St. Francois County 4-H

Washington County 4-H

Parkland Science Initiatives

2012 Robot Invitational

May 12, 2012

10am - 4:30pm

St. Francois County Fairgrounds

1450 Woodlawn Dr.

Farmington, MO 63640

The 2012 Robot Invitational is an opportunity for youth to demonstrate their learning, celebrate their accomplishments and interact with others who share their interest in robotics and programming. The event is open to all youth, not just 4-H members. It consists of three competitions: RoboPet Robot Challenge, a Scratch Programming Competition and a LEGO building exhibition. Youth may participate in one, two or all three events.

There are two parts to the RoboPet Challenge: Robot Performance and Team Interview. In Robot Performance, teams run their robot through a team-designed course to gain the maximum number of points, while showing off their skills in building and programming, and their creativity in design and engineering. In the Team Interview, which will last approximately 5-8 minutes, each team will have an opportunity to meet with 2 or 3 judges who will ask questions about their robot design and program. The judges will also ask the team to complete a short teamwork activity. The judges will endeavor to make this a positive experience for all.

The Scratch Programming Competition is for youth, ages 8 - 18, who have used the Scratch programming language to create an interactive art project, story, simulation or game. Participants are required to submit their projects online by April 6th. Awards will be given at the 2012 Robot Invitational on May 12th and the public will have an opportunity to view the submitted projects at the event.

The Lego Building Exhibition is a chance for all youth to show off their building skills and creativity! On the morning of the 2012 Robot Invitational, models will be placed on display at the event and throughout the day the public and judges will have a chance to view the models. Awards will be given in each age category, along with people’s choice awards.

It is important for participants to bring a good sense of appreciation for what they have accomplished. This event is organized and run by volunteers and we ask that everyone show their support and appreciation for what they have created.

Check your worries at the door, enjoy the day and the youths’ achievements and have fun!!!!

RoboPet Competition:

Team Packet

RoboPet Challenge Rules 

RoboPet Score Sheet - Robot Performance

RoboPet Interview Rubric -  Technical Judging

RoboPet Interview Rubric - Teamwork Judging

Lego Exhibition:

        LEGO Exhibition Guidelines

Scratch Programming Competition:


Entry Fees:

The entry fees for all events are due by 4/27/12,  paid either online or with a check mailed to St. Francois County 4-H Robotics. Space is limited and only 24 teams will be accepted into the RoboPet competition, so teams are encouraged to register as soon as possible.

RoboPet Challenge -  

        $5 per team member for 4-H teams

        $10 per team member for non 4-H teams

Lego Exhibition - no entry fee but individuals and teams are asked to pre-register so that we know how many models to expect


Scratch Programming Contest - $3 per entry, individual or team


        Awards will be given in all age categories for all events. Additional details will be posted on this page shortly.

Team Registration and Payment:

All teams are asked to register online, whether paying online or mailing in a check.

Payment may be made online using a credit card or Paypal account, or a check may be mailed to the St. Francois County 4-H Robotics Club prior to the deadline. If you would like to pay online simply check the online payment box on the registration form, and an invoice will be sent to you via e-mail. When you receive that e-mail invoice, simply click on the pay now button and enter your payment information.  


2012 RoboPet Online Registration         

Youth Health Statement, Parent Consent and Event Acceptance Form 

(a form for every team member must be turned in on the day of the event)


2012 RoboPet Team Mail-In Registration Form

mail in registration forms should be sent to:

St. Francois County 4-H Robotics Club

Attn:  Ann Boes

1361 Loughboro Rd.

Bismarck,  MO  63624

In order to take part in the 2012 Robot Invitational all team members, 4-H members and non 4-H members, must complete the Youth Health Statement, Parent Consent and Event Acceptance Form, which includes a photo release.  The team must present a completed consent form for each team member when checking in  on the day of event. If individual team members do not have a completed form on the day of the event, they will not be allowed to compete.

Volunteers are needed for the event. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out this form and one of the organizers will contact you.

        Register as a Volunteer

Thank You!!!!