April 12th, 2010

Start @ 6:10pm  |  End @ 8:35pm


April 26th @ 6pm (1268 Reynolds)

    > anticipated topics:

                        > Resume from #4 in April 12th Agenda

                        > make headway on the "modification required" flagged items in the VUPS constitution (minor grammatical edits done by Brett/Mel)

In Attendance

Pat Frisby, Kit St. John, Mike Barnes, Holli Benjamin, Kev Bruleigh, Phyllis Gregoire, James Rogers, Luke Binger, Brett Prairie, Mike Hofmann, Melissa Doyle

Amy Vanzant (left ~8pm)

Alyx Gilgunn (arrived ~8pm)


1. Review Previous Minutes (Action Items)

2. Board Positions - Vacancies

3. VUPS Constitution (Review)

4. Other Business (if time permitting, discuss implications of constitution, discuss split disc)

Note: Adjourned meeting after #3 on the Agenda. After a review of minutes (5-10 minutes maximum, next time) we'll resume with Item #4 from the April 12th Meeting.

Action Items (summarized post-meeting)

Amy: Written descriptions of VUPS Board Director positions (vacant positions a priority, but also write-up the filled positions)

All Directors: Submit a photo (as large as possible) to Pat - deadline April 26th - to get posted on the VUPS website. Possibly include a mini-bio?

Melissa: Send a reminder in one week re: photos.

Patrick: Prepare a "Board Members" Section on VUPS.

Note from Mel: check out the Calgary site ( ...I like how they've organized their "About CUA" and have space for the Board, Meeting Minutes, Policies, Photo Gallery and Get Involved (Saskatoon went dumb with their website a couple of weeks ago, but Calgary's looks sharp. Maybe put a tab on the top of our website with "About VUPS" and include some of these categories since we intend (from previous meeting minutes) to develop these sections anyway???)

Blair: Follow-up with Ian L. re: interest in sponsorship/public relations/media postion... possible wait until job description is fleshed out?

Brett/Melissa: Prepare an electronic (copy-edited) version of the Constitution.

Brett: Look into liability for pick-up players (since they won't have a membership with VUPS)

Brett/Barnes/Melissa: Include a space for discussion on annual membership fee in the AGM Agenda. Date change for AGM - Barnes suggested January/February after fiscal year-end?

1.0  Review of Previous Minutes (Action Items)

Pat has been paid.

Notes have not been posted to website. Brett to follow-up with Ken a.s.a.p.

Agenda came out ahead of time. Thanks!

James has fields under control. BCDSS insurance documents under control - sent to Brett etc.

Note: James is in charge of field bookings. If you do not actually book/request fields with him (for a specific date, well in advance) don't expect that field bookings will magically occur.

Summer league questions to the committee. Summer league on a roll - things going well.


- Pat can do online registration for all tournaments. TDs should be in touch well in advance to set this up.

- Savage Sevens: Luke has confirmed that James Smith will TD. James R has been in touch re: fields???  If not, please remind James Smith that he needs to request fields through VUPS this year.

- Split Disc: Follow-up required A.S.A.P. between Alyx G., Mike H. and Holli B. ...decide on dates etc. Let James R. know so he can book fields. He is not TD and not involved in these decisions.

- Pumpkin Pull: Amy is TD... has been in touch with Alyx/Mel... work/organization in progress.

- Youth Outreach: much of this is still 5-year plan related. Meg has sent a document to Brett (follow-up next meeting). Blair is absent (follow-up).

Motion to Approve: Amy

Seconded by Mike Barnes

2.0  Board Positions (Vacancies)

Do we have anyone who is interested in filling the following positions (Ask around this weekend with your teammates at Udderbowl).

See descriptions of positions as outlined in the September 2009 meeting (sent by Alyx G. via e-mail April 8, 2010)

Filled Positions:

President (Brett Prairie)

- Oversees VUPS admin, coordinates with board of directors, members, etc. Checks vupsmail account and delegates responsibilities. Grants access and permissions (passwords) for projects/email accounts.

(Brett doing some of this now as overlap with Summer League duties).

Treasurer (Mike Barnes)

- Maintains bank account/books, writes cheques.

Secretary (Melissa Doyle)

- Takes minutes of meetings, distributes minutes etc.

- Needs a seal!

- Responsible for updated VUPS members list

Fields Manager - (James Rogers)

- find/book fields (pick-up, Split Disc, Summer League, youth league, PPull)

- liaise with school board/city

- send out notices re: fields (no pick-up days, field updates rec'd from SD61/city maintenance guys, etc.)

Website Manager - (Patrick Frisby)

- post all notices on web, update sites

- work with media manager, fields manager(s), TDs of tournaments/leagues

Merchandise  - (Alyx Gilgunn)

- order discs/jerseys

League Coordinators/Directors

Summer League  - Phyllis Gregoire, Kev Bruleigh, Melissa Doyle, Pat Frisby, Blair Underhill

Indoor Organizer - Kit St.John

Split Disc Director - Holli Benjamin

Pumpkin Pull Director - Amy VanZant

Savage Sevens - James Smith

Vacant Positions include (and correct me where there are errors):


Volunteer Coordinator - Volunteer Needed!

- recruit and support volunteers on behalf of directors for events

(ie. BBQ for summer league, tournament helpers, field marking crew, etc.)

Youth Outreach Coordinator 

 - approach schools to set up teaching clinics

 - coordinate with volunteers teaching in schools

Sponsorships Manager - Volunteer Needed!

  - manage sponsorships for  VUPS, tournaments > approach letters, pick-ups of prizes, thank yous

- ex: Thrifty's card applications every May, prizes for tournaments

Public Relations/Advertising - Volunteer Needed!

- create press releases/ liaise with media and web manager

- Merging of the Sponsorship Manager position with Public Relations/Advertising position: Motion moved foward by the group.

- Re-identified "Members At Large": Jimmy, Nic Evans, Hofmann, Anita, Luke

- Volunteer Coordinator Position to be handled by Melissa (and summer league committee) since it it already in progress.


- a "Board Members" page needed on VUPS website

- flesh out job descriptions for vacant positions + filled positions (Amy)

- each board member needs to send Patrick a photo to be used on the Board Members page (two-week deadline). Size large. Mel to send the reminder in one week.

- update on whether Ian L. is interested in this position (Hofmann is interested in this as well) (Blair and Hofmann).

3.0  VUPS Constitution

- Documents attached (e-mail sent April 8, 2010)for review: Society Act; VUPS Certificant of Incorporation and Constitution

- Discuss our current Constitution including possible additions/subtractions

- Vote on whether we want to change it.

- Any changes (from Society Act) require a re-file and application

Point 1 (Definition): Keep

Point 2 (Purposes and Goals):

(a) Modify/Strike

(b) Keep

(c) Modify (and beyond) ...we don't have league teams

(d) Keep

(e) Keep

(f) Modify ...example: CRD instead of Greater Victoria

(g) Keep

(h) Modify/Review (potential strike) we need to have this? Talk to Dave P.

(i) Keep

Point 3: Modification

Point 4: Keep (clarification/modification)

Point 5:

- Edit "Victoria Ultimate Society" to "Victoria Ultimate Players Society" ...Player "apostrophe S" --> society belonging to the players ??? Think about it.

- Keep the rest

Point 6:

- Edit required... "and that charges for..."

- Modify to Keep.

- Indoor: do you need to become a member?

- Sunday pick-up: do you need to become a member?

- Side note: technically, summer league fees are VUPS membership fees... insurance is based on membership roster. We may need a membership list/annually determined. Something for people who do not play summer league, but play indoor, or people like Holli who does not play but wants to remain a member/board member. Master list needs to be maintained. Discussed having a standard format (template) for registration for various leagues so the master list of members can be edited easily with new membership (i.e. copy/paste from league registration). Do out of town pick-up players need to become members?

    > Maintenance/tracking of membership list falls under duties of the Secretary

- ACTION: Annual membership fee e.g. $5

- Brett: Look into liablity for pickup (since no membership for pickup)


Point 7: Modify to Keep

Point 8: Keep


1 (b) Edit... remove "from Columbia"

2-5: Keep

6: ACTION: At AGM - determine membership fees (only time we can do it)

15: Edit required.

ACTION: Change date for AGM? Possibly to when all of our year-end numbers can be presented.

Membership good January to December (regardless of when payment goes through). Board members need to pay fees in January in time for the AGM. Summer league (2011) add a registration box for whether you're already a member. Discuss membership fees at AGM.

ACTION: Other minor edits and grammatical errors noted throughout. These will be addressed by Brett/Melissa as they type up an electronic (mostly Brett) version of the constitution. Document to be made available before the next meeting.

4.0  Other Business 

Meeting was adjourned before we could hit 4.0. Start next meeting here. Begin discussion on how the constitution will directly affect our previous 5 year plan options (in order to assist in streamlining the next board meeting on April 26th).