1. Who can apply for a token?

All LSA tenure and tenure-track faculty members,

research scientists, associate research scientists, assistant research scientists, research professors, and associate research professors with a 50% or greater appointment in the College may request a token through eGIF.


  1. Can two of the three researchers be from the same department as long as they haven’t collaborated on anything prior?

Yes, two of the three can be from the same department providing they are not currently collaborating on active externally sponsored research project.

  1. Can I request multiple tokens if I want to participate in multiple cubes on different projects?

No, each participant can only receive one token.

  1. What are the funds to be used for?

The funds must be used to support undergraduate students, graduate students or

postdocs.  Up to 15% of the funds can be used for other purposes (e.g.,

equipment, supplies, lab fees, travel, etc.) but  investigator salaries are not

allowable expenses

  1. How do I request a token?

Go to https://www-a1.lsa.umich.edu/eGif/ and complete the application.  An example of how to complete the form can be found at http://www.lsa.umich.edu/research/funding/lsafundingsources/mcubed_ci

  1. How do I find more info about M-CUBED?



  1. How do I request the funds for my CUBE?

Requests for the funds will be processed through eGIF.  Please contact eGIF-help@umich.edu if you have your CUBE and are ready to request your funds.  In order to complete the eGIF application you must have  the following

1 pg Proposal w/ goals (ie. pubs, external funds)

Statement of team w/ collaborations identified

Budget (M-CUBED)

Budget Justification (M-CUBED)

Current CV (M-CUBED)

Current and Pending Support

Mentoring Plan and Support

  1. What if I don’t have the funds for the required PI contribution?

You should talk to your departmental administrator and chair to see what assistance is available within the department.

  1. Can I use M-CUBED funds for a project that already has external funding.  The M-Cubed would be used to add two new faculty collaborators to the project.

        No. Needs to be a new project.