] when i'm looking at waitlisted members i need to see the date they joined the waitlist.  it's in the list view and it's there when you "show" the household info but not when i edit info.  however i don't want this info accessible by members when they log in.

[Tim] This is a limitation of the original Ed database.  He had one field for "Joined" into which a waiting list members first contact.  This should really be broken out, there should be a "signed up for waiting list" field, and a "became a member" field.  When you process a waiting list member into an active, it should put their joined date into the "Joined" field.

The reason you cannot edit this currently is because in theory you should not be able to change the date someone joined.  That date is that date.  But a waiting list entry is a different matter, as noted above.  

This will be clarified in Phase II.

[Kath] it would be helpful when i pull up the waitlist if the heading could say "WAITLIST" and not "ALL MEMBERS."

[Tim] Do mean when you “search” for members by status?  Or when you sort them in the index list?

[Kath] when i pull up the waitlist and then go into the form of the household it would be nice if when i push the "back to list" button it takes me back to  the waitlist, not the whole membership list.

[Tim] Hmm, I'll take a look at that.

[Kath] it's be good if there could be a means of numbering the waitlist members so i can easily tell someone where they are on the list.

[Tim] For Phase II

[Kath] will this DB configure the addresses into labels?

[Tim] Yes, this will be Phase III

[Kath] in the "status" of each household there should be a "deferred" option; people who are active members but who put their membership on hold for a year or two.

[Tim] OK.  The original list of status options comes from the Ed database and should be cleaned up.  I can add a "Deferred" field.  Would that be different from "Inactive"?  Also there is "Dropped" and "Terminated".  Seems like those are the same.  I wonder if we shouldn't merge those?  We could have:  "Active", "Waitlist", "Inactive", and "Terminated".  Would that cover everything?


Phase II - Waiting List

Waitlist processing.  View waitlist by recency.  Process waitlist members into active members.

Phase III - Payment Options

Produce invoices and mailing labels.  Process payments

Phase IV - Member Options

Allow members to modify their personal information (email addresses, family members, etc)

Phase V - Front Desk Operations

Member check in. Manager options.

Phase VI - Reporting

Produce reports.  Delinquent accounts, member churn, etc.