SUNY Cortland

EDU 255

 Verbal Transcription of Lab

To Whole Class: Alright, I want everyone to line up in a big circle. We’re going to do a

follow the leader dance. One person starts off doing a dance move and then everyone

follows what that person is doing, and then a different person does a move. Everyone

understand? So when you hear the music play you can start.


To Whole Class: Alright everyone stop. Alright let’s bring it in over by the projector,

We’re going to watch a quick video.

To Whole Class: Alright I’m Mr. Rogalia and today I’m going to be your krumping

instructor. Um not too many people know too much about krumping, but it’s a dance

that’s really passionate and shows a lot of emotion and your really going to be able to

that in this video right here. Have any of you ever punched in the air or stomped the

ground? You guys do that ever? Alright well that’s pretty much Krumping right there and

putting those moves together. So were going to watch a quick video right now so you

have a better understanding. 

To Whole Class: Can everyone see that? Hey make sure were paying attention and not

fooling around.

To Whole Class: Most of the moves are punching and stomping the ground. Make

sure you guys are getting some ideas too because at the end of class you’re

going to need to some ideas for krumping, so make sure you guys are paying

attention to this.

To Whole Class: Alright so do you guys get a basic idea of what it is. Alright now let’s

bring it in over by the posters.

To Whole Class: Alright, since none of us have really done krumping before we’re going

to start off with some basic skills. The first one is the foot stomp, what this is going to

look like is we’re going to raise up our right or left foot up to 90 degrees and then stomp


To Trent: Trent can you demonstrate that for me? There you go, good work

To Whole Class: The next one we’re going to work on is the punch. I’m pretty sure all of

you already know how to punch. You’re going to pretend like your punching through

something. You’re going to cock your arm back and punch forward.

To Dave: Dave can you demonstrate that?

To Whole Class: When you’re doing the punching too you can go up, down, or whatever

your feeling.


To Whole Class: Alright so right now I want everyone to line up, let’s have one line on

this white line right here and another line on the blue line, make sure you guys are

spreading out so you’re not hitting each other. Now when I say go I want you guys to first

start working on our foot stomps. So what are we doing when I say go? Alright good job.

To Whole Class: Alright, go. Let’s see if you can go with the rhythm.

To Dave: Good job Dave, way to lift your knee 90 degrees

To Anthony: Good job Anthony, way to be creative.

To Josh: good job josh.

To Nicole: Good job Nicole, way to lift your knee 90 degrees.

To Whole Class: Alright now we’re going to work on the punch, now remember cock your

arm back and punch forward. If you want punch up, just make sure you’re cocking your

arm back.

To Trent: Good punch Trent.

To Whole Class: Alright let’s get some more energy. There we go, let’s try and speed it


To Whole Class: Alright stay where you are. The next two were going over are the heel

turn and the chest pop. It’s a little bit more difficult but not too much, you guys should

have an alright time. So first with the heel turn you want to stay light on your heels. Then

you’re going to slide your heels inward then outward. So were just bringing them in then

out. You got that? So for now were going to practice our heel turns. When you guys are

doing it try and go side to side or back and forth, be creative. Alright, go.

To Dave: good job Dave, remember inward and outward.

To Anthony: Good job Anthony. 

To Josh: Good Job Josh, way to get creative.

To Whole Class: Alright the next skill were going to learn is the chest pop. So what you

want to do is take a deep inhale, and you’re going to be lifting your shoulders while you

do it and then thrust your chest forward. Alright get it out there. Alright so now were

going to work on our chest pops and let’s see how fast you can do it. Alright, go.

To Whole Class: Remember to take a deep inhale

To Trent: Try and thrust your chest forward.

To Whole Class: Come on let’s keep it going.


To Dave: Good job Dave, good chest pop.


To Whole Class: Alright the last skill were going to learn right now is the buck bang.

Pretty much what this is, were combining some of the moves that we just learned. We

combine some arms swings, foot stomps, punches and were trying to combine these

moves. So right now when I say go, were going to practice the buck bang, try and get

creative and see how many different combinations you can do. Alright, go.

To Ben: Good job Ben, I like it.

To Danielle: good job Danielle, nice punch.

To Whole Class: come on keep being creative. There you go!

To Whole Class: Alright now were going to split up into two even teams and we’re going

to have a dance off. So let’s have the back line group together over here and the front

line group up over here. Now what’s going to happen is when the music plays, alright

guys listen up. When the music plays one person from a team will come into the middle

and start dancing. Anthony is going to start off and once he is done then a player from

team B will come in and then we’ll keep going until we have gone through the whole

team. This is when you really get creative and come up with some new moves.


To Whole Class: Your going out there by yourself in front of everyone and making your

own moves using the cues that we learned earlier.

To Anthony: Alright Anthony are you ready to start it off for us?


To Whole Class: Alright let’s bring it in, looked like you guys were having fun out there.

Did everyone have fun? I saw a lot of good krumping out there today. Next time were

going to have move up and learn some new skills. I have a special treat for you guys next

class. I have some special guest dancers coming in and we’re going to teach you how to

Dougie Alright, good work today!

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