Space Tourism Project

01. Initial Final Project Statement

02. Design Question

01. Initial Final Project Statement

Markus Schmeiduch //

I want my final project to...

be speculative about the user experience of future space tourist. I am highly interested in the process of research, idea-generation and design of a new kind of service/experience which is not based on top of exciting solutions or environments but rather explores an emerging industry with lots of unknown variables.

-> How will future space tourists experience each step in their Journey to/from SPACE?

I also see the final project as a chance for extending my professional scope into a new industry (Private Space Industry) for having a broader chance for future freelance jobs / employments. I think this type of project will be an important part of my future portfolio and showcase my drive towards entrepreneurship and people centered service design.

I am interested in...

What will the user experience of future space tourists look like?

How will that experience different from today's scientific space astronauts?

What can service design / experience design do to provide a vision that inspires this industry?

How would space tourism influence the economy & society back on earth?

What are the constraints / dangers of space tourism for the user?

How can technology help the user experience in each step?

I am interested in all these questions. I feel that we are in a very exciting moment in time. The Private Space Industries are emerging and the plans for space tourism becomes more and more concrete. Space exploration & technology has always fascinated me and is one of the reasons why I became a Designer in an technology driven environment.

During my Final Project I would like to challenge myself in/with/by

comfort zone: feeling solid with design process, idea / concept generation and screen-based-prototyping. Communication & presentation of project.

Non-comfort zone:  Challenge the ability to quick physical prototypes and testing them. Research skills and methodologies. Storytelling in narrative form. 3D Design & Visualization.

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My starting point

What will the user experience of future space tourists look like?

1) Research

- Books about Space Tourism

- Online Research about Service Design, User Experience Design in Tourism

- Learn from other extreme-tourism-experience (sky-diving, scuba-diving)

- zero-gravity and  the human body (how does it feel, constraints, dangers,...)

2) Interviewing People

Identify and interview people in the space industry, extreme tourism industry, service design specialists

3) Define User Journey

- How will the a tourist experience a holiday in space. What does he feel. At what moments is it important to design for the experience.

- User Journey in form of a narrative short story to be inspired and have a test-environment

4) Explore Touchpoints

- List all relevant touchpoints and create ideas for the services, user-feedback, infotainment,...

- Service Blueprint.

5) Test, build, repeat

- the concepts for this touchpoints. (physical, digital)

- User Testing

- Evidencing

6) Communicating

- Documenting / Presenting / Communicating

- White Paper

- Video

- Keynote Presentation

- Website

- Short Story


- providing (a vision for) a space tourism User Experience

Secondary Targets

- position myself in that industry as service design specialist

- get hired by Space Company or found a Consultancy

- learn more how to build & test digital & physical prototypes

- Stimulate the emergencing space tourism industry

- first step to bring Markus into Space :-)

What this project is not about

- It focuses on Space Tourism and Service Design. It is not about the DIY Space Technology or Scientific Space Exploration.


- ensuring that the experience has impact (0G gets boring)

- what about extreme situations / new User types (no trained astronauts)

- How to validate the results?

Sucess Factors

- How convincing is it for test-user / audience

- gounded in reality, but imaginative as vision

02. Design Question

How might I


provide (a vision for) a space tourism user experience for a  speculative service offering.


based on existing or foreseeable technology.

03. Ideas for Touchpoints.


- Buy ticket

- Welcome package


- medical examination

- fitness training


Back on earth:

- receive mission-sticker

- receive Unique Mankind-in-Space #number ( “I was the #912 human in Space” )

- “gift shop”