Usual general pl strat applies - scout and engie prioritise pushing, other classes prioritise clearing the defences away.

Point 1

Power classes push out and up the slope to take the high ground on the left, from where they can spam at sentries inside the right house’s upper level before pushing in and clearing defences. Watch out for recent spawners coming up the slope on the other side of the high ground, and sneaky people in left house.

Scout - on cart shooting at anything and everything that moves

Soldier - push out towards the hut, jump to the left house and clear it out, meet power classes on the high ground

Pyro - with combo pushing up to the high ground, watch the ramp towards their spawn for attacks while combo spams in at sentries, push into right house with the uber if it happens, spycheck

Demo - with combo, out and up onto the high ground, get stickies round the door onto the sentry or uber in if needed

Heavy - with combo, protecting medic and demo, pushing into right house if needed

Engie - on cart spamming minisentries and keeping the cart rolling as quickly as possible (try to dump a tele entrance because second point is a bitch to push, having spawners up quickly will be important)

Medic - with the heavy demo and pyro, taking the high ground before clearing the right house

Sniper - countersniping and getting picks (likely enemy sniper spots are left house, high ground, or waaaay far back behind the cover looking along the tracks onto point 1), maybe fling some piss

Spy - getting behind their lines, try to take the sentry nest if it’s vulnerable, if not either coordinate saps with the combo or just go pick off spawners

Point 2

It’s important not to let them get firmly established on the balcony above the point. The cart gets stalled for a while by the turntable anyway, so it’s not quite as crucial to keep the cart roll going. So scout can join the forwards push and race up to the balcony here.

If they do get established, it will take a lot of concerted spam to take out the sentry nest. Soldier should go up the left stairs to the small attacking balcony and shoot out from there (beware of return spam), demo can fling stickies up from below, heavy and medic can attempt to get across and uber up the left hand stairs.

Remember, after the turntable turns completely, the passage on the right opens up, which allows access out of sight of the sentry round the back. If a frontal assault is not working, consider pushing through this side route, up the stairs at the back and approaching the balcony from behind this way.

Scout - can push ahead initially to interrupt balcony defence, then work flanks until the defence is down, at which point push cart

Soldier - up the outside stairs to our side balcony, hassling from there

Pyro - with combo, spychecking and watching for counterpushes or flanking attempts

Demo - getting stickies on the balcony and sentry

Heavy - with medic, possibly pushing from the dropdown on our side balcony our round behind, getting aggressive on the balcony defence

Engie - get tele up, dump minisentries to cover the flanks and hassle counterpushes, spycheck aggressively around the combo, push the cart once defences are down

Medic - staying safe, building uber, deciding where to push

Sniper - far back behind the cart sniping towards stairs if enemy sniper is up, trying to get jarate onto the balcony to maximise team damage is enemy sniper is down

Spy - getting behind, causing havoc, taking out teles if the balcony is too well defended, suicide sap coordination if required

Point 3

This point is usually not too hard to take, because generally the defenders will not have time to get properly set up after losing point 2, and their main two routes out onto this point are very chokey. However, if they do get set, it can be a nightmare. Power classes pushing ahead to prevent defence are very important here, as is properly clearing the left house.

Scout - push into the left house with the soldier and thoroughly clear it, then return quickly to the cart and continue the push

Soldier - into left house to back up the scout, then out onto the roofs and hold the left (narrow stair) exit with the height advantage, or spam across onto the engie slope if he is set up there

Pyro - right side over the raised wooden platform with the combo, then up to the main door exit to prevent defenders coming outside (or turn right and deal with the sentry nest if it’s there)

Demo - jump across to the left roofs and begin stickying the defenders’ exits, or spamming at sentry if it’s there

Heavy - right side over the wooden platform with the medic, ubering into the sentry if it’s there, otherwise holding main door with the pyro against defenders

Engie - spam minisentries, move forward tele exit in preparation for the final holding position, keep cart moving up the rollback slope

Medic - right side over the wooden platform with the medic, ubering into the sentry if it’s there, otherwise retreat a bit to avoid unexpected spam and keep everyone topped up in preparation for push into last

Sniper - far back on the raised platform, sniping towards main door and watching everyone’s backs for sudden spy

Spy - assist in pushing a bit while the scout is away clearing left house, then either assist in taking out sentry nest if it’s there or just push forwards to get into position at last (call where any counterpushes are coming from if you see them from behind lines)

Point 4

This point somewhat lacks the powerful sentry positions of upward last or badwater last, so is relatively easier to push into. However that same lack of an obvious and well-known focal point can disorient players and cause a wasted push. Be clear on which targets you need to focus here and where they are - priorities are sentry, heavy, medic and demo. Taking the height advantages of left and right balcony will be important.

The player instructions here are assuming we do not have a significant advantage after capping point 3. If we do have a large numbers or uber advantage, the combo could push left balcony instead since it is a quicker way into the point.

Scout - get cart rolling into main, then go left balcony with soldier before flanking defenders or dropping back onto the cart

Soldier - up to the left balcony

Pyro - with combo on right balcony, preventing defenders from jumping the balcony and spychecking, dropping in with the combo

Demo - with combo on right balcony, sighting for sentry and taking it down before dropping in if possible, then covering combo from above as they drop down, drop down too if needed

Heavy - with medic on right balcony, spamming sentry if it’s in sight then dropping down with uber to crush living defenders

Engie - keeping tele up and safe to get respawners back ASAP, dumping minisentries in main or left to stop flanking defenders and counterpushing, following in after the combo ubers in to push the cart

Medic - up on right balcony with the combo, watching for spam or following spies, ubering down with heavy and pyro onto the defenders

Sniper - probably best on left balcony trying to spot picks, get jarate on key defenders, or hop on the cart

Spy - get round behind and try to get the important picks on heavy, medic, sentry/engie etc


Point 1

It’s important not to try to hold too far forward on this one. If you hang around at the hut area, you’ll be easily flanked. Pull back a bit and hold the high ground to the right - by all means counterpush into the hut area if you see an opportunity to get good kills, but don’t stay there.

As there’s a full 200 metal box in the house where the engie will be setting up, metal suicides are not as crucial as on some maps, but the run from spawn is so short that you might as well :)

Scout - either dancing in and out of the right side house covering the sniper, or on the tracks near the doorway where the sentry can cover you, putting damage onto anyone trying to push the cart

Soldier - in the right house spamming out the doorway and covering the sniper, pulling back to the combo on the high ground for heals when needed

Pyro - on the high ground with the combo, reflecting the inevitable spam from the bottom of the ramp as well as intermittent spychecking runs around the sentry

Demo - on the high ground with the combo, throwing horrendous damage out onto people trying to push the cart past

Heavy - on the high ground, covering with the medic and preventing the enemy using this route to attack the sentry, moving into left house with the sentry if more firepower is needed

Engie - in the left house on the raised area with the wrangled sentry looking down at the point, watching for spies sneaking up the stairs towards you as well as an attack from the right side if your combo lose the high ground

Medic - on the high ground with the combo, watching for pushes onto the high ground and holding the flank with defensive ubers or brief counterpushes if needed

Sniper - in the right side windows looking at the cart, then falling back to the high ground to put out jarate and headshots, then back to snipe along the tracks from near spawn

Spy - getting behind and doing your thing (this is an awkward point to be effective on)

Point 2

Holding the balcony is very effective here, we need to pull back from first in enough time to get set up properly here because this is probably the best point to hold. It’s important not to have everyone up on the balcony though, you need a multi-level defence in order to force the attackers to split their focus. I’m thinking engie w/ sentry, demo, pyro, scout and sniper form the main high side defensive force, with heavy, medic and soldier down below (but far enough back to escape up the stairs to the balcony if needed).

Scout - running around all over, jumping over to the enemy’s balcony, popping down the left flank, getting on enemies’ heads etc

Soldier - hanging around the combo down low, putting spam into the corners, checking the left flank route, protecting the combo from spies

Pyro - up on balcony, reflecting spam around the sentry and vigorous spychecking, particularly towards the back stairs

Demo - up on the balcony, stickying up the cart and the pushing locations

Heavy - down low with the medic, stopping sneaky flanks as well as crushing tiny baby men who come round the corner, ready to retreat to balcony if necessary

Engie - up on balcony with the wrangled sentry soaking up damage and stopping the push, watching out for spies

Medic - down low and faaaar back behind the heavy with the soldier around to spycheck, preventing flanks, retreating up to balcony if in danger

Sniper - peeking down the stairs to get snipes if it’s possible, if taking too much spam pull back to balcony, jarate attacking forces and snipe towards their balcony

Spy - getting out behind them, getting picks as they try to push in, taking out teles to keep their attacks slow

Point 3

The short distance between points 2 and 3 make this difficult to hold if we take significant losses at 2nd, but if we are able to pull back without losing too many people it can also be an excellent point to hold at, especially if we use the cart rollback to our advantage. Controlling the house is important - if enemies get in there it’s easy for them to spam towards the sentry spot from the windows.

Scout - in the right house and on the roofs, dropping down for picks or flanking through the house to get behind

Soldier - up on the roof of the house looking out into the yard and on the tracks, putting spam down on the combo

Pyro - with our combo around the sentry, spychecking

Demo - near the combo flinging stickies over the wooden platform onto the enemy combo

Heavy - on the left side with the medic, in the cover of the sentry, ready to counter enemies pushing over the wooden platform as well as move out and deal with anyone on the cart

Engie - on the left side slope with the sentry covering the top of the rollback ramp and the point itself, wrangling up into the windows if you start to take spam from there

Medic - on the left with the heavy and demo, staying out of sniper sightlines and countering/counterpushing (this would be a good point to use kritz on, with the good sticky spam lines and the long walk for attackers

Sniper - if we still control the house, it offers excellent sniping sightlines from the roof or one of the windows, if they’ve pushed too far then at the back countersniping (watch the opposite raised platform) and getting piss all up in their faces

Spy - this point is great for you, go nuts (and try to keep their teleporters down)

Point 4

As mentioned in the attack section, this point lacks any obviously strong sentry points. The best is probably on the platform near the high spawn, but this is very isolated and difficult for teammates to effectively cover the engie, plus it can be attacked from relative comfort if the enemy take one of the balconies.

Scout - covering the right side (narrow stairs) balcony, dropping down to main if a big push comes there

Soldier - covering the right side balcony with the scout, jumping up to the left balcony (wide stairs) if the enemy attempt to push in from there

Pyro - spychecking around the combo and the sentry if possible, moving to cover the right side balcony if help is needed

Demo - with the combo, stickying up main entrance, putting spam onto the left balcony from below if the enemy are up there

Heavy - down low with the medic on the left near spawn, helping to build uber with GRUs, Saschaing the crap out of anyone you see, particularly if they attempt to drop out of left balcony

Engie - on the high spawn balcony with a wrangled sentry, watch out for spam from the left balcony and be very wary of spies coming up the stairs behind you

Medic - tucked in behind the heavy in the corner out of sniper sightlines, ready to counter-uber

Sniper - up on the spawn balcony with the engie sniping towards left balcony, or drop down towards the combo and snipe towards main doors if enemies are peeking there

Spy - as on other points, getting behind and gathering intel (particularly need to know ASAP if their combo is going to the wide stairs balcony), and emphasis on taking out teleporters - pistol/ambassador sniping from the house at 3rd is good for this, it will make them paranoid and frustrated, also take picks if you see an opportunity