Credit Recovery - Biology B

Course Description

Course Syllabus

This course is an introduction to general biology. It will include the fundamental principles of living organisms including physical and chemical properties of life, cellular organization and function, the transfer of energy through metabolic systems, cellular reproduction, the classification of living things, and the six kingdoms of life. The main focus is to present biological information in an understandable and straight forward way that will capture the student’s interest dealing with up-to-date principles and concepts.

Unit 6: History of Life on Earth

Section 1: Fossils

Section 2: The Precambrian: Birth of a Planet and Establishment of Life

Section 3: The Paleozoic: The Time of Ancient Life

Section 4: The Mesozoic Era: The Age of Dinosaurs

Section 5: The Cenozoic: Age of Mammals and Birds

Unit 7: Biological Diversity and Classification

Section 1: Taxonomy

Section 2: Prokaryotes: Bacteria and Archaea

Section 3: Domain Eukarya: Evolution of Eukaryotes

Section 4: The Plant Kingdom

Section 5: Kingdom Fungi

Section 6: Kingdom Animalia

Section 7: Phylum Annelida: Segmented Worms

Unit 8: Plant Structure

Section 1: Plant Organs, Tissues, and Cells

Section 2: Flowering Plant Reproduction

Section 3: Plant Hormones, Nutrition, and Transport

Unit 9: Animal Organization

Section 1: Animal Cells and Tissues

Section 2: Animal Organ Systems and Homeostasis

Section 3: The Integumentary System: Protection and Senses

Section 4: The Circulatory System: Transport of Materials Within the Body

Section 5: The Lymphatic System and Immunity: The Body’s Defense

Section 6: The Digestive System: Getting Food and Nutrients Into the Body

Section 7: Control of the Body Part I: The Nervous System

Section 8: Muscular and Skeletal Systems

Section 9: The Respiratory System

Section 10: The Reproductive System and Human Development

Unit 10: Ecology

Section 1: Population Growth

Section 2: Community and Ecosystem Dynamics

Section 3: The Biosphere and Mass Extinctions


There is no required textbook for this course.