Deployment Checklist:

1) Check buoy checklist to make sure buoy is functional and ready to be deployed.

2) Fill out New Buoy Form on CDIP ONLY webpage.

Buoy Parts, Deployment Parts, and Tools:

3) Buoy Antennae

4) Mooring

a. Spare Mooring Parts: U-bolts (poly and steel terminations), cotter pins, s.s. shackles, s.s. swivel, safety shackle, mild-steel shackle, nuts for terminations.

5) Anchor

6) Buoy Finder Extra 9 V batteries, Antennae, Receiving Crystal.

7) Extra Crystals Rec. and Trans. plus an extra set of a different frequency.

8) I Comm Radio + antenna

9) Foul Weather Gear

10) Gloves (2 pairs)

11) Toolbox  *check toolbox checklist to ensure all the proper tools are taken*

12) Ratchet Straps and Tie-Downs

13) Voltmeter

14) Portable GPS

15) Lifting Bridle

16) Open L hooks to put on lifting bridle

17) Quick Release Shackle

18) Green Polyester Ropes (10 ft, quantity 2)

19) Extra Polypro Line (~15 ft)

20) Leatherman Supertool

21) Spyderco Knife

Necessary Documents:

22) Appropriate Logbooks

23) Map, Guidebook

24) Contact Info (Boat Captain, shore station attendant)

25) Manuals Buoy, Buoy Finder, Receiver. Ensure correct buoy model manual is acquired (Mk II or Mk III)

26) Chart and Dividers

27) Black Buoy Deployment Binder with: Buoy Flyers, Shipping Tags, CDIP Flyers, Business Cards, etc.

28) Extra UNIX formatted zip disks

29) Shore station cleaning supplies (black bag)


30) Any shore station components necessary

31) Camera

32) Laptop

33) Credit Cards (Express [Federal, State], Diners)

34) Cell Antenna + Phone Adaptor